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Shane Dawson’s “Conspiracy Series” – What the Trailer Reveals & Fan Reactions!

He’s Back And Doing What He Does Best

Shane Dawson has been an active YouTube creator for over a decade now, but his recent shift to vlogging and creating content in the realm of episodic miniseries’ and documentaries has projected his channel into the spotlight. He’s the creator behind the hugely popular “The Real Truth About TanaCon”, a 3-part series from July 2018 that broke down the disastrous YouTube convention, as well as his more recent analysis of YouTube’s most controversial character Jake Paul in “The Mind of Jake Paul” which gathered over 152.6 million views. This past Friday, Dawson made it clear that he was ready to dive back into the colluding waters that garnered half his fan base: conspiracy theories! Before we go into detail about the project, check out the teaser and intro for “Conspiracy Series” below!

As you can see, this 2 part series urges the viewer to proceed cautiously with the tagline “Don’t believe everything you see”. And what exactly do we see in this trailer? Not much. Unfortunately the teaser keeps the series’ contents quite under wraps, however certain stand-out shots have lead to a few promising hypotheses. For starters, it is clear that Dawson’s primary investigation focuses on someone of high enough status to have him fearful to the point of his editor and camera-man Andrew Siwicki saying: “Good thing you have the security cameras”. We also catch a glimpse of certain brands on display like McDonalds, as well as a credit in the video’s description to “Fake App Donald Trump Video” and “Fake App Selena Gomez Actress“, leading us to believe that the concept of identity theft through “deep faking” will be examined.

Other than these details, fans will have to wait until the series’ release on January 30th to find out what’s really being uncovered. Until then, check out the overwhelming Twitter response that this trending trailer caused over the weekend:

Are you excited for Shane Dawson’s return to the topic of conspiracy theories? Make sure to check out the video below to see our pick of his Top 10 videos!

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