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Prequel trilogy trivia star wars

Though it is inferior to the oriignal trilogy there are interestimg thins about it
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    1C3po is nit seen in fully built form until revenge of the sith
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  • 2David prowse did not wear the suit at the end of episode iii it was Hayden Christensen
  • 3Unlike obi wan Anakin ir Yoda front the OT qui gon is not seen as one with the force
  • 4Jake Lloyd was intentionally supposed to resemble luke Skywalker
  • 5Phantom menace was the second star wars movie George Lucas had directed
  • 6Padme was an unnamed mother in the original trilogy
  • 7 count dooku was meant to be a nod to count Dracula
  • 8Tupac shakur was the original casting choice for Mace windu
  • 9Lucas casted Daniel Logan as young boba fett despite the fact that he had never seen a sw movie In his entire life
  • 10Attack of the clones is the only movie in the trilogy tgat did not get its own tie in video game
  • 11Honorable mention young Han solo Was originally supposed to be in the prequels but he was cut out of the script suggested byTravis Tenbrunsel
  • 12Characters from the phantom menace were so poorly received that they were not only get smaller roles in the next two films, but jar jar was also not featured on the cover of the phantom menace DVD lik suggested byTravis Tenbrunsel
    Honorable mention jar jar's homeworld is the only planet to be underwater
  • 13Honorable mention jar jar's home with boss nass and the gungans is the only planet to be underwater suggested byTravis Tenbrunsel
  • 14Qui gonn is the only Jedi to not be a playable character in battlefront 2 suggested byTravis Tenbrunsel
  • 15Queen amidala was likely inspired by Japanese culture
  • 16Until fudheu announced a seventh! Movie Lucas intended this to be the last movie
    My apologies o meant until disney
  • 17Honorable mention mace windu is the first african american jedi in the series suggested byLori Tenbrunsel


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