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Top 10 Worst Things Hank Hill Has Done

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    1He forced Bobby to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes suggested byAnonymous
    He found out that Bobby smoked a cigarette and made him smoke an entire pack as punishment. Not only did he get scorned for this by other parents but the punishment also backfired when it causes not only Bobby but Peggy And Hank himself to get hooked on cigarettes

  • 2He lied to Bobby about impregnating Luanne suggested byAnonymous
    Bobby messes around with Luannes pills and Hank lies to Bobby by saying what Bobby did impregnated her. He then forced Bobby into a fake marriage with Luanne to punish him. This punishment obviously went too far

  • 3Joining A Protest With His Son Just To Hide What Happened To Boomhauer's Car suggested bybobbylashley18 Make Your Case
  • 4Lying About Sinking Boonhauer's Car In A Resevoir When They Were Teenagers suggested byCelesteK Make Your Case
  • 5Allowing His Father To Get Away With His Behavior suggested bybobbylashley18
    Well Hank is afraid to take a firm stand on Cotton

  • 6Letting Bobby Sleep In A Dog House suggested bybobbylashley18 Make Your Case
  • 7His Attitude Towards Bobby's Personality suggested bybobbylashley18
    This is a character trait rather than anything specific he's done; Hank's frequent clashing with Bobby was a running theme throughout the series...

  • 8Trapped Peggy in a wooden box until she revealed a magician's secret suggested byzendaddy621 Make Your Case
  • 9Not Hiring A Woman At Strickland Who Is Qualified Just Because He Finds Her Attractive suggested bybobbylashley18
    He was trying to prevent himself from having an affair
    It's Wrong Because It Wasn't Fair For Her To Not Get Hired Because She Is Beautiful And Peggy Even Called Him Out On It.

  • 10Making Bobby Stay At A Job Even Though Bobby Was Trying To Tell Him That The Boss Overworks Him And Is Mentally Unstable suggested bybobbylashley18
    He Assumed Bobby Just Didn't Want To Work Hard And It Took The Boss Making Him Walk Across A Race Track During A Race That Hank Finally Believed Him.

  • 11Moments Of Homophobia And Transphobia suggested bybobbylashley18
    For Example He Was Relieved When Bobby Started Liking A Girl And Clearly Hated The Possibility That Bobby Might Be Gay

  • 12Being Close Minded And Stubborn suggested bybobbylashley18
    That is just a personality trait. We are talking about the bad deeds he has committed. Being close minded and stubborn is not necessarily a bad thing

  • 13told his father I hate you when he passed away suggested byangel chavez
    To be fair, Cotton is short-tempered jackass who basically everyone.
    Peggy was the one who chewed out Hanks Father right before he died

  • 14Trying To Make Bobby Be Like Him To The Point Of Criticizing Or Banning Anything He Doesn't Consider Manly suggested bybobbylashley18 Make Your Case
  • 15Making Luanne Move Back Into Her Trailer When She Clearly Has Issues About Staying In It suggested bybobbylashley18 Make Your Case
  • 16Letting Bobby borrow a ladder to sneak in Connie's room suggested byRichard Smith Make Your Case
  • 17Hank lied to fire chief that Chet Elderson burned the fire house Make Your Case
  • 18Letting His Old High School Coach Taking Over The Team And He Was Too Tough On The Them suggested bybobbylashley18 Make Your Case
  • 19Though The Guy Had It Coming He Through Him Into A Pool To Be Raped By A Dolphin suggested bybobbylashley18
    The Guy Was Sexually Harassing Luane And To Punish The Guy He Threw Him Into A Pool With A Dolphin That Is Always In Heat And Kind Of Raped Hank Earlier.

  • 20Neglecting Bobby Sometimes suggested bybobbylashley18
    When did he do this?
    Mostly He Is Emotionally Neglectful Towards Bobby
    Specific Times Are When He Concentrates On Fixing Or Building Something That He Completely Ignores Bobby

  • 21Lying To Dale About How He Performs In Bed With His Wife suggested byCelesteK Make Your Case
  • 22Taking advantage of Kahn's bipolar disorder to get his super-grill built suggested byN7 Make Your Case
  • 23Losing His Temper Sometimes suggested bybobbylashley18
    Dude everyone loses their temper sometimes

  • 24Blackmailing Rev. Stroup into reserving a church pew for him suggested byN7 Make Your Case
  • 25finger walking on peggy hill's arm when she reads suggested bycelso DIAZ Make Your Case
  • 26Hank accidentally cuts Dale's finger
    That was an accident.

  • 27Yelling At Luanne About The Sofa Bed Being In The Opened Postition suggested byCelesteK
    All he had to do was close up the sofa bed himself. There was no reason for him to yell at Luanne to close it.

  • 28He force to go to grocery store to get tampons for Connie
    This was the fault of Connie's parents for leaving her in Hank's care when she had her period; he was forced into an awkward situation because Peggy was unavailable...

  • 29Trying To Hide The Fact That He Accidentally Smoked Pot To The Point That It Ended Up Making Him Look Like A Murder Suspect suggested bybobbylashley18
    No because he did not know that what he smoked was pot until after he did it. Accidents do not count

  • 30Hank smoking the marijuana joint
    This was a mistake in his part; he thought it was a clove cigarette...

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