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Top 10 Dying Videogame Franchises

Franchises that haven't had a significant release in years. The latest release may also be one of the weakest installments in the series.
Someone must have misread the title...
Make sure what you are suggesting are Video Game Franchises not TV shows guys.
Half Life
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    1Sonic The Hedgehog
    Bounced back for a while with Colors, and Generations, but fell back into mediocrity with Lost World, also E3 impressions on Sonic Boom have been underwhelming.
    Sonic Boom sucks so it is dying
    I had this in mind when I read the name of the title of the entry
    Not they havent
    umm the sonic games have started to make a come back
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  • 2Spyro The Dragon suggested byArceusGreen
    Dead a long time ago
    Has pretty much been on a downard course since Insomniac left. Though Skylanders is successful, it's a far cry from the PS1 originals.
    It died a long time ago. Skylanders sucks.
    Scew skylanders. Long lives spyro
  • 3Call of duty suggested byTorrez
    they need to stop making these games
    COD, while I think their games are becoming stale, still makes games which sell a TON of copies.
    i'm just saying, that even if it's the most hated game serie on earth, look how well it sells amongst the little kids (tirsk), and i think that activision isn't going to stop making them in a looooong time..... so yeah, it's not dying...nooot even close xD
    CoD Advanced Warfare is the future of CoD. I wonder if after AW, CoD will use laser guns like star trek or wars.
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  • 4Prince Of Persia
    I don't even consider the newer games as part of the franchise, anymore. It's been dead for a while, IMO.
    I actually liked the 2008 version (which got good reviews and sales)... I really thought they would continue with that style but nope. Oh well.
  • 5Mega Man
    Proof of this is the recent cancellation of Legends 3 due to the developer's percieved "lack of interest". Making an 8 bit came on a PS3 is not a good release. -_-
  • 6Star Fox
    The "Barrel Roll shown in the game is really called an "Aeloron roll" that has no combat purpose.
    its going to be a new one this year
    they're making a new star fox game
    The series was down in 2008 and there's only like 5 games. What the hell are you talking about
    At least he will live on in super smash bros
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  • 7Final Fantasy
    This series stopped being good after X. Big names don't mean good games.
    FFXIV is one of the best mmorpgs to date
    A series that bloated too far...
    This is already becoming a dying series I hope Square Enix can think fast on better games.
    their excuse for not making good games is that they don't have time and recources....... that's a good example what happens when you put quantity over quality.....
  • 8Crash bandicoot suggested byTorrez
    They really havent released a game for this series in the last 5 years... one could consider it dead. However, there are rumours of a reboot.
    It's sad to see the iconic game franchise just disappear of the radar
    it dead ;(
  • 9The Sims suggested byTorrez
    Look at the shit that is Sims 4 . it's an incomplete game in which the predecessor is better than the new one in everyway
    Sims 4 , was a lower game compared to 2 & 3 quite sad , EA just has to make a combination of 2 & 3 with extra features perfect game done .
    The Sims 1-3 were all good... 1 not-so-good game didnt make it lose its mojo
  • 10Banjo-Kazooie suggested byDragonsblood23
    No, it's already been dead.
    Nuts & Bolt was not a good game and that is how this franchise is dying.
    This needs to be higher ont his list. If it wasn't dying before, Nuts & Bolt straight killed this franchise off.
    Now put it on the 10 videogame that need to be revive
  • 11Resident Evil suggested byhannahobanana
    This was the first game series that came to mind. I really hope it makes a comeback.
    Lets just hope for Revelations 2 to be good
  • 12Silent Hill
    Uhmm... Silent Hills? Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro, Norman Reedus... 'nuff said!
  • 13Medal of Honor suggested byDaveVsTheWorld
    is dead already ^.^
  • 14Fable suggested byTorrez
  • 15Duke Nukem suggested byPhilip Bashans
    Died in Forever
    he should be #1
  • 16Sim City franchise suggested byMcheetah
    I liked Simcity 5 though.............if you had poor sims you won life...
    The latest one gave a revitalizing feel to the franchise. Apart from the numerous issues it had at launch, it is an excellent game.
  • 17Ninja Gaiden
  • 18Kirby
    Yea. This series keep getting cooler and better!
    It's getting better
    How is this dying?
  • 19Angry Birds suggested byTorrez
    thank god, was never a good game to begin with.
  • 20F-Zero suggested byHeather Leebert
  • 21Digimon suggested byKaleigh Civis
    The games are mostly in japan now and are not really in America anymore.
