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Top 10 Anime Mysteries That Need Answers

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    1Pokemon - Who is Ash’s Father(Grandfather in the original)? suggested byAlex Xander
  • 2One Piece- What is the Will of D and what' s on Raftel
  • 3My Hero Academia-Is there a traitor in U.A.
  • 4Gurren Lagann- what do the Alien Spiral races look like and where do they originate
  • 5Black Butler-What Is Sebastian' s True Form
  • 6Naruto-How Many Alien Ninjas are out there
  • 7Haruhi Suzumiya-the name of the computer club president (replaced by a scene of a cat meowing) and Haruhi's expressions at the end of the first season both when Kyon kisses Haruhi and when Kyon tells
  • 8Fullmetal Alchmeist-Scar's true name
  • 9Code Geass- C.C.' s true name
  • 10Bleach- What is Ukitake' s Bankai?
  • 11Attack On Titan-Who is the True Enemy?
  • 12Bleach - Besides Yamamoto and Unohana, who were the original members of the 13 Court Guard Squads? suggested byAdam Garfinkel
  • 13What is the One Piece? suggested byTrueBackLash
  • 14Highschool of the Dead - What caused the existence of "Them"? suggested byAdam Garfinkel

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