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VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Hannah Collins, B Stevenson, Arianna Wec
These lip sync assassins get their targets. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the most sickening lip sync assassins on “RuPaul's Drag Race”. Our countdown includes Shea Couleé, Darienne Lake, Anetra, and more!

#30: Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige

She may be a newer addition to the “Drag Race” universe, but she’s already proven she’s more than capable of handling the competition. Mhi’ya was branded as the Queen of Flips, and so many assumed that her performances would feature stunts, and not much else. People were shocked when she took on tracks with totally different vibes, and completely demolished each one. She pulled out every gag in the book, from penguin slides to ballroom moves, and was able to knock three players out of the game– even heavy hitters like Plasma. Her power was unmatched, and she could only be taken down by her Miami sister - and fellow assassin - Morphine Love Dion.

#29: Salina EsTitties

While she may not have made a splash in the challenges, she came alive on the main stage. Despite her season being chock full of stellar performers, she stood out magnificently, taking on iconic tracks from “Single Ladies” to “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”, and conveying a different story with each one. Whether she played up her comedic side or tapped into the emotion, no two presentations were alike. The queen also made her mark sending home Amethyst– who had won twice herself. From there, she sailed through the LaLaPaRuza against Luxx, and knocked out Spice and Malaysia Babydoll Foxx. While she may have just won the Golden Boot Award, in a perfect world she would’ve been awarded for her skills in the bottom two.

#28: Anetra

She’s probably one of the only queens people loved to see do well and land in the bottom. Anetra did well in several categories, and even snagged a few wins. When she did stumble, fans weren’t worried about her sashaying away. She took on huge competitors like Jax and Marcia Marcia Marcia, taking them out with her stage presence and seemingly effortless moves. She provided some of the most memorable lip syncs– even if she didn’t come first in all of them. Her dive in “Boss Bitch” still lives rent free in our minds. In the end, the only one she couldn’t take down was the champ herself, Sasha Colby. Even then, she still managed to hold her own twice against the living legend.

#27: Jorgeous

Ru told her she was born to do drag for a reason. Jorgeous has a way of commanding the entire stage and drawing all the attention to her through her talent alone. Although many of her attempts were on non-elimination episodes, she still cleared most of her opponents so effortlessly that it’s hard to consider her anything but an assassin. Everyone on the cast knew she was a threat from the beginning, and she proved it with her first battle against Orion Story. From there, she took on big players like Angeria, Lady Camden, and Bosco– who would’ve gone home had they lost under normal circumstances. She laced each one with signature moves, which cemented her legacy before her time was even up.

#26: Jaida Essence Hall

Is there anything she can’t do? From Prince to Beyoncé, no diva’s tune is too much for her. She defeated Heidi N. Closet to “1999”, and then went on to devour the finale over Zoom. And she didn’t stop there– she was able to show a completely different side of herself on “All Stars” 6 with a Little Richard track, tying with Eureka and revealing the lipstick of the contestant being sent home. Even when the stakes were lower on the “All Winners” season, this queen still blew everyone out of the water with her gravity-defying braid twirl against Trinity the Tuck. Her captivating energy and never-declining face card have made her an unstoppable opponent for the ages.

#25: Ra’Jah O’Hara

It says a lot when a queen goes up against five others and still manages to stand out in the best way possible. O’Hara quickly established herself as a formidable threat, and backed that up with plenty of proof. She had a slew of victims, chopping contestants left and right. Even when the cards were stacked against her– like in the aforementioned group lip sync– she still came out on top. By the time O’Hara came back, she had honed her skills. She was even able to go toe-to-toe with her season 11 sister, Brooke Lynn Hytes, without breaking a sweat. Her abilities eventually culminated in her finally claiming her crown on “Canada vs. the World” We love when an arc comes full circle.

#24: Laganja Estranja

Who else is pulling out tricks before the song has even begun? She’s always been fierce– as evidenced by her beating Gia Gunn and her sickening double split with Joslyn Fox. However, she was on another level entirely when she came back to go up against Trinity. She had a glow up as a performer, which came through during Dua Lipa’s hit, “Physical”. The stunts she pulled had everyone gagging, from Ru to the audience watching at home. She even peppered in a few reveals, essentially ticking off every box on the lip sync assassin checklist. Fans are still hoping she’ll return someday so she can slay the race and give us even more iconic moments.

#23: Manila Luzon

She’s the ultimate proof that you don’t need flips or tricks to impress the judges. Luzon’s theatrical take on “MacArthur Park” is still a fan-favorite, with her facial expressions making her the clear victor against Delta Work. While that may have been her only lip sync victory of her season, she was able to prove just how good she was when she came back for the fourth “All Stars”. Luzon had a way of including a storyline with each showing, taking us on a journey each time. It was a method that hadn’t been done much before, and it was captivating. We can only imagine what she would’ve done for the finale had she not been eliminated just beforehand.

