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Top 10 DC Comics Storylines That Need To Be Adapted Into Animated Movies

Put as many Batman stories as the list needs!!
You can make an entire list of only Batman movies...So only 3 in this list okay?
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    1Green Lantern- The Blackest Night suggested byMr.Paçoca
  • 2Injustice Year One suggested byMr.Paçoca
    A new story animeted movie set in the Injustice universe could also be nice(like Assault on Arkham)
    A modern classic if you ask me
  • 3Batman/TMNT suggested byMr.Paçoca
    This story is so much fun!! It deserves at least an honorable mention
  • 4Crisis on Infinite Earths suggested byKingofDC
  • 5The War of Jokes and Riddles
    I think it is the best story to represent the Rebirth line of comics just for story concept alone
    Maybe "an instant classic" is a little too much, but it is a good story that can be made into a great animated movie
    This story is an instant classic, its right up there with The Dark Knight Returns and the Long Halloween
  • 6Arkham a Serious house on serious Earth suggested byMr.Paçoca
  • 7Batman: No Man's land (as more than one movie) suggested byMr.Paçoca
  • 8Wonder Woman-HIKETEIA suggested byMr.Paçoca
  • 9THE SINESTRO CORPS WAR suggested byKingofDC
  • 10Wonder Woman- New 52(Hades arc) suggested byMr.Paçoca
    i would love to see this
  • 11Batman: Knightfall suggested byMr.Paçoca
  • 12Batman:The Victim Syndicate suggested byMr.Paçoca
  • 13Superman:Red Son suggested byMr.Paçoca
    i would love to see animated superman red son
  • 14Kingdom Come suggested byMr.Paçoca
    That makes no sense, sounds like an excuse...
    They actually said it couldn't be done properly because of Alex Ross' amazing art.
  • 15Sinestro Corps War suggested byhulkfan
  • 16Sword of he Atom suggested byJim Gorr
    Yes, there were a few clips of Sword of the Atom animated, but it was never finished and was not a true adaptation...
  • 17Wonder Woman Rebirth
  • 18The Multiversity suggested byhulkfan
  • 19Justice League of America #200 suggested byJim Gorr
    Founding JLA members vs. Newer Members of the JLA... Great story, if you have not read it, you should...
  • 20Invasion suggested byhulkfan
  • 21Reign of Doomsday suggested byhulkfan
  • 22Infinite Crisis suggested byhulkfan
  • 23Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey suggested byhulkfan
  • 24Superman/Batman: Generations suggested byRy Woods
  • 25Superman: Doomed suggested byhulkfan
  • 26Brightest Day suggested byhulkfan
  • 27A TRUE adaptation of the New Teen Titans Judas Contract suggested byJim Gorr
    Seriously what we got wasn't the version that was promised. The real Judas Contract storyline has no Damien Wayne, or Blue Beetle...
  • 28Batman: Red Rain suggested byRy Woods
  • 29Green Arrow Rebirth
  • 30Nightwing Rebith
  • 31I Am Bane
  • 32Harley Quinn Rebirth

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