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Top 5 Craziest Things In Far Cry 5

Welcome to Sinner County

With the announcement of Far Cry: New Dawn, fans of Ubisoft’s flagship series won’t have to wait very long before they hop back on over to Hope County, which seems to have gone through a radical makeover ever since Joseph Seed let off a nuke. While this sequel has the potential to go broader in terms of crazy, it’s still not going to be able to make us forget the weirdness we encountered while hunting down the Seed family one game prior. 

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#5: Burn, Baby, Burn

“Far Cry 3” had a particularly awesome mission that saw you burning down a weed field while Make It Bun Dem played in the background. Sharky’s recruitment mission is “Far Cry 5’s” answer to that. The mission begins when you speak to the hilarious, flamethrower and music-loving Sharky Boshaw. What follows is pure action bliss, as you kill angels and Sharky sets them on fire while The Trammps’ Disco Inferno plays over the loudspeaker. The combination of Sharky’s funny interjections, the carnage at hand, and the fun music come together to make one of the game’s best missions. 

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#4: The “Blood Dragon” Missions

There was an amazing piece of DLC for “Far Cry 3” titled “Blood Dragon” which took its inspiration from 80s movies, complete with old-fashioned neon title screens and synthesized music. It was praised for its originality, which is perhaps why they decided to bring it back for a few missions in “Far Cry 5.” In the game, movie director Guy Marvel is shooting “Blood Dragon 3.” In one mission, you help ensure it stays quiet on the set, and in the second mission, you help him film a scene from the movie. It’s a brilliant throwback to one of “Far Cry’s” most original entries and a welcome break from the darkness that permeates “Far Cry 5.”  

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#3: When You Accidentally Kill Eli

Well that was one…interesting outcome. Still, we have to give Ubisoft props for integrating Eli’s death in such a personal and unique way. As part of Jacob Seed’s hypnotic sequence, you are forced to run through a challenging area while a timer runs down. Throughout the entire mission you are on edge, which results in you instinctively shooting Eli as you round a corner. You aren’t expecting anything of the sort, and when you snap back to reality and see Eli drop dead, your heart can’t help but sink. Well done, Ubisoft. You got us. 

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#2: The Testicle Festival

In one particularly weird side mission, you are tasked with helping the town with their annual Testicle Festival, which is supposedly based on a real festival in Montana. In the mission, you are forced to watch bulls have sex with cows while Marvin Gaye plays in the background. If that wasn’t enough, you are then forced to cut the testicles off the bulls so that festival-goers can chomp on their deep fried testees. We can’t think of any other game that has done something like this, and it continues “Far Cry’s” streak of weird and ultimately hilarious missions. 

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#1: Everything with Faith

God damn do we love us some Faith Seed. Faith is the manufacturer of the local drug Bliss, which is used to keep the cult’s members in a constant state of euphoria. Every scene involving Faith occurs in a state of hallucination, ensuring that every interaction with her is a complete trip. In these hallucinations, it appears as if Faith sprouts wings and flies, and she can also run at abnormally fast speeds. If you also happen to walk into the plant used in Bliss production, you enter a hallucinogenic state complete with white dots and trippy colors. While we don’t condone real drug use, Bliss is a total blast.  

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