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Top 5 Memorable People’s Choice Awards Moments

The Beauty of Live TV

The 44th annual People’s Choice Awards air this Sunday November 11th and while the show may not have the same status and prestige as other renowned awards shows like the Academy Awards or the Grammy’s, it is still interesting in that it’s the only major award show who’s results are dictated entirely by the fans. Whether or not you partook in this year’s voting, or plan on tuning in Sunday, the following 5 moments are the funniest, most endearing, or simply awe-inspiring things to happen during this awards show and are very worth checking out!

#5: Julia Roberts Is Always Prepared – “26th People’s Choice Awards” (2000)

America’s sweetheart always seems to know the right thing to say to zap the tension out of any situation, and the People Choice Awards are no different. Introduced by Anthony Hopkins, Julia Roberts took home the crown for the year 2000’s Favorite Motion Picture Actress. Outfitted in a sleeveless dress, the charismatic celebrity took the stage and expressed relief at having the foresight to shave her armpits. Not many people could make such a line work, but Julia Roberts is truly one of a kind.

#4: Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev Win Favorite TV Duo – “41st People’s Choice Awards” (2015)

A frequent highlight of the ceremony tends to involve the winners of Favorite TV Duo, but there is one year that stands out above the rest. Praised for the couple’s onscreen chemistry, “The Vampire Diaries” Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder went into a clearly pre-planned exchange that showcased the awkwardness that can arise from sharing a romantic scene with one of your real-life exes. If nothing else, this tiny speech confirmed that Nina and Ian were worthy winners, while proving that the couple’s onscreen chemistry is more than just great acting.

#3: Chris Evans & Betty White – “41st People’s Choice Awards” (2015)

This is a tiny, almost insignificant, moment that ended up being too precious to ignore! At the age of 93, the People’s Choice Awards celebrated Betty White‘s storied legacy by bestowing “The Golden Girls” actress with Favorite TV Icon. White’s speech and the crowd’s rapturous applause are also great moments, but Chris Evans going full “Captain America” and saving the day by spontaneously offering the legendary actress a helping hand to the podium was simply too much! An unexpected moment that brought together classic and modern Hollywood, this is the type of genuineness that defines the People’s Choice Awards.

#2: Ellen Steals Justin Timberlake’s Award – “40th People’s Choice Awards” (2014)

In comparison with something like the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes, the People’s Choice Awards tend to feel a bit more laid-back and light-hearted. In some ways, this moment from 2014’s ceremony captures the core spirit of the event. Awarded with Favorite Male and R&B Artist, Justin Timberlake had to chase down Ellen DeGeneres, who initially went to receive the prize. Silly but endearing, this little exchange worked its way into the singer’s acceptance speech, as Timberlake thanked Ellen for being an inspiration and for the delicious cookies.

#1: ???

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