#22: Shea Couleé

It’s always nice to see someone’s redemption play out in real time. Couleé vastly improved across the three seasons she participated in. On her first try, she came out on top against Nina Bo’nina Brown, before getting chopped at the final four. By the time she returned for her second chance, she was a pro, taking on vets like Alyssa Edwards, and doing it with confidence. The zenith of her skill came during “All Winners”, where she turned out a jazz rendition of “Old MacDonald”– complete with scatting. It was different from anything the show had ever done, and she still took it on like it was a breeze. She’s proven that even a big loss doesn’t have to define the rest of your career

#21: Darienne Lake

She may have been dubbed the elephant queen, but her true role was that of a stone-cold lip sync murderer. Her old-school style of performance stood out for all the right reasons, retaining a classic energy that reminded people of the earlier days of drag. Bringing things back to the basics, Darienne utilized her natural charisma to elevate moves that were otherwise pretty simple. Even when you might expect a dance break in a track, she opted for more subtle yet hilarious tactics like collecting tips from an invisible audience. She was even able to take down her biggest competition, BenDeLaCreme, after the two had already tied in an earlier duel– creating TV gold and an unforgettable moment.

#20: Alexis Mateo

There’s only one word to describe her style– enchanting. During her original run, she had a way of pulling focus to herself through her graceful and captivating renditions of each piece. This led to her defeating frontrunners and fan-favorites before finally getting cut at the top three. That wasn’t the end for her, though– she ended up being invited back to battle against Trinity K. Bonet to Jennifer Lopez’s “Dance Again”. There, she was able to flex her energetic choreography, which helped her both succeed and provide one of the most dramatic “All Stars” eliminations. Whether she’s fighting for her life or there to have a good time, she always has a way of lighting up the stage with her presence alone.

#19: Kennedy Davenport

She may have been known as a pageant queen, but she made it clear she couldn’t be put in a box. She’s a dynamic performer, and tapped into her jaw-dropping dance skills to send home Jasmine Masters and Katya. With just one look at the panel, she’s often able to capture their attention and keep all eyes on her. While she didn’t get to show off as much during her second attempt at the crown, she still got her chance to shine to Lorde’s hit, “Green Light”. Even in rounds where she doesn’t win, she has so much grace that it’s hard not to root for her anyway. Whenever she hits the stage, we’re reminded exactly why she’s been named the Dancing Diva of Dallas.

#18: Trinity the Tuck

Winning a lip-sync against Charlie Hides isn’t exactly rocket science, but this queen has done that and more. After making it to the top four on Season 9, Trinity won four lip syncs on “All Stars” 4, including one tie with Monét X Change in the finale. From the youthful joy of Janet Jackson’s “When I Think Of You” to the squeaky whistle notes in Mariah Carey’s “Emotions,” Trinity strikes a perfect balance of humor and glamor - always with a side of hair-ography. Did she take the comedy too far with the saggy bodysuit in her battle against Latrice Royale? You can be the judge - but there’s no question that Trinity can slay on the main stage.

#17: BenDeLaCreme

This “terminally delightful” queen only had to Lip Sync For Her Life twice during her time on season six. Strangely enough, both of them were against her biggest rival, Darienne Lake, with both contestants performing well enough the first time around for RuPaul to eliminate neither of them. If this had been BenDeLa’s only “Drag Race” appearance, she might not have made this list, but when RuPaul brought her back for “All Stars 3,” BenDeLa cleaned up - racking up win after win against Aja, BeBe Zahara Benet, and tying with Shangela. Her hilarious “Anaconda” performance was almost too much for Michelle Visage. In fact, the only person that could beat her was… herself.

#16: Chi Chi DeVayne

Like Trinity K. Bonet, Chi Chi DeVayne often struggled to find her footing in the challenges, but really stepped it up in the lip syncs. She first found herself in the bottom in the “New Wave Queens” episode, lip syncing to a Blondie favorite against Naysha Lopez, where her high-heeled kicks and flips saved her from elimination. She didn’t need any tricks for her performance against Thorgy Thor though. The song, “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” from “Dreamgirls,” couldn’t have been more appropriate, and Chi Chi expressed the emotion behind the Broadway tune with every fiber of her being. She left RuPaul with no other choice but to send top contender Thorgy home.

#15: Heidi N. Closet

Season 12’s Miss Congeniality survived three rounds in the bottom two - a true rarity on “Drag Race” - and for good reason. Despite not thriving in every Maxi challenge, this lovable queen got to demonstrate her dance chops thanks to upbeat numbers like Madonna’s “Burning Up” and Prince’s “1999.” But her best performance? We’d give that to Alex Newell’s infectious “Kill the Lights,” which found Heidi embodying a glamorous disco goddess next to a wild-eyed Jackie Cox. Dressed in a sparkling garment with huge sleeves, Heidi put her costume to work and literally shone onstage. For the feat of eliminating two competitors and tying with another, Heidi is undoubtedly her season’s dance-floor diva.

