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Origin of Toilet Paper

Both interesting and disgusting, Sleep Stranger. You have WAY too much free time
As important as it's become it's possible one of the most overlooked items in the house
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    1Prior to toilet paper rags were commonly used, along with hay, leaves, moss, shells and even rocks. In the public bathrooms of ancient Rome a sponge on a stick resting in saltwater was used...and reus
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  • 2The first officially reported use of toilet paper was by the Chinese Emperor in 1391. Only royalty had access to the 2 ft x 3 ft pieces of paper
  • 3In the 1700s colonial Americans used corn cobs to clean up, later replaced by newspapers and catalogues. French royalty used lace
  • 4In 1857, New Yorker Joseph Gayetty introduced the first packaged Toilet Tissue in the US with a package of 500 sheets selling for $0.50. Called "Therapeutic Paper" it contained an abundance of aloe to
  • 5Toilet paper was first manufactured in England around 1880
  • 6The Scott Paper Co. introduced toilet paper on a roll in 1890 and began their own mass production of it in 1910. It was considered a medical item
  • 7Toilet paper continued to have an issue with "splinters" until sometime in the 1930s
  • 82-ply toilet paper was introduced in England in 1942 by St. Andrews Paper Mill
  • 9In 1955 Scott advertises toilet tissue on TV for the first time
  • 10Throughout India and in Islamic cultures toilet paper isn't used and wiping is done exclusively with the left hand. The hand is then cleaned as well, but it's considered rude to eat with this hand as
    A bit of a generalization since no one really asks too much about what someone does in the bathroom. This WAS accepted fact at one time for certain, though
  • 11This also adds reason for shaking hands with the right and not the left hand throughout the world
  • 12Hygienic paper originated in Asia with accounts of using paper in China and Korea dating back to the 6th century

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