Top 20 Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

Top 20 Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

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If it's online, it's gotta be accurate, right? For this list, we're taking a look at celebrity conspiracy theories that are so ludicrous that they couldn't possibly be true, but have still gained a ton of attention nonetheless. Our countdown includes Ted Cruz Is the Zodiac Killer, Taylor Swift is a Satanist, Keanu Reeves Is Immortal, Marilyn Monroe Was Killed by the CIA, Beyoncé Faked Her Pregnancy, and more!

Top 20 CRAZY Celebrity Conspiracy Theories

If it’s online, it’s gotta be accurate, right? Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 20 CRAZY Celebrity Conspiracy Theories.

For this list, we’re taking a look at celebrity conspiracy theories that are so ludicrous that they couldn’t possibly be true, but have still gained a ton of attention nonetheless.

#20: Ted Cruz Is the Zodiac Killer

This one’s more of a joke than an actual conspiracy theory... or at least that’s what they want you to think. After a joke was made on social media that the Republican Presidential hopeful titled one of his speeches “This Is the Zodiac Speaking,” people on the internet started freaking out and creating memes insinuating that the politician was himself the Zodiac, a serial killer who went on a murder spree in the ‘60s and ‘70s and was never caught. Obviously the math’s against this theory, as Cruz was only born two years after the murders started. Although, what if he’s a vampire or some other kind of undead creature? No, that’d just be ludicrous. But then again... how do we know he’s NOT an immortal?

#19: Princess Diana Was Murdered

Bizarre conspiracies are not just the domain of the celebrity; in some cases even nobility can get dragged into the weirdness. Case in point, the mystery surrounding the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. While the common belief is that Lady Di perished in a car crash while trying to escape paparazzi, there are witnesses who claim the paparazzi were nowhere near her at the time... Instead, the rumor mill suggests that the British secret service organized the murder to stop her from converting to Islam and marrying Dodi Fayed – who was in the car with her at the time. Some also believe that forces within the British government wanted her dead because she knew too much about their involvement with none other than the Illuminati.

#18: Britney Spears’ Meltdown Was Orchestrated by the Bush Administration

While this notion is hilarious to think about, if you’re up on your conspiracy theories it does sound like something the American government would probably do. But, why? Well, supposedly, the Bush administration was working with Spears to use her to cover up their own mistakes. Every time something went wrong in the White House, the singer would coincidentally do something to divert attention back to her. Bush’s approval ratings reach an all time low? Britney allegedly drops her baby. Al Qaeda reforms after Bush promises to get rid of them? Boom. Britney shaves her head. It’s all part of the big plan.

#17: Paul McCartney Is Dead

Did you know that the real Paul McCartney actually died in 1966 and was replaced by a lookalike? Or at least that’s what some fans theorize. They say all the proof you need that “Paul is dead” is in his lyrics. For instance, if you play “Revolution 9” from the Beatles’ the White Album backwards, it reportedly sounds like they’re saying “turn me on, dead man.” John Lennon can also be heard saying “I buried Paul” in the song “Strawberry Fields Forever” instead of the actual lyrics, “cranberry sauce.” McCartney himself, who is likely very much alive, even poked fun at the conspiracy by naming one of his albums “Paul Is Live.” But ask yourself this... would the real Paul McCartney write “Spies Like Us”?

#16: Stephen King Shot John Lennon

Who killed John Lennon? Well according to this theory: Stephen King. But, it was Presidents Nixon and Ronald Reagan – according to theorist Steve Lightfoot – who gave King the clearance to take the Beatle out. Lightfoot suggests magazines like Time and Newsweek published cryptic messages foreshadowing Lennon's death, and notes King's resemblance to the man the law and history say actually killed John Lennon. Of course, this theory raises far more questions than it could ever answer. What was Stephen King's motive? Why'd the other guy take the fall? And why would the US Government enlist an independently wealthy author to assassinate a world-renown musician? It all makes about as much sense as “Maximum Overdrive”.

#15: The Illuminati A-List

Originally founded in the 1700s as an enlightened secret society in Bavaria, the Illuminati has always been shrouded in mystery of some kind. Today, however, theorists have transformed the order into a ritualistic melting pot for rich and famous musicians, film stars and politicians. Essentially, the theory is that powerful and influential people are working together to brainwash the masses toward a New World Order of totalitarian rule. Jay Z and Beyoncé, Kim and Kanye, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Barack Obama, Emma Watson, Celine Dion, Daft Punk, Lil Wayne, Miley Cyrus and even the entire cast of “Boy Meets World” have all been suggested as members at one point or another.