#14: Trinity K. Bonet

Trinity struggled with her confidence throughout her time on season six, a problem that saw her flounder in many main challenges. But when she had to prove that she deserved to stay in the competition, she really came into her own. Her first victim was, April Carrion - another strong lip syncer - who she took down to Chaka Khan’s classic, “I’m Every Woman.” But her biggest take-down was Milk, a quirky fashion queen expected to go much further in the competition. After banishing her “inner saboteur,” Trinity finally met her match in Adore Delano. The duo delivered a sizzling rendition of Paula Abdul’s “Vibeology,” and Trinity sashayed away on a high note.

#13: Roxxxy Andrews

Ever since season 5, when she took the title of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” as an order, Roxxxy has been known as a formidable performer. That number, which garnered a rare “double shantay” from Ru, saw this queen remove her wig to reveal another one underneath. The move has since become a go-to reveal, but at the time it was a genius-level fake-out that had the judges howling. But Roxxxy’s showdowns on “All Stars” were nothing to scoff at either. In the fifth season, she appeared as the guest Assassin and beat Miz Cracker thanks to a gag-worthy striptease. When it comes to lip-syncs, this queen always has a trick up her sleeve - and we never know what to expect.

#12: Ginger Minj

Toads usually croak, but not the Glamor Toad. Ginger Minj is one of the funniest queens to walk the mainstage of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” but funny doesn’t always translate to being a good lip syncer. Thankfully her humor put her in a good position for her first lip sync in season 7 when she - and Sasha Belle - were literally attached at the boobs, or when she had a half drag king, half queen look against Trixie Mattel. From runner-up in season 7 to 8th place in All Stars 2, it really felt like Ginger wasn’t given her due… until All Stars 6 rolled around. Ginger’s lip sync of Lizzo’s “Phone” wasn’t so much against Mayhem Miller as with her, and gave us a joyful embodiment of what lip syncs should be. Even Heidi N Closet’s twirls and splits were no match for Ginger, whose camp is always a crowd-pleaser.

#11: Monét X Change

Well before she won “All Stars” Season 4 alongside Trinity The Tuck, this queen had mastered the art of delivering a downright hilarious performance. She patented the fake-out split in her lip-sync of Nicki Minaj’s “Pound the Alarm” - a move so iconic it practically sealed Dusty Ray Bottoms’ fate. Also in Season 10, Monét’s wild interpretation of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” saw her employ colored hairspray and an imaginary motorcycle. And when facing another Lip Sync Assassin, this former Miss Congeniality was no slouch. In “All Stars” 5, she brought about Jujubee’s only lip sync loss across the latter’s three “Drag Race” appearances. While she’s got the dance moves that viewers eat up, Monét more importantly understands what makes a performance instantly memorable.

#10: Alyssa Edwards

As far as dancers go on “Drag Race,” there’s just no one like this tongue-popping queen. Her first run on Season 5 saw Alyssa participate in three absolutely classic lip syncs. From dramatically straddling the wall in her battle against Ivy Winters to giving it her all against Roxxxy Andrews to “Whip My Hair,” Alyssa showed off countless moves that combined elegance with high drama. She also benefited from a rare second “double shantay” thanks to her and Tatianna’s perfectly matched rendition of “Shut Up and Drive” in “All Stars” 2. Even the choreographer’s losing performance against Coco Montrese has gone down as one of the show’s most legendary - and that alone speaks volumes.

#9: Sasha Velour

This brainy queen didn’t get a chance to lip sync until Season 9’s finale - but did she ever make the most of it. Rather than revealing a different outfit or even a new wig, Sasha devised a three-part rose petal explosion for her first performance. With the bright red flowers perfectly matching her vividly colored costume and wig, it was immediately a moment for the her-story books. The season’s final face-off was almost as epic, with Sasha’s all-white gown lending an otherworldly energy to Whitney Houston’s “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.” She might be known for her carefully thought-out looks, but these performances showed Sasha’s ability to truly bring a song to life with raw emotion.

#8: Latrice Royale

Latrice Royale was the heart and soul of season four and she really brought that soul into her lip sync performances. After her epic “Everlasting Love” battle against The Princess, DiDa Ritz seemed to be the assassin to beat. That was, until she met her match in Latrice, whose heartfelt version of a Gladys Knight song won out against DiDa’s peppy energy. Latrice channelled her inner R&B diva again when she lip synced against Kendra Michaels the very next week - a performance that ranks among “Drag Race”’s best. Her skills hadn’t dulled by the first season of “All Stars,” either - taking out Team Brown Flowers on a musical number that was Tammie Brown’s to lose.

