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Oxenfree Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch

Another Win For The Switch!

And the ports just keep rolling in! In a shift from bigger and bulkier Nintendo titles, it seems that the Switch has also chosen to reach out to lesser known but equally captivating video games.

From the sounds of it, seems like Night School Studio’s supernatural adventure Oxenfree has made the cut!

According to an article on Gamespot

Supernatural adventure title Oxenfree has been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch. The title’s developer Night School Studio revealed the news through a tweet in Morse code. We did the hard work for you; it says “COMING SOON.”

While we still don’t have a release date quite yet, we can expect to see a more formal announcement before too long. Night School Studio has not released any details on how the gameplay will change on the Switch, such as if it will feature motion controls. This announcement is one of many titles coming to Switch that Nintendo revealed earlier this week.

Oxenfree follows teenager Alex and her friends on a trip to a local island for the weekend. During their stay, however, some strange happenings occur, leading the group uncover the secrets of the island, which may or may not contain ghosts and several paradoxes. It is an adventure game, but it doesn’t play quite like the ones you may be used to. This game has no cut scenes and focuses on character interaction and conversations to progress the story.

It initially released for Xbox One and PC in January 2016 but has since been released on PS4, Linux and iOS. Later this month, Oxenfree will be available for free on Xbox One through Games with Gold.

Best adjust your frequencies, we’re heading back to Edwards Island for more unnerving encounters!

You can check out the original trailer for Oxenfree below.