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Top 5 Guest Characters We Want To See in Mortal Kombat 11

Now That’s One Groovy Roster

Guest characters have become something of a trend with the Mortal Kombat franchise ever since it returned with its tour de force of a comeback in 2011. From Kratos all the way to the Predator, it seems that nothing is off limit when it comes to NetherRealm Studios choices. Let’s hope that some of these guys manage to show up to the MK11 party!

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#5: Judge Dredd

Upholding justice, one smackdown at a time, Joseph Dredd has the conviction necessary to challenge and execute the likes of Goro and Scorpion. Whether dealing with the original comic book incarnation, The Dead Man, or Keith Urban’s bad-ass iteration; Judge Dredd embodies an unflinching willingness to punish those deemed deserving. Generally, Dredd battles with a multi-purposeful pistol known as the “Lawgiver,” a futuristic baton, and whatever grenades happen to be fashionable at the time. Even without any weapons, Dredd is a close-combat specialist who never hesitates to introduce his boot to the enemy’s ass.

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#4: Spawn

Rumors regarding the antihero’s inclusion have been making the rounds for quite a while, and “Mortal Kombat 11” is a good a time as any for NetherRealm Studios to invite the demonic hunter. A former CIA operative turned undead antihero tasked with eliminating rogue demons, Spawn is no stranger to fighting games, with the character appearing in “Soulcalibur II.” Alongside to retaining decades worth of military training, Spawn’s symbiotic suit grants the Hellspawn access to a treasure trove of vicious weapons, ones “Mortal Kombat 11” should be able to employ to thrilling effect.

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#3: Pennywise

While not the first to feature guest characters, “Mortal Kombat 10” injected four horror-movie icons into the franchise’s traditional roster. Assuming the sequel does not completely deviate from its predecessor, “It’s” terrifying clown ticks pretty much every feasible box required to earn a guest appearance. Not only is “Mortal Kombat 11” coming out during the same year as “It: Chapter Two,” but Warner Bros. is involved with both projects. A shape-shifter who brings to life people’s greatest fears, Pennywise would essentially serve as “Mortal Kombat’s” equivalent to “Injustice’s” Scarecrow, a game that was also created by NetherRealm Studios. 

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#2: The Mask

Jim Carrey’s “The Mask” is entertaining enough in its own right, but the original comics are straight-up horror! At best, the mask’s owners might qualify as overzealous and borderline insane vigilantes. At worst? You have Aldo Krasker’s murderous tenure as Big Head. Gory and demented, “The Mask’s” stories tend to revolve around revenge and gratuitous wish-fulfillment, with the wearer usually going insane. In terms of abilities, The Mask is nearly unstoppable and can even warp reality with the flick of a wrist. “Mortal Kombat 11” could really go wild with “The Mask.”

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#1: Ash Williams

Talk about a match made in hell! “Evil Dead” cemented Sam Raimi as a brilliant horror director and introduced the world to Bruce Campbell’s iconic chin, before the sequel transformed Ash Williams into a horror legend. Armed with a chainsaw for a hand and the boomstick, Ash slays deadites, travels through time, and – usually – looks cool while doing it! Compared to some other characters, Ash is definitely more human and untrained, but El Jefe eats demons for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “Mortal Kombat” has already covered many of horror’s greatest villains, so, maybe it is time for a hero!

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