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Top 10 Insane Things The X-Men Movie Franchise Just Glossed Over

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    1How Many People Charles Must Have Killed When He Was Forced To Use Cerebro On Humans And Mutants
    If you imagine cars and planes crashing and other things that could have happened
  • 2There Might Be Other Mutants Who Can Time Travel Which Would Explain All The Changes In The Prequels
    And of course in Deadpool 2 there is Cable and Deadpool himself changes Alot of things in the past
    One was even introduced in Legion season 3 and there was the cliffhanger that the gifted ended on.
  • 3Based On The Events Of Logan And Days Of Future Past, Humans Will Succeed In Wiping Out Mutants No Matter What
  • 4Magneto Still Doesn't Know Quicksilver Is His Son
  • 5If The School Got Renamed After Jean Grey Then How Does Charles End Up Running It Again In The Future
  • 6Charles Probably Could Brainwash The Whole World To Accept Mutants With Cerebro
  • 7What Logan Must Have Had To Do To Get His Metal Claws Back In The Sentinel Dark Future
  • 8How Many People Have The Same Name And In The Case Of Mutants The Same Powers As Well
  • 9Magneto Was Pardoned Despite Killing Many People Just Because He Helped Defeat Apocalypse
  • 10Quicksilver Could Have Easily Stopped Mystique From Killing Trask If He Was Brought Along
  • 11The X-Men Being Able To Sneak Into The White House And Have A Short Conversation With The President During A Live Broadcast Without Repercussions
  • 12Sebastian Shaw Might Have Been A Time Traveler From The Future
  • 13The Fact That Charles Has A Brain Dead Twin Brother And That He Had A Plan To Transfer Himself Into His Body If He Ever Died
  • 14If The Events Of First Class And Days Of Future Past Led To The Events Of The Original Trilogy Then That Means Charles Has Been Lying To Logan
  • 15Why Would Mystique Tell Storm About Magneto Being Quicksilver's Father

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