#14: Taylor Swift is a Satanist

As you might have noticed, many of the conspiracies on this list stem from a physical likeness two celebrities share. In addition to being a musical artist, Zeena Schreck was perhaps best known as the daughter of Anton LaVey, the Church of Satan’s founder. Zeena was the Church’s spokesperson for almost five years until she stepped down as High Priestess in 1990. Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift was born a year earlier in 1989 and would grow up to be a dead ringer for Zeena. Is Swift actually an Illuminati clone of Zeena? Well, if that were the case, Zeena probably would’ve appeared alongside Swift’s other personas in her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video.

#13: Khloé Kardashian Is O.J. Simpson’s Kid

Keep up with this. Long before the Kardashians were reality TV megastars, the family found their first slice of fame during the notorious OJ Simpson murder trial. Robert Kardashian, father to Kourtney, Kim, Khloe and Rob, was part of the team representing the one-time NFL star on the extremely high profile case, but there are rumors that OJ had even closer links to the family. Claims that Simpson is Khloe’s father have regularly arisen, helped along by his willingness to do DNA testing. But, at least publicly, the family insists that Robert is Khloe’s real dad - end of story. Probably.

#12: Pizzagate

First there was Watergate, then there was Nipplegate, and now, Pizzagate. Gaining traction shortly before the 2016 US presidential election, this conspiracy claimed that Comet Ping Pong, a Washington, D.C. pizzeria, was connected to a child sex trafficking ring. The theory also implicated Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other members of her political party. Although these rumors were ultimately debunked, the theory made headlines again almost a year later. This time, Trump supporter Liz Conkin accused John Legend and Chrissy Teigen of being mixed up in the pedophile ring based on a photo of their one-year-old daughter. In 2020, Pizzagate theories made a resurgence through groups like QAnon and the Tiktok community, implicating Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and Justin Bieber, among others.

#11: Suri Cruise Is an Alien

Ever since she was born in 2006, there’s been a spotlight on Suri. As the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, her upbringing was never going to be ordinary. But, when the first photos of the family emerged, after a long period of post-pregnancy secrecy during which some people doubted Suri even existed, the Internet was awash with otherworldly rumors. Her distinctive look coupled with her parents’ penchant for saying weird things and doing even weirder things led some people to believe that Suri was an alien. We’ve seen Tom Cruise do some unbelievable things on screen, but could he have really fathered extra-terrestrial life? Surely, some things are impossible.

#10: Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

The entertainment industry is full of people that don’t look their age, or act their age for that matter. (xref) Given how much musical artist Lorde accomplished before even turning 21, one theory suggests that she’s really in her 40s. An even crazier conspiracy asserts that actor Keanu Reeves is an immortal being. The years have certainly been kind to Reeves, as he’s shown little age throughout almost three decades in film. The plot only thickens when you study portraits and pictures of several figures throughout history that look just like Reeves. It’s almost as if he has a time machine right out of “Bill & Ted.” Either that or Keanu really is the one.

#9: The “Not Dead” Theory

Sometimes we love our celebrities so much, we just can’t let them go. And, after every high-profile celebrity death, there are those who refuse to believe it’s true and that their fave star is actually gone. For example, if you ask some people where Elvis Presley, Andy Kaufman, and Michael Jackson are right now, the answers will be: living in Michigan, New Mexico, and Canada respectively. Oh, and Jim Morrison’s living as a homeless man in New York City. But perhaps the most famous “not dead” theory of all is that rapper Tupac Shakur faked his death. He was supposedly assassinated in a drive-by shooting in 1996, but others claim he’s still alive based on clues in his lyrics and one of his stage names, Makaveli. According to them, he’s now living in Cuba.

#8: Nicolas Cage Is a Vampire

“Con Air”; “Kick Ass”; “Leaving Las Vegas” – The Nic Cage back catalogue is undoubtedly impressive. But, according to an entrepreneurial eBay seller, the Oscar-winning actor is hiding an incredible secret; he’s a vampire. In 2011, Jack Mord listed for sale an 1870 post-Civil War photograph of an unidentified man, with a $1 million price tag. Mord claimed that the photo showed Cage miraculously alive and well more than 140 years ago. The resemblance is spooky but Cage has continually laughed off the accusations, insisting that, contrary to popular belief, he does have a reflection and he doesn’t drink blood.... or so he claims.

