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Top 10 Funniest Celebrity Jump Scares on Ellen

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Natalie Daye
Script written by Natalie Daye Ellen is the queen of jump scares! For this list, we’re highlighting only the absolute belly-aching, knee-slapping, laugh out loud jump scares on Ellen. It doesn’t have to be Halloween at The Ellen DeGeneres Show to get spooked, she pulls hilarious pranks on stars all year long, and everyone is fair game. We’ve included jump scares of Nicki Minaj, P!ink, Kristen Wiig, Sam Smith, Justin Bieber, Jake Gyllenhaal, Eric Stonestreet and Taylor Swift!

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Top 10 Funniest Celebrity Jump Scares on Ellen

The queen of daytime talk shows is known for her generosity, her dancing and, of course, her celebrity scares. Welcome to MsMojo and today we'll be counting down the Top 10 Funniest Celebrity Jump Scares on Ellen.

For this list, we’re highlighting the most absolutely belly-aching, knee-slapping, laugh out loud jump scares on Ellen. It doesn’t have to be Halloween at The Ellen DeGeneres Show to get spooked, as she pulls hilarious pranks on stars all year long, and everyone is fair game.

#10: Nicki Minaj

If Ellen says she has a gift for you, you’d better expect the unexpected. This interview began on a peaceful note, but sometimes you gotta’ be cruel to be kind. During her chat with multi-platinum hip-hop artist, Nicki Minaj, she had nothing but praise and adoration for the star. Nicki seemed very excited when Ellen told her she had “just a little surprise” for her. But just as Ellenreaches for the gift bag beside her chair, someone dressed in a crop top and denim shorts jumps out of the side table, scaring Nicki senseless.

#9: Lea Michele

The former “Glee” star was on Ellen to talk about her role in “Scream Queens”. Lea says it’s a dream of hers to get the OG of scary movies, Jamie Lee Curtis, to watch “Halloween” with her.Ellen then asks Lea if she likes scary movies and just when the conversation gets going, “Halloween” villain, Mike Meyers, jumps out of the side table. The starlet was so startled she vows to never come back to the show again, while Ellen commended her for keeping it together.

#8: Pink

For someone known for having a tough exterior, pop star P!nk shows her weakness when Ellen pulls a prank using her fear of spiders against her. As P!nk talks about her time on “Top Chef” a man dressed in a giant spider costume slowly creeps up behind her until she sees him and belts out a loud scream. While most victims of Ellen’s scares have a natural “flight” reaction, P!nk immediately put her fists and legs up ready to defend herself. Note to self: never share your biggest fear with Ellen.

#7: Kristen Wiig

One of the funniest women in Hollywood, Kristen Wiig, got the daylights scared out of her when she popped by the Ellen show to promote her movie “Ghostbusters”. Naturally, Ellen asked if she believes in ghosts, and while she’s formulating an answer, Kristen is shocked when someone dressed as a ghost jumps out of the side table. The multi-talented comedian can’t contain herself and drops to the floor, trembling and laughing at the same time. As immediate revenge, Kristen takes two props off Ellen’s stage.

#6: Justin Bieber

Even the biggest, most untouchable pop star in the world can fall for Ellen’s surprise scare, and Grammy award winning pop star Justin Bieber found that out the hard way. Just seconds into the interview, a man dressed only in his Calvin Klein boxer briefs, jumps out of the side table. The heartthrob screams and sinks into his chair, throwing his fists up in order to protect himself. Shortly after his scare, Justin, the self-proclaimed “prankster”, tries to compose himself while askingEllen, “why me?”

#5: Sam Smith

English pop star Sam Smith should have seen it coming. When Ellen asks him about the 300-year-old haunted house he lives in, a slow-moving ghost creeps up from behind. Screaming out an expletive, Sam explains he was waiting for something to come out of the side table – and as fate would have it, another ghost jumps out of the side table as soon as he says it. Once he recovers, he tells Ellen he’s not singing again. He scored an Academy Award for his songwriting abilities, and we think he should get one for his reaction to these multiple scares as well.

#4: Jennifer Lopez

Unlike many of Ellen’s scare victims, J-Lo is on her way to the hall of fame with not one, but two scares under her belt. Whether it’s fighting off a big fury cougar who creeps up behind her or slapping an A-Rod look-alike who bursts out of a table, the Bronx native keeps it real and holds her ground. Jennifer’s reactions are always hilariously filled with bleeps, and tons of laughter, so it’s easy to see why Ellen keeps torturing her. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do next time!

#3: Jake Gyllenhaal

When Jake stops by “The Ellen Show” to talk about his latest film, he had no idea what he was getting into. While comfortably discussing his philosophy on acting, Jake becomes frozen when a creepy doll jumps out of the table beside him. Barely moving at all in his chair, the actor’s eyes almost pop out of his head while he wonders “WTF” just happened. Once the shock wears off, tough guy Jake jumps up and shakes it off like a true professional. Meanwhile Ellen can’t help but replay his reaction, pointing out his super funny facial expressions.

#2: Eric Stonestreet

Believe it or not, this Modern Family star is the male celeb with the most scares on the Ellen show at three. In fact, he’s been scared so many times, Ellen has retired him from ever being scared again. Eric is such a good sport about it, he even went on a haunted house adventure with Ellen’s executive producer, Andy. The video of the two of them has gained over 9.5 million views onEllen’s YouTube channel. An avid sports fan who stands at 6-feet 1 inches tall, you wouldn’t expect him to be such an easy scare. We can only hope he comes out of retirement someday.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Josh Duhamel

Cameron Diaz

Sarah Paulson

#1: Taylor Swift

The more scares you earn on Ellen must be a sign of how much she adores you. Multi-Grammy award winning superstar T-Swift is the reigning queen of the most scares on Ellen, with over half a dozen. The pop star manages to keep her cool in most of her frightful encounters, except this one time. Ellen had waited in Taylor’s dressing room bathroom to jump out when she entered. Hidden camera footage shows the songstress entering the room where Ellen surprises her with a scream, causing Taylor to fall to the floor in fear. The talk show host can hardly contain herself and the two have a good laugh while hugging it out on the floor.

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