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Top 5 Cringiest Golden Globe Moments

And The Awkward Award Goes To…

Where there is plenty of booze, parties and a room full of celebrities, you know there’s going to be some painfully awkward, cringe-worthy moments and with the 76th annual Golden Globe Awards happening this Sunday January 6th, what better time than now to look back at some of those unfortunately memorable moments throughout the years that made us wince. For this list, we’re taking a look at 5 of the most uncomfortable, unusual, and unexpected instances from this annual awards show. Check out the video below to find out the complete list of 10 moments including Jeremy Renner’s awkward comment about Jennifer Lopez’s breasts, Jodie Foster’s coming out, Jack Nicholson high on valium and more!

#5: “Hidden Fences”

75th Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet (2017)

Sure people make mistakes and titles are often botched during high profile events like the Globes, but this mistake was a necessary addition to our list because it happened TWICE. First was NBC’s Jenna Bush who caught up with Pharell Williams on the pre-show carpet and asked about his nomination for “Hidden Fences”. Bush seemed to mix up “Hidden Figures”, the film about the triumphs of three female African-American NASA masterminds that Pharell was actually nominated for and “Fences”, a completely different film starring Denzel Washington that also happens to share the story of a working-class African-American family. What made this moment even worse is that it happened AGAIN during the ceremony while Michael Keaton was presenting the award for best supporting actress in a film and announced nominee Octavia Spencer, for “Hidden Fences”…The Twitter reactions that followed say it all.

#4: Isaac Mizrahi Gropes Scarlett Johansson

63rd Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet (2006)

Jeremy Renner getting a good look at JLo’s cleavage is one thing; grabbing a woman’s breasts is a whole ‘nother level of awkward. In 2006, fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi interviewed Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet. In addition to asking Johansson about her underwear, Mizrahi proceeded to grope the actress on live television. As if that’s not uncomfortable enough, he repeatedly chanted, “I touched Scarlett’s boobs!” Johansson playfully chuckled at the time, but she later stated that the grope was in poor taste. This embarrassing encounter has since been swept under the rug, although we’re wondering if a heterosexual man would’ve gotten off so easily.

#3: Bill Cosby Joke

72nd Golden Globe Awards (2015)

Ricky Gervais might’ve been an edgy host, but Tina Fey and Amy Poehler managed to outdo him with a single joke. The entire world was shocked when numerous women publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. At the 2015 Golden Globe Awards, Fey and Poehler gave their two cents on this touchy subject. The comedic duo both impersonated Cosby, poking fun at his date rape allegations. The bit was met with uproarious applause, although there were still plenty of people that accused Fey and Poehler of going too far. In any case, this unforgettable moment set social media on fire.

#2: Christine Lahti’s Bathroom Break

55th Golden Globe Awards (1998)

Sometimes nature calls at the most inopportune times. In 1998, Christine Lahti won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama Series. After her named was called, however, the “Chicago Hope” star was nowhere to be found. Her show’s executive producer, John Tinker, jumped onstage to vamp, but revealed Lahti was in the ladies’ room. Fortunately, Robin Williams volunteered to stall. Once Lahti finally did arrive, she appeared out of breath and practically at a loss for words. A similar incident occurred in 2001, as Renée Zellweger took an untimely bathroom break when she won a Golden Globe for “Nurse Betty.” The fact that Hugh Grant was presenting the award made it feel like something out of “Bridget Jones.”

Honourable Blunder Mention: Emma Stone’s Hug Interception

75th Golden Globe Awards (2017)

#1: Tipsy Elizabeth Taylor

58th Golden Globe Awards (2001)

It’s customary for stars to have one too many drinks at the Golden Globes, and this has lead to countless cringe-worthy moments. Many suspect that the late Elizabeth Taylor got uncomfortably inebriated at the 2001 ceremony, before she handed out the award for Best Motion Picture – Drama. Prior to even announcing the nominees, Taylor prepared to open the envelope. Fortunately, Dick Clark helped the Hollywood legend get back on track. Even then, though, Taylor’s slurred, slow speech unleashed a tidal wave of awkwardness. By the time she finally announced “Gladiator” as the winner, Taylor looked like she was ready to start dancing with pink elephants. We’re not saying she was drunk, but either way this was cringe worthy.

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What do you think is the cringiest Golden Globe moment? There are definitely a number of other ones to choose from, especially from last year’s ceremony like James Franco stealing the mic from Tommy Wiseau or Ewan McGregor thanking both his estranged wife and his new girlfriend in his acceptance speech. Make sure to check out the full video below to find out which awkward moments from over the years made our Top 10:

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