#7: Michael Jackson’s Chemical Castration

The King of Pop was no stranger to conspiracy theories, but this one is by far the craziest, and disturbing. Following Jackson’s death, his physician, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Murray went on to write a tell-all book in which he claimed Jackson was chemically castrated as a child. According to Murray, MJ's testes were intact but he singer received injections to maintain his higher-pitched voice. This wasn’t the first time such an accusation had been made, as Professor Alain Branchereau previously wrote that Jackson had been castrated to combat his acne.

#6: Marilyn Monroe Was Killed by the CIA

A blonde bombshell, dead at 36 from an overdose ... at least that’s what they told us. Others argue that Marilyn Monroe was actually murdered by the CIA or FBI, following alleged affairs with John and Robert Kennedy. Per these theories, Monroe was a potential scandal, and someone who knew too much about top level US politics. Another theory has it that she was killed by the mafia, who was either working on behalf of the Kennedys, or trying to frame them. Then, of course, there's the suggestion that she never died at all but was instead forced into hiding to escape fame. In 1982, an official review supported the original overdose verdict, yet many remain unconvinced.

#5: Beyoncé Faked Her Pregnancy

Wild rumors always seem to float around Queen B, what with her being in the Illuminati and demonically possessed and all. But, the biggest question marks hang over her first pregnancy, which many believe she faked. Serious rumors started when Beyoncé appeared on Australian TV and her baby bump seemed to fold during an interview. Theories gathered pace when the due date for Blue Ivy routinely changed, when very few definitive pregnancy photos were released, and when Jay Z and Beyoncé reportedly hired out an entire wing at a Manhattan hospital to ensure absolute privacy - or secrecy - during the birth. The couple has always dismissed the idea, but there is something mighty strange about that disappearing belly…

#4: Kurt Cobain Was Murdered

The body of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain was found on April 8th, 1994, dead from a supposedly self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head. Following a seemingly less-than-thorough police investigation, the belief that he was killed has rumbled on. Many of the allegations are leveled at his widow, Courtney Love, who, so the theory goes, killed or arranged for Kurt to be killed, as he was on the verge of writing her out of his will. A reported lack of Kurt’s fingerprints on the gun, inconsistencies with his suicide note, and the incapacitating levels of heroin in his bloodstream all suggest that he didn’t shoot himself. But if he didn’t, then who did? And why?

#3: Stevie Wonder Isn’t Blind

Outside of maybe Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder is arguably the most recognizable blind musician who ever lived. This theory insists that Wonder was never visually impaired and has been faking his disability for decades. Many have supported the conspiracy, including sports journalist Bomani Jones, although the so-called proof is pretty thin. For example, it’s been argued that Wonder can’t be blind because he attends basketball games. Wonder also once caught a falling mic stand and reportedly strangled Boy George in a playful manner. Just because someone’s blind doesn’t mean they’re completely oblivious of their surroundings, though. So it’s kind of hard not to roll one’s eyes at these accusations.

#2: Katy Perry is JonBenét Ramsey

Who killed JonBenét Ramsey? Well, according to some, the six-year-old beauty pageant queen wasn’t murdered at all. Instead, her death was merely a hoax and she grew up to become... pop star Katy Perry. The theory is largely based on the physical similarities between Ramsey and Perry, as well as their parents. Of course there are several gaping holes in this conspiracy, like how Perry was born almost six years before Ramsey, not to mention the complete lack of motive, or, you know, a point. Honestly, the whole thing just sounds like a really morbid version of “Jem.”

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#1: Avril Lavigne Died and Was Replaced

When it comes to death rumors, Avril Lavigne is one celebrity that the Internet simply won’t leave alone. It’s been widely speculated that singer-songwriter committed suicide back in 2003 and her record company substituted her with Melissa Vandella, who is either a doppelganger or a clone. The web is littered with before and after photos that compare “Avril” and “Melissa.” The song, “Slipped Away,” also supposedly alludes to Avril’s death, particularly the lyric, “The day you slipped away was the day I found it won’t be the same.” This conspiracy reportedly originated from a Brazilian fanpage and went on to spread like wildfire. It might finally be time to let the theory die, however.