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Top 10 Friendship Moments on Ned’s Declassified

This list is about the best moments of friendship that Ned & the gang helped each other with in surviving school & life
As much as we love the running gags & tips, the heart of the show is the friendships between Ned, Cookie, Moze, & the rest of the students & faculty of James K. Polk Middle School
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    1Ned & Cookie Using Their Video Project to Help Martin Qurley - Video Projects and School Clubs
    After Martin Qurley was humiliated from his video of him goofing off in a Star Wars style, Ned & Cookie decided to use their video project to make him cool among his peers
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  • 2Lisa Reminding Cookie Who He Really Is - New Semester & Electives
    So she dresses herself up as a bully to make a point to Cookie that he's already cool when he's himself
    Cookie starts his new semester as a cool bully, but not everyone likes the "new cookie" especially Lisa Zemo
  • 3Ned & the Boys Show Cookie Their Underwear to Help Him Win The Spelling Bee - Sick Days & Spelling Bees
    Cookie was about to choke again in his school's spelling bee. So Ned & the Boys took of their pants & Show Cookie their underwear to help him avoid stage fright
    Cuz usually when you're nervous it's sometimes helpful to imagine seeing people in their underwear so you'll get a laugh
  • 4Cookie & the Boys Helping Ned With His Heartbreak - Boys and Girls
    Plus it's good to have friends to back you up when you got out of a relationship
    With Suzie moving away, Ned's heartbreak was so strong he wanted to stop doing tips, but Cookie, Gordy, & the rest of the boys help remind Ned that it's okay to miss someone you care about but you can't let them run your whole life
  • 5Gordy Choosing to Help Ned Over Hunting Weasel - Crushes and Dances
    Gordy decided that Ned's happiness was far more important than catching his prey so he took Seth's basketball so that Suzie would be alone & giving Ned the opportunity to dance with his crush
    At the school dance Gordy's goal was to catch the weasel & he finally had him cornered, but he saw Ned being upset that he still didn't get to dance with Suzie
  • 6Getting Cookie out of the Girl’s Bathroom to Avoid Humiliation - Bathrooms and Project Partners
    Cookie accidentally went to the girls room & Ned, Moze, & Gordy devised a plan to help Cookie escape so that he won't be humiliated like Ned is.
  • 7Lisa helping Cookie Not to Appear Sick - Sick Days and Spelling Bees
    Cookie's was really sick but he doesn't want to be sent home so he can keep his perfect attendance record. So Lisa helps him by giving him treatments so that he won't appear sick
  • 8Moze Pretending to be Ned’s Girlfriend - Health and Jealously
    In order to get Missy out of Ned's life, Moze pretended to be his girlfriend. She maybe with another guy that time & she still has trouble with her feelings for Ned, but she still helped him anyway
  • 9Ned & Moze Stopping Cookie from Jumping Over a Shark - Dares and Bad Habits
    And if anyone call you a chicken for not doing it, don't listen to them cuz not doing a dare doesn't make you chicken, it means you're smart enough to know that no dare can define your worth
    Ned & Moze remind Cookie that when it comes to dares especially intense ones that he SHOULD NOT do them. Because they're stupid & May get you killed
  • 10Ned Giving Coconut Head a Great Valentines Day Gift - School Websites and Valentines Day
    So Ned devised a plan to get the Huge Crew alone with him in a dark closet to have 7 minutes of heaven, but he got Coconut Head to take his place so he'd receive the kisses
    Coconut Head is known to have the WORST luck on the show. On Valentines Day he tells Ned that he's sad cuz the Huge Crew pay him more attention than him. Not many girls like him but which was why he was happy to have 3 female bullies toss him
  • 11Ned Telling Moze What a “Moze” Really Is - Nicknames and Shyness
    Moze starts to doubt her given nickname, but Ned reminds Moze that her name means that she's a really cool girl who's her best friend
  • 12Ned Getting Back at Jock Goldman for Breaking Moze's Heart - Upperclassmen and Gross Biology Dissections
    Learning that Jock Used Moze to get his old girlfriend back, Ned gets Palmer to take Jock's clothes from the locker room & have him humiliated
  • 13Moze Saving Cook from Humiliation - School Websites and Valentines Day
    But Moze stepped in and said she sent the roses. At first she said to Cookie she wasn't going to bail him out again if he did that, but she did it anyway cuz friends have each other's back
    Cookie sent himself roses so that he'd claim the title, the hottest guy at school, but Doug figures out his ruse and was going to put him leaving Cookie a laughing stock
  • 14Ned Defending Cookie from the Killer Bees - Notes and Best Friends
    Cookie refused to help the Killer Bees cheat. So they were going to beat him up, but Ned steps in to defend them even though they fought

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