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Top 5 Embarrassing Video Game Trophies & Achievements

Well, This Is Awkward…

If you’re a completionist, then you know that there’s no achievement too easy or difficult that can’t be tackled. All it takes is dedication and plenty of itchy trigger fingers. That being said, sometimes developers like to try and push gamers to the edge, often by making them got through all sorts of crazy hoops. Anything for that platinum!

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#5: Welcome to 2047
“Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars ” (2007)

One of the most annoying types of achievements are the ones that require you to push a button hundreds or thousands of times. Well, it’s a good thing “Command & Conquer 3” didn’t task you with anything like that! Oh, wait… It did. The “Welcome to 2047” achievement requires the player to press the A button a total of 2,047 times! Oh, and you have to do so in a single mission. While you are awarded with 20G for your Xbox profile, this achievement is so easy to nab, yet so time-consuming that it feels kind of humiliating. Think about it; you just spent ten whole minutes mashing a button for 20G! Was it worth it?

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#4: The Paramour
“Fable II” (2008)

It’s amazing that you can do just about anything you want in today’s games. For example, did you know that you can sleep with almost anybody you want in “Fable II”? Well, you can, and there’s an achievement for a horndog character like yours! All you have to do is make love twenty-five times…or commit voyeurism and watch another Hero do so. The only catch here is it cannot be a prostitute. (C’mon, guys. It’s “making love”.) Should your friends find this achievement on your profile, you have basically admitted that you went out of your way to experience virtual sex twenty-five times, all for a measly 10G. You proud of yourself?

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#3: Long Road Ahead
“Guitar Hero II” (2007)

Yeah, we know that the “Guitar Hero” games didn’t really teach us how to play guitar, but it felt damn good pretending we were rock legends! Well, it did until “Guitar Hero II” reminded us of how much we really suck by giving us the “Long Road Ahead” achievement. Simply fail any song on the easiest difficulty, and you’ll be awarded 10G. As if intentionally failing on Easy wasn’t shameful enough, “Guitar Hero III” would include two achievements that required you to fail a single song ten times and another that required you to fail a song that was at least ninety percent complete. Thanks for the reality check, guys…

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#2: Snake Beater
“Metal Gear Solid HD Collection” (2011)

When the “Metal Gear Solid” games were remastered for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, they came with an assortment of bizarre tasks to increase your Gamerscore or nab more PlayStation trophies, such as sending a lewd picture to Otacon. However, the most shameful one requires you to find a locker containing a poster of a lovely lady. View the poster in first-person, and then, call Otacon so he may see you in your perverted glory. Really, Snake, don’t you have more important things to take care of?

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#1: I Swear! I Did It by Mistake!
“Lollipop Chainsaw” (2012)

“Lollipop Chainsaw” is one of the most insanely ridiculous games you could ever play. It knows its outrageous, and it indulges in its own absurdity. So, you could expect some occasional juvenile behavior such as Juliet telling the player not to use the camera to look up her skirt. Of course, that’s the first thing many players tried doing at the start of the game, and before they knew it–*achievement noise*. With an achievement like this on your profile, everyone knows that you deliberately tried seeing panties on a character model for 10G or a bronze trophy. Have you no decency?

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