#7: Coco Montrese

This pageant legend was truly one to behold on the main stage in Season 5. Beginning with her superior rendition of “When I Grow Up,” Coco ousted Monica Beverly Hillz, Jade Jolie, and even dance maven Alyssa Edwards from the competition. Whether tasked with embodying a contemporary pop smash or an ‘80s dance number, this “All Star” had the perfect moves and the lyrics down pat. While many queens are out of tricks by their third stint in the bottom two, this wasn’t the case in Coco’s showdown against Alyssa. Besides turning out a flawless spoken word verse, she demonstrated the show’s best sleeve-ography to date.

#6: Brooke Lynn Hytes

This queen joined the ranks of the show’s bonafide dancers in Season 11, and put her classical training to good use. She earned her season’s only “double shantay” with a jaw-dropping show of one-upmanship against Yvie Oddly before eliminating Vanessa Vanjie Mateo. Whether in a lacy ballerina outfit and pointe shoes or a skin-tight bodysuit, Brooke Lynn brought the same fire to each performance. And when facing off against Silky Nutmeg Ganache in her season’s finale, she went beyond her typical splits and even mouthed the lyrics “Bootylicious” while in a handstand. With a flawless sense of rhythm and precision to match, this queen has proven she can nail the assignment every time.

#5: Yvie Oddly

This season 11 winner wears her weirdness on her sleeve, and her lip syncs are no exception. After her legendary showdown against Brooke Lynn Hytes to Demi Lovato’s “Sorry Not Sorry,” she defeated A’keria C. Davenport by stomping around the grand finale mainstage in one of her most bizarre outfits. She often slayed the competition by demonstrating the most astounding acrobatics the show has ever seen, like in her guest appearance on “All Stars” 5. But even her most restrained finale performance against Brooke Lynn Hytes was breathtaking, thanks to a mirrored headdress and some dramatic makeup. Combining clever costuming with jaw-dropping theatrics, this queen remains undefeated for good reason.

#4: Peppermint

Peppermint talked a big game before her Madonna lip sync against returning queen Cynthia Lee Fontaine in season nine: Usually, this kind of editing means a contestant is being set up for a fail, but we were pleasantly surprised when Peppermint produced the goods. We didn’t get to see a repeat performance until the final five, where Peppermint whipped Alexis Michelle good to a “Village People” disco classic. And then, just when we thought we’d seen it all, she turned it OUT to Britney Spears’ “Stronger” with a perfectly-timed reveal, pushing the fierce Trinity Taylor out of the top four in the live finale, and advancing to lip sync for the crown against Sasha Velour.

#3: Jujubee

In the Werkroom, Jujubee was all play. On the main stage though, she came to SLAY. Although she made it all the way to the top three, Jujubee had plenty of tumbles along the way, leaving herself in danger of elimination on three occasions. Not only did she pull through each time, but she took down some of Season 2’s strongest contenders, like Pandora Boxx. An easy feat for someone with Jujubee’s talent for conveying the emotion behind a song, as well as making difficult vocals look like a piece of lip syncing cake. Her sultry performance of “Black Velvet” against Sahara Davenport is still considered to be one of the show’s greatest.

#2: Kameron Michaels

In the Werkroom, the muscle queen of season ten was the shy and retiring type, and not coming out of her shell landed her in the bottom three weeks in a row. Each time, we were sure that Kameron Michaels’ time was up, and each time she proved us wrong - becoming the first queen in “Drag Race” herstory to survive three lip syncs to compete in the grand finale. As well as tying with Eureka O’Hara, she sent home fan favorites, Monet X Change and Miz Cracker. Poor Asia O’Hara - and her dead butterflies - didn’t stand a chance. Talk about silent but deadly!

#1: Silky Nutmeg Ganache

She told you she was ready. Back in season 11, the Reverend Doctor Silky Nutmeg Ganache only lip synced once before ultimately missing out on the crown. But Silky returned for All Stars 6 giving us glamorous Cookie Monster and an indication of things to come... before getting sent home third. However, the fabled “game within a game” gave her and all other eliminated queens the chance to return to the competition. Ultimately, it became the Silky Power Hour as she sent Jiggly Caliente, Yara Sofia, Scarlet Envy, Jan and Pandora Boxx packing - she even lip synced against herself! She made her-story with the most lip syncs in one episode - seven - and the most lip sync wins in one episode - six. Even though Eureka! ultimately stopped her from returning to the competition, we’re going to have to come up with a better word than “assassin” for Miss Silky.

Who do you think is the fiercest lip sync assassin to hit the main stage? Let us know in the comments below.