Top 10 Things We Want To See In Future Star Wars Instalments
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Top 10 Things We Want To See In Future Star Wars Instalments

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Written by Ian Astraquillo

With Star Wars being one our favourite movie franchises, here are some of the things we want to see in future film instalments, from Big Space Battles, unique backstories for Finn and Rey, and more Captain Phasma! WatchMojo Presents the Top 10 things that NEED to be in future star wars instalments! But what will take the top spot on our list? Watch to find out!

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These are the styles and scenes we are looking for. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 things we want to see in future “Star Wars” installments.

For this list, when we say things we want to see in future installments, we mean things we want to see in future films, not TV shows, literature, video games, and so forth. Since we’ll be referencing moments from previous movies and other cannon material, consider this your SPOILER ALERT.

#10: Epic Lightsaber Battles

As intimate and lively as the lightsaber confrontations were in the original trilogy, let’s face it: nothing tops the duels between Obi-Wan and Darth Maul on Naboo, or Yoda facing off against Count Dooku on Geonosis. That said; combining the best of both worlds would probably be the best direction for any future lightsaber fights. By this we mean take all the soul and drama from “Empire” and “Jedi” and combine them with the intricate coordination, flips, and stunning visuals in “Sith.” Now don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying the brawls in “The Force Awakens” weren’t climactic, but they were definitely underwhelming compared to the grand duels we’d grown accustomed to.

#9: First Order Sympathizers

Yeah, we know “Star Wars” is meant to be a straightforward sci-fi myth of good versus evil, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gray areas that can be explored. In “The Force Awakens,” the denizens of the planets we visited were all against The First Order’s movement, and why not?! They’re the bad guys! However, what if we met new characters that don’t see them that way? With Abrams’ clear visual representation of The First Order as – essentially – the Nazis of Lucas’ galaxy far, far away, a more accurate historical parallel showing supporters of the Order’s cause wouldn’t be too far-fetched. It’d certainly make for a more thought-provoking narrative.

#8: The Knights of Ren

While there’s already a strong possibility that we’ll see more of these dark costumed warriors in “Episode VIII,” seeing them is not the same thing as learning about them. Yes, of course we want to see these badass-looking dark forces in action, but we also want to better understand their ambitions and motivations. Why did they join the dark side? Are they all as trained in the Jedi arts as Kylo? Assuming the answer to that latter question is “yes,” we want to see them become fully developed characters that are just as credible a threat to our heroes as the First Order itself.

#7: New Aesthetics

We’ve already seen glimpses of a new artistic and visual direction in the “Rogue One” trailer. However, we have no reason to believe that this change will be carried on throughout the entire film – let alone future releases. With that in mind, seeing more shots like the POV sequence of our heroes running towards the AT-AT, or more unique costumes like the armor worn by Forest Whitaker, would definitely be welcome additions. However, more new and eccentrically designed ships, weapons, environments, and heck, even droids, would also be breaths of fresh air. Also, in true “Star Wars” tradition, the more practical effects used for these new aesthetics, the better.

#6: Poe Dameron vs. Another Highly Skilled Pilot

“The Force Awakens” made it very clear that Poe is, well, we’ll let Finn tell you: “that’s one helluva pilot.” This fact is reinforced in the film’s third act, when he finishes off the Third Death Star – wait no, Starkiller Base. That being the case, wouldn’t it be great to see Poe’s piloting skills put to the test in a one-on-one dogfight against an equally adept First Order fighter? If you want a little taste of what this might be like, check out the similar sequence between Anakin and Asajj Ventress in the original “Clone Wars” microseries. But Poe’s battle would be different in that it would be live-action, on the big screen, and with heightened stakes.

#5: Higher Stakes for the Heroes

Maybe you saw Han’s death coming, maybe you didn’t. Either way, when we say “higher stakes for the heroes,” we’re expecting future “Star Wars” installments to plunge our heroes into the deepest pits of heartache and desperation. In the original trilogy, we did indeed feel a sense of the Empire’s superiority over the rebels, especially in “The Empire Strikes Back.” However, future films need to up the ante and make us feel that our heroes are actually in legitimate danger. We’re not saying just blast away half of the main cast or anything like that, but adding more unexpected, gut-punching, and gritty deaths or sacrifices would be a step in the right direction.

#4: No More Death Stars!

Yes, we’re aware that it’s a bit ironic of us to be featuring this entry after our last one, since it doesn’t get much more desperate than facing a foe who’s got the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. But… face it: Episode VII’s Death Star felt really tacked on. So what would a good alternative be? Well… Abrams’ “Star Trek” reboot was pretty creative with that black-hole summoning liquid. Maybe something like that? Or perhaps some ancient all-powerful weapon hidden away by the Jedi of the Old Republic? That would explain why The First Order was hunting Luke down. You know what? It doesn’t even matter, as long as it’s not another …yeah, that.

#3: More Captain Phasma

You guys remember how awesome she looked in that half second shot in the second teaser? Remember the unholy amount of merchandise tie-ins centered around her? Remember the WTF look on your face when you realized Phasma only had like five lines in “Episode VII?” Well, we do. So, when we say “more Captain Phasma,” we don’t just mean more lines for Phasma, we mean: more Phasma screen time, more Phasma action, more Phasma importance, you get the idea. Also, remember that highly skilled First Order pilot we want to see rivaling Poe? How awesome would it be if it was Phasma?!

#2: A Unique Backstory for Rey

“She is obviously Luke’s daughter!” says, like, half the people who’ve seen the film. But… what if she isn’t? Given her ability to quickly use the force, we can’t necessarily rule out that Rey is a Skywalker. While there is a degree of need to connect Rey with a force user by blood, it certainly does not need to be Luke - at least not directly. One new theory suggests that she is actually the chosen one reincarnated - in essence, not Luke’s daughter, but his… father?! Given all the “‘Episode VII’ was too similar to ‘A New Hope’” rants, that would be a much more welcome surprise than hearing Luke say, “Rey, I am your father,” in “Episode VIII.”

Before we use our Jedi mind tricks to make Disney give us our #1 pick, let’s have a look at a few honorable mentions:

- A Funeral for Han Solo

- Kylo Ren as a Full-Fledged Sith

- More Menacing Stormtroopers

#1: More Space Battles

For a film series called “Star Wars,” there wasn’t a whole lot of actual Star Wars-ing going on in the last few features films. And yeah, we get it: “Star Wars” is about more than just spaceships, but… does that mean there’s barely any room for them? Hopefully in future installments, we’ll get to see more than just X-Wings versus Tie-Fighters on planets. We’d actually like to see the fight taken to the stars for a grand and epic space confrontation. Think: the battle over Coruscant in “Revenge of the Sith” meets the Death Star assault in “Return of the Jedi.” Now that would make for an awesome and literal star war!

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