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Top 10 Reasons why Spider-Man 3 is Better than the Amazing Spider-Man 2

I`m defending Spider-Man 3 with this top 10. No matter what anyone says Spider-Man 3 is always better than the Amazing Spider-Man 2.
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    1The villians had better motivations
  • 2The final battle
  • 3More relatable struggles
    Peter has to deal with the fact his uncle's killer is still on the loose. Getting replaced at his job by Eddie, screwing up a marriage with MJ and his best Harry all at once. That's hard yet more relatable than killing a villian with electricity, being a whiny Green Goblin and terrible jokes.
  • 4Tobey Maguire's Peter Parker wasn't as much as a douche
  • 5The fight scenes were better
  • 6James Franco's Harry Osborn was more believable
    ASM 2 Harry is as follows: Whiny, annoying hates Spider-Man because he wouldn't donate his blood to him. James Franco Harry is as follows: Trying to avenge his father, trying to forgive Peter, has a grudge against Spider-Man and dies to save his best friend. Which is more relatable in my book than just hating Spider-Man for a stupid cliche reason.
  • 7J.Jonah Jameson was more entertaining than Andrew Garfield's portrayal of Spider-Man
  • 8Sandman and Harry were better villian than Electro and Rhino.
  • 9The music
  • 10The villain Sandman was more sympathetic that weirdo Max aka Electro. He was also redeemed in the end, something that never happened in the series prior suggested byLyleVSXyle
  • 11Tobey's Spider-Man you could feel a lot more sorry than Andrew Garfield in the ASM2 ending.
  • 12Gwen Stacey DOESN'T DIE LOL suggested byLyleVSXyle
  • 13CGI was more detailed suggested byLyleVSXyle
  • 14Spider-Man actually goes through many changes before becoming a better hero. suggested byLyleVSXyle


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