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Top 10 Video Game Ninjas

These are the video game heroes who wield martial arts and traditional weapons to defeat their opponents. Sure, some might be aliens, mutants, ghosts and hot babes, but that's what makes the act of gaming as a ninja memorable. For the purpose of this countdown, we have decided to draw a line by only including playable characters. Join as we count down the top 10 video game ninjas.

Top 10 Video Game Ninjas

They fight with a clear mind and a sharp blade. Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 video game ninjas.

For the purpose of this countdown, we have decided to only include playable ninjas.

#10- Strider Hiryu “Strider Series” (1989-1999)

Kicking off our list is the youngest of a team of top ranked high-tech ninjas called Striders. An expert in espionage, sabotage and assassination, Strider Hiryu is tasked with taking down a mysterious dictator who has taken control of the entire world in the year 2048. An arcade legend, he is well known for his Cypher plasma-generating blade and take no prisoners gameplay.

#9- Zool “Zool Series” (1992-1993)

This intergalactic gremlin is a ninja from the Nth dimension. An Amiga mascot intended to rival the likes of Mario and Sonic, he led gamers on action filled adventures on mysterious candy-covered planets in his quest to save the universe. Equipped with more then just ninja moves, he can wall cling, slide tackle, and sports something no other ninja possesses, a magic cannon!

#8- Ninja “I Ninja” (2003)

This cute and nameless ninja is tasked with defeating the evil Emperor O-Dor, and his army of Ranx robots….get it? Working with the help of his Sensei’s ghost, Ninja is a one of a kind goofy, hyperactive, loud-mouthed hero with a short attention span. A cult favorite, this hero is due for a comeback as it’s been far too long since we’ve seen his propeller sword spin, or sharp tongue in action.

#7- Goemon “Goemon Series” (1986-)

The most cheerfully ridiculous ninja on our list, this mystical warrior is based around a mythical Japanese Robin Hood type character. A character iconic for his blue hair, use of Pipe and giant robot suit, Goemon lives in a cartoony version of feudal Japan where all folklore is true. His days consist of fighting all kinds of unusual creatures in order to keep the land safe.

#6- Jago “Killer Instinct Series” (1994-1996)

This orphaned Tibetan warrior monk was led by his Tiger spirit to join Ultratech’s Killer Instinct Tournament. A righteous Ninja, he fought the other competitors on a personal mission to vanquish the evil at the top of the combat roster. Among his greatest qualities is his love of his Katana, shredded clothing, and his ridiculously over powered 80 hit Ultra combo.

#5- Kasumi “Dead or Alive” (1996-)

Beautiful and dangerous, this teenage female ninja, or Kunoichi sex symbol, if you prefer, is a member of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja clan. The main protagonist of the tournament series, her mission is to avenge the death of her older brother by killing his murderer in a competitive tournament…obviously! As this vendetta made her a runaway, she has been labeled a traitor; she must also battle her former clan…while looking good 24/7.

#4- Scorpion and Sub-Zero “Mortal Kombat” (1992-)

These two ultra violent Ninjas from opposing clans have a vendetta that transcends death. While the two were originally pretty much same character with a color swap, they have become recognizably unique. Sub Zero is capable of magically generating ice, while his undead nemesis has arisen from the grave in order to exact his vengeance for in the Mortal Kombat tournament. No matter who you root for, neither play nice…

#3- The Turtles “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” (1989-)

These four pizza-loving heroes in a half shell have starred in many arcade-style romps, pitting players against the Foot clan and its leader Shredder. Their style over subtlety approach has made them arcade legends, and guaranteed that an entire generation learned the word “Ninja” long before they ever learned the word “Japan”.

#2- Joe Musashi “Shinobi Series” (1987-)

This classic arcade ninja sports a traditional look, a violent fury and pure intentions, as his first game took him on a quest to rescue the abducted children of his clan from a criminal organization. An iconic ninja, he makes use of Shuriken, throwing knives and his trusty sword, Hazy Moon, which he can charge up. Joe also possesses deadly skill techniques and ninja spells, making him certifiably badass.

#1- Ryu Hayabusa “Ninja Gaiden” (1988-)

Taking the top spot on our list is the most deadly Ninja ever to grace a video console. Sporting his falcon outfit and the dragon sword, he is the special ops of Ninjas, ruthlessly eviscerating his enemies. Originally on a quest for vengeance, he has since battled the supernatural and upped the bloodshed to never before seen heights. A timeless icon of gaming, Ryu has been slicing his way into the hearts of gamers for decades.

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you could at least had two female ninjas instead of one!