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Top 10 Reasons Future Star Wars Sequels Should Not Attempt To Retcon Or Fix The Sequel Trilogy

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    1Trying To Fix Things Is Why The Sequel Trilogy Has Flaws In The First Place
    Yes these films did try to give fans what they wanted and these fans still flipped out over them even though it was what they asked for. These fans are insatiable and impossible to work with
    And Force Awakens Was Trying To Recover The Franchise From The Divisive Reaction Of The Prequel Trilogy
    Then Rise Of Skywalker Ended Up Being What It Was Because People Complained That Last Jedi Was Too Different.
    For Example The Plot Of The Last Jedi Was The Result Of Fans Complaining That Force Awakens Was Too Much The Same As The Original Trilogy
  • 2The Sequel Trilogy Is Not The Franchise Killer Some Fans Think It Is
    Despite A Divisive Reception The Movies Were Box Office Hits And Only Rise Of Skywalker Got A Mostly Negative Reception From Critics.
  • 3Other Franchises Have Proven You Can Still Make Sequels Despite Previous Ones Being Bad Without Retconning
    The Fast And The Furious Franchise As An Example
  • 4Please Don't Use Time Travel
    Which Is What X-Men And Star Trek Did But It Doesn't Mean It Will Work For Every Franchise Especially Star Wars
  • 5The sequel trilogy was technically a box office success suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 6The fans are placing way too many demands and creative constrictions on the writers suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 7The films have a tendency to be overhyped a lot by fans suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 8We Don't Need The Whole Story Of The Sequel Trilogy Retold Again, Move Forward
  • 9What If They Did Retcon And Fans Still Didn't Like The New Movies Disney Would Be Stuck Retconning The Franchise Forever
  • 10Retcons are not always good solutions and can ruin a franchise suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 11The Sequels Can Actually Use A Plot Where It Is Not Necessary To Watch The Past Movies
  • 12A Franchise Like Halloween Only Got Away With It Because The Movie Was Good And Their Continuity In Past Sequels Were A Mess Anyway
  • 13If Star Wars Ever Does Reboot It Should Be After They Properly End The Current Franchise And Then Start Over With A Completely Clean Slate Years From Now
  • 14Future films are already planning to deviate from the skywalker saga and the sequel trilogy suggested byDaniel Lewis
  • 15Some Of The Fans Who Want The Retcons Just Want Luke And Han To Come Back But Ignore The Fact That The Actors Have Gotten Older And Might Not Want To Do Another Trilogy


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