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Top 5 Most Disturbing Moments In Marvel Comics

Don’t Expect To See These in the MCU

While the DC Universe has a reputation for having the darkest moments in comic history, it should be noted that Marvel has had it’s fair share of twisted entries. While these sometimes enhance the narrative, other times they’re nothing more than contrived plot points made purely for shock value. Which is which? You be the judge.

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#5: Kraven’s Last Hunt

It can be kinda hard to take longtime Spider-Man villain Kraven the Hunter seriously sometimes. After all, this is the guy who runs around in a lion pelt and jaguar-print pants claiming to be the world’s greatest hunter. But if there’s one story that tries to inject some life into the villain, it’s this one. The story begins when Kraven seemingly kills the webhead, and takes over his identity, running around New York looking to prove he can out-Spider-Man Spider-Man. The real webhead eventually returned and set things right, prompting Kraven to return home and commit suicide. Yikes.

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#4: Gwen Stacy’s Affair with Norman Osborn

The death of Spider-Man’s first great love Gwen Stacy remains a pivotal part of the wallcrawler’s history, and any story that seeks to revisit the character needs to be measured and tasteful. Too bad this storyline was anything but. After Gwen’s twin children suddenly appear, it’s revealed that Gwen had a steamy affair with Norman Osborn. Remember, incidentally, that Gwen was barely out of high school and Norman must have been in his 40s. As if the idea wasn’t bad enough, there was even a sex scene where Norman’s face briefly changed into that of his Goblin persona. If anyone needs us, we’ll be scrubbing our eyeballs with soap.

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#3: Ultimate Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch

Remember a few entries back where we said that the Ultimate universe could be too edgy for its own good? Get ready for example number two. The Ultimate versions of longtime Avengers Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were more or less carbon copies of their regular Marvel Universe counterparts except for one crucial detail: that the two were in a romantic relationship. That’s right, before Jamie and Cersei, we had Wanda and Pietro. But just like on “Game of Thrones”, the relationship just seems weird and creepy, to say nothing of how it added an entirely unnecessary and sensationalist angle to the new characters that absolutely nobody wanted.

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#2: Hank Pym Hits the Wasp

In a moment that has haunted the otherwise happy couple ever since, this infamous encounter saw two of the founding members of The Avengers engaged in a nasty incidence of spousal abuse. During a heated argument, Hank Pym, going by Yellowjacket at the time, dealt a vicious blow to his wife The Wasp, backhanding her in a panel that now lives in infamy. Obviously, this incident has haunted the pair ever since, casting a dark shadow over one of the major pairings in the Marvel universe. Obviously, their marriage was ended soon after, though the pair attempted reconciliation several times in the following years.

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#1: Carol Danvers Gives Birth to Her Own Rapist

What were they thinking with this one? After the Avenger Ms. Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, became suddenly and inexplicably pregnant, she gave birth to a baby boy who matured overnight into a man named Marcus. Marcus then explained that he was from a timeless dimension called Limbo, and gained access to our world by impregnating Ms. Marvel with himself by briefly bringing her to Limbo and using a machine to influence her mind, compelling her to sleep with him. If this all wasn’t creepy enough, the Avengers even watched happily as Carol and Marcus returned to Limbo together, even though he’d just explained how he kidnapped and raped her. When she finally returned, she let her supposed teammates have it.

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