Top 5 Psychotic Clowns in Video Games

They’re Here to Put a Smile on Your Face

Despite traditionally bringing merriment, clowns have taken on a far more sinister guise in modern mythology, often being portrayed as monsters, killers and other products of our deepest nightmares. Video games are somewhat infamous for this, with these five examples demonstrating how
coulrophobia has become such an epidemic!

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#5: Shaco the Demon Jester
“League of Legends” (2009)

Some of us here at WatchMojo are “League of Legends” fans, but when we see Shaco the Demon Jester on the battlefield, our cursors begin hovering over the disconnect button. This dude is all about big knives and flanking. Great, we’re already getting goosebumps! He can also spawn decoys of himself and deploy a Jack in the Box to quickly take out turrets. Come on, man! Your wicked smile and dual knives already give us chills. Why does everything have to have a creepy grin or instill more fear in us? Ban it! Ban him!

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#4: Beppi the Clown
“Cuphead” (2017)

The colorful bosses of “Cuphead” can get absolutely frightening, and Beppi the Clown is no exception. With his battle appropriately taking place in a carnival, Beppi will attempt to run over you with his bumper cars and roller coasters. However, Beppi holds some shapeshifting abilities, allowing him to transform into a creepy balloon and a carousel of nightmares. Yeah, he isn’t as scary as the other clowns (being a cartoon and all), but his wild personality and actions warrant a spot for him. Plus, the goofy laugh is somewhat entertaining to hear.

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#3: Adam MacIntyre
“Dead Rising” (2006)

At first glance, Adam MacIntyre seems like nothing more than an insane dude wearing the creepiest clown makeup we’ve seen. Then, he you notice he’s wielding dual chainsaws, and you’re like, “That’s enough video games for tonight.” MacIntyre is, perhaps, the most terrifying part of “Dead Rising”. If his stereotypical clown voice didn’t creep us out enough, the maniacal laughter sure did. Even after defeating him, we can still hear his haunting cackles in our heads. We’re just glad we won’t be running into him in future titles.

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#2: Needles Kane
“Twisted Metal” (1995-2012)

He’s arguably the most iconic clown in video games…and one of the most demented. Needles Kane used to live as a simple ice cream man, but he’s often described having wild urges inside him (i.e. murdering people for the hell of it). Much like the games he’s appeared in, Needles gets over-the-top with his kills, and that’s putting it gently. Would you rather get chopped up by his wicked machete, or obliterated by his Transformer of an ice cream truck? Either way, you’ll be screaming and he’ll be laughing. At least you’d be killed by the man who has dared challenge the God of War!

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#1: Kefka Palazzo
“Final Fantasy” series (1994)

It was a close call between Needles Kane and Kefka Palazzo, but in the end, the “Final Fantasy” villain came out on top. Like the other clowns on this list, he’s absolutely sadistic, murdering whoever he likes with a smile on his face. You could say he is the Joker of video games. However, what distinguishes Kefka from the other clowns is that he’s so psychotic to the point where he’s destroyed the ENTIRE F***ING WORLD!! If this doesn’t justify somebody’s fear of clowns, we don’t know what does!

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