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4 Superhero Shows You Need to Watch in 2021

The superhero phenomenon has moved into television, but the shows are getting bigger and better than ever before. Because of their cinematic nature, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your living room and check out the latest from Marvel, DC, and others. Some might say that TV brings comic books to life more so than movies, and this list of superhero shows you need to watch in 2021 definitely adds to that argument.

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Invincible (Amazon Prime Video)

The first superhero show to make our list came under the radar because it’s animated, but Invincible deserves its spot. Based on the comic book series of the same name, from The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, the show features all the gore you may come to expect. However, the Amazon Prime Video series has a ton of heart, breathtaking action, and an incredible voice cast—and it’s just scratching the surface of what’s to come for Mark Grayson.

Loki (Disney Plus)

Loki just premiered on Disney Plus, but many already see it as one of the best shows Marvel Studios has put out so far. The show is very much a mystery, but it’s also setting up the multiverse, which will be a huge part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. Loki is also a delight, with Tom Hiddleston sharing plenty of screen time with Owen Wilson’s Mobius.

WandaVision (Disney Plus)

Another superhero show you need to watch in 2021 from Marvel Studios is WandaVision. The series was the first out of the gate from Marvel Studios on Disney Plus and flips the superhero genre on its head, with its sitcom setting infused with everything audiences love about MCU films. WandaVision also put Scarlet Witch and Vision front and center, and the performances make them hard not to love.

Superman & Lois (The CW)

You may have given up on The CW’s Arrowverse years ago, but Superman & Lois is worth the revisit. The DC series may follow Superman and Lois Lane from the Supergirl series, but with its bigger budget, awesome costumes, and visuals, the show is unlike anything we’ve seen from The CW. Superman & Lois also expands the Man of Steel mythos with the story following Clark Kent as a father of two teenage twins and plenty of intriguing twists.

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