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Top 5 Wrecking Ball Parodies

The Parody Must Go On!

We all remember when Miley Cyrus leapt onto the scene with all manner of construction equipment and started smashing everything apart while singing her heart out. Needless to say, the internet had a field day taking her song and turning into one of the year’s biggest memes, most of which came in the form of satirical videos that reflected just how crazy the music video was. While we thought the whole thing had died down, it’s seen a recent resurgence thanks to good ol’ Chris Hemsworth, who was recently recorded singing along to it with his daughters and dog. While the Thor actor’s performance was infectiously adorable, it did get us thinking about some of the other parodies that have come before!

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#5: Wrecking Ball Chatroulette by Steve Kardynal

It’s not uncommon to find weird, wacky or unsettling sights on a chatroulette website. That being said, probably the last thing viewers expected to find was a bearded man dressed as a crude version of Miley Cyrus while performing all of Wrecking Ball’s choreography. This doesn’t just include all of the hip thrusts and arm flailing, but also his own version of said wrecking ball. The patrons may have not expected to get such a show, but it’s fair to say they loved every single moment of it.

#4: Wrecking Ball Parody by Bart Baker

In what has to be the most visceral of parodies, Bart Baker let loose his own rendition of Wrecking Ball, albeit a version that lashes out at Miley Cyrus’ strange choices and celebrity lifestyle, all the while managing to recreate the setting almost to the letter. Of course, the highlights were when the likes of Steve-O and Ron Jeremy showed up. While it’s certainly unexpected, we can’t say that it doesn’t fit into the outrageousness of the video.

#3: Wrecking Ball (Nicholas Cage Edition) by sukmywangBryanStars

Because everything is better with added Nicholas Cage. Everything. Taking some of the actor’s most iconic and outlandish expressions and pasting them onto the music video, the Cage-man gets his time to shine as he pulls off Miley’s signature moves, which in many ways manages to put the original to shame. It may only be seven seconds long, but it’s seven seconds you will cherish forever.

#2: Wrecking Ball Parody by lisbug

While being one of the few videos that actually doesn’t take any shots at Miley directly, that’s not to say it’s not wholly hilarious. Swapping out the Wrecking Ball for an actual kick to the balls, we see Lisbug lose her rag over the smallest inconveniences and proceed to knock out all manner of fellow Youtubers with some swift shots to the crotch. Shane Dawson, Andre “The Black Nerd”, Benny Fine and a whole host of others find themselves on the receiving end of her parody rage, and it is glorious.

#1: Construction Works React to “Wrecking Ball” by CollegeHumor

You ever wondered where Miley got that wrecking ball in the first place? Well, in a stroke of comedy genius, the guys over at CollegeHumor gave us this little gem, wherein three construction workers serve as onlookers while the pop star breaks apart their site. The way they criticise her for breaking every single safety regulation in the book will have you cracking up before you know it, especially when they learn she’s not union.

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