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Top 10 Anime Series that Deserve a Reboot

Suggest your series and the reasons why we should want the reboot
Kenshin is out beacuse the movies are the reboot
whether it's a Tv Series or an Ova Series, If it's needed of a Reboot suggest it
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    1Yu Yu Hakusho
  • 2Rosario to Vampire
    Seeing a harem manga more action-oriented becoming a bad fanservice fest in anime JUST MAKES EVERY FAN OF THE MANGA demand a reboot
  • 3Ichigo 100%
    12 episodes and 7 OVAs that adapted very little from the manga, and also ended in a cliffhanger.
  • 4I´s
    The OVA Series done by Studio Pierrot was fine, but we would all the material in at least a 26-episode series. Studio Pierrot could make it again
  • 5Gantz
    8 volumes adapted in the anime, when the manga ended at 37 volumes? IT IS NOT FAIR
  • 6Berserk
    Now that there´s more chapters in the manga
  • 7Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
  • 8Rave Master
    For a manga created by Hiro Mashima, author of Fairy Tail, it was completely transformed into an anime series for kids that didn´t appeal to anyone at the end
  • 9Shaman King
    As the anime series derives from the manga since the beginning of the Shaman Tournament, we need an anime series to make the justice to the manga
  • 10Slam Dunk
  • 113x3 Eyes
    Because it adapted very little from the manga
  • 12Negima Series
    There were too many things missing in the first anime series, so we want Negima back
  • 13Fruits Basket
  • 14Bastard!!
    It´s a super black comedy with 4th wall breaks that deserves more episodes
  • 15Please Save My Earth
  • 16Battle Angel
    It´s a fantastic cyberpunk manga that needs the anime rebooted into an anime series instead of the OVA that has
    Battle Angel Alita is the name
  • 17Black Cat
    With 20 Volumes, the manga could be revived in anime format, because it has more adventures than the depicted in the anime. Plus, the anime adaptation feels a little dissapointing
  • 18Beck
  • 19Gunsmith Cats
  • 20Claymore
    The manga ended at 155 chapters, only 55 were adapted and also ended in a cliffhanger
  • 21Princess Nine suggested byJesse Perez Perez
  • 22Medaka Box
    The manga is a good satire of the shonen action genre, but studio GAINAX adapted only 6 volumes of the manga, when we can´t appreciate the whole sattire

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