    It's LONG been dead. For a good ten years or so, now.
  • 22Metroid suggested byStephen Welsh
    I don't see how something can be dying simply because no other Metroid game has been announced nor had any entries for 4 years. There are games that have gone 7 years and they still have a sequel
    Has not had a new game announced sine Metroid: Other M. And we all know how bad that was.
    There has been no other Metroid game since Other M in 2010. There are no announcements for a new Metroid. It's dying
  • 23Soul Calibur suggested byStephen Welsh
    Those games are awesome
    Don't know why this has more downvotes. Went from being one of the greatest games of all time to a shitty free-to-play
  • 24Tony Hawk suggested byPhilip Bashans
  • 25Donkey Kong suggested byhyprmania52
    Agreed. Rare was the only company that could make good DK games.
    Tropical Freeze was one of the best games this year.
    WTF .... Tropical Freeze is like even better than the trilogy
  • 26Spyro suggested byPhilip Bashans
  • 27Dynasty Warriors suggested byTorrez
  • 28Halo suggested byAk47rocks1337
  • 29Rock Band suggested byPhilip Bashans
    Actually, Guitar Hero was the one that died. Rock Band is published by EA and they said the series isn't dead yet.
    Activision ADMITTED this one died. However, they're thinking of starting it up again.
  • 30Pokemon suggested byDuel Blades
    And awesome looking Legendaries!
    It awesome with amazing new pokemon like anglsash
  • 31Syphon Filter suggested byMcheetah
  • 32Alone in the Dark suggested byDaveVsTheWorld
  • 33Ncaa football suggested byKyle Pickens
  • 34Jak & Daxter suggested byStephen Welsh
  • 35Timesplitters suggested byPhilip Bashans
  • 36Call of Juarez suggested byPhilip Bashans
  • 37Call of Cthulhu suggested byPhilip Bashans
    ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
  • 38Driver suggested byyuzhetan2004
  • 39Heroes
  • 40Mortal Kombat suggested byMcheetah
    The new Mortal Combat X looks fabulous!!!
  • 41Smallville
    Wrong suggestion much?
  • 42Dragon Ball suggested byWade Simon
  • 43Transformers suggested byDuel Blades
  • 44Organ Trail suggested byJordan Collins
  • 45Mario suggested byMicah Frazier
    Wow, this series is not dying dude!
    In what world is this dying?
    Micah, how is a CURRENT mascot dying, you idiot?
  • 46Age of Empires suggested byAndhika Putra
  • 47Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship suggested byShawn Mark
  • 48Half Life suggested bySlamguy69
    Since it is dead there may not be Half Life 3.
    Why wont valve give uss what we want
    It's already dead
  • 49Just Cause suggested byPhilip Bashans
  • 50Fallout suggested bySlamguy69
  • 51metal gear solid suggested byPhilly Boy Nas
  • 52Tomb Raider (excluding the most recent one) suggested byMcheetah
    That goes against the point of the video...
    That's not how it works you can't exclude
    The most recent one pretty much killed the tone. The classic games were better, and if you exclude the recent one, it wouldn't make any sense because the classic ones didn't die off: they'e still selling on the PSN store.
  • 53The Tomorrow People
  • 54Green Hornet (1966-1967)
    We are talking about video games, NOT t.v. shows
  • 55Lois And Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman
    This was a TV show...
  • 56Monkey Island suggested byScott Carlyon
  • 57Conker suggested byTom Shirley
  • 58Assasins Creed suggested byThomasMeta
    Unity changed nothing and was buggy
  • 59Assassin's Creed
  • 60Guitar Hero suggested byGlobalJoshua
  • 61Command & Conquer suggested byAndhika Putra
  • 62Tomb Radier suggested bymesharose
    Tomb Raider isn't dying.
    It's still getting better
  • 63Stronghold suggested byPhilip Bashans
  • 64Misfits
  • 65The Incredible Hulk (1978 - 1982)
  • 66Arrow
    I hope you get your suggestion right next time.
    These are video games: not TV Shows.
  • 67Wonder Woman (1975 - 1979)
    TV show, it's not a video game.
    Wrong Sugguestion. It's supposed to be video games not TV shows I am already seeing A LOT of people suggesting TV shows.
  • 68Batman (1966 - 1968)
    This was a TV show not a video game.
  • 69Leisure Suit Larry suggested byScott Carlyon
  • 70Dragon Quest suggested byCunnin145
  • 71Kid Icarus suggested byCunnin145
  • 72Castlevania suggested byCunnin145

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