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ContextTV – Check Out Our New Channel!

Calling All Business Buffs!

If you like business, entrepreneurship or stories of successes and epic fails, you’re in for a treat: we’re launching a brand new channel called ContextTV! We have business professionals who will give you all kinds of helpful tips and tricks about creating your own company, along with videos that breakdown what’s happening in the business world right now. If this sounds interesting, keep reading for more details and a sneak peak of upcoming videos and special series we have planned! But first, check out the channel here:


Before we dive into the details about some exciting upcoming content, let’s go over the basics:

What is ContextTV?

With ContextTV, we’ll be offering tips and sharing lessons on success and failure, risk and reward and greed and fear, to arm entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and executives with a roadmap and blueprint to succeed. ContextTV will provide information on the current media industry, where it’s going, and how it’s getting there. Check out the full story of this new channel lead by Ashkan Karbasfrooshan, who created the WatchMojo network, below!

So, what can you expect from this new channel?

We’ll have Top 10s as well as a ton of brand new formats including the following series:

  • Breakthrough Product
  • Business Battleground
  • Amazing Comebacks
  • Context is King
  • Tacklin’ Twitter

Here is a sneak peak at some upcoming topics we’ll be confronting:

  • What Is The Value of YouTube Subscribers Without Notifications?
  • Breakthrough Product: The iPod
  • Apple VS Microsoft
  • Top 10 Insane Ways Companies Screw You Over

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur or are just looking to get a bit more business savvy, check out ContextTV and stay tuned for all this upcoming content! Here’s a look at a few videos already up on the channel:

Netflix Vs. YouTube: The Future of Media

How Marvel Made a Massive Comeback!

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