Top 10 WatchMojo Top 10s of 2013

Top 10 WatchMojo Top 10s of 2013

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You asked for it… In honor of our eighth anniversary, brings you the Top 10 Memorable WatchMojo videos of 2013. For this list, we're not ranking the best or the worst: instead we're highlighting ten that stood out for various reasons. We're limiting our choices only to our top 10s, meaning that we've excluded how tos, biographies, profiles, interviews and everything else out of the 7000-plus videos we've done since January 23, 2006.

Special thanks to all our fans who have suggested this idea to us over the years, and to our users Noe Noe, Norris Vaughn, Jsmith94243, derfboy00, Stennershannon@gmail, ibriers 1, TheDanTheManShow, hamamedo, yonis, akt, Ridinspinaz04, DavidMrkidcolombia, Faton Maliqi, Callum Prentice, Gromgar, MyElectricShoe, Daniel Landers, Joe Smallwood, XxMcJamesxX, Fernando Contreras, stevebrtr, Liam Leslie Hall, Frau Mau, cliffhanger, Stephen Waterhouse, biclawmovies, Opst3r, Grant Weatherby, WatchDogsFan47, mega101x, Moise Joassaint, ollihj13, Xiao-Xiao Kingham, Dessecrator,, kingawesome34, Cabeça Dinossauro V, Daniel Small, iamdave1121, Danielius Karakorskis and Cal the Tactician for submitting the idea on our Suggestions Page at WatchMojo.comsuggest

Top 10 WatchMojo Top 10s of 2013

You asked for it… Welcome to, and in honor of our eighth anniversary, we bring you the Top 10 Memorable WatchMojo videos of 2013.

If you think for one second that we’re gonna limit the picks to ten awesome videos to remind you of how amazing we are, think again: these are the good, the bad and the ugly of WatchMojo Top 10s throughout 2013.

For this list, we’re not ranking the best or the worst: instead we’re highlighting ten that stood out for various reasons. We’re limiting our choices only to our top 10s, meaning that we’ve excluded how tos, biographies, profiles, interviews and everything else out of the 7000-plus videos we’ve done since January 23, 2006.

#10: Top 10 That Made Us Look Like Sensitive Prudes
Top 10 Racially Offensive Yet Funny Movie Characters
(Published on Sep 7, 2013)

As evidenced by literally the entire comments section, we probably should have called this video something else. Top 10 Movie Stereotypes maybe? Anyway, because we labeled characters like Borat and the White Chicks racially offensive, we’re suddenly oversensitive, leftist liberal snobs or, worse yet, racist ourselves. While the Likes far outweighed the Dislikes, we failed to convey the cynicism.

#9: Top 10 That Kicked Off Our Suggest Tool
Top 10 Movies Where the Bad Guy Wins
(Published on May 10, 2013)

In May 2013, we launched our Suggest Tool at, so you guys could have an even bigger impact on our lists. The first video to result from that effort was Top 10 Movies Where the Bad Guy Wins. Between the launch and January 1, 2014, nearly 20,000 users had submitted 50,000 approved suggestions and voted nearly 1,000,000 times on the 200,000 top 10 list entries. So in case you worry about us ever running out of top 10 list ideas – don’t.

#8: Top 10 With Not One But Two Glaring Omissions
Top 10 Wrestlers
(Published on Jun 2, 2013)

Whenever we do Top 10s, we try to strike a balance between different time periods. When we published Top 10 Wrestlers, we decided to cover multiple eras, include heroes and heels and both skilled athletes and talented performers. In doing so we created a representative list… that omitted not only Andre the Giant, but also The Undertaker. Y’know, the same guy who’s undefeated at WrestleMania. We made some changes to our process to ensure such omissions never happen again, until it, you know, happens again, and again.

#7: Top 10 That Proves We Occasionally Mess Up the Footage
Top 10 Anime Series
(Published on Oct 16, 2013)

Few things are certain in life: death, taxes and if you make a mistake in an Anime video, you guys will give us hell. In our first anime clip, we showed an incorrect video when talking about Pokémon. All hell broke loose and y’all had a field day. We’ve since published many more Anime clips but the most ardent Mojoholics don’t miss a chance to remind us of that mistake.

#6: Top 10(s) With the Most Gratuitous Use of Sex
Top 10 Milfs (Published on Dec 7, 2012), Top 10 Movie Seduction Scenes (Published Jun 7, 2013), Top 10 Movie Stripteases (Published Aug 6, 2013), Top 10 Gratuitous Nude Movie Scenes (Published on Aug 19, 2013), Top 10 Girl-on-Girl Movie Kisses (Published on Dec 21, 2013)

Sex sells. We get it. While we never game thumbnails we sure do listen to our largely male audience so when the suggestions come pouring in for sexy videos, we’re all too happy to oblige. We’ll give you a minute to relive them… However, many of you probably weren’t expecting this… Anyway based on the views, the Likes and your comments, we’ll be sure to keep these coming.

#5: Top 10 That Got the Most Emotional Reaction
Top 10 Armies of All Time
(Published on Oct 28, 2013)

When we ranked the greatest armies and decided against adjusting for technical limitations of the era, we thought it was obvious that the country with the largest military and the most nuclear weapons was the undisputed number-one; but you guys ripped us a new one – well, at least the nearly 60% of our audience that’s based outside of the U.S. did, accusing us of being over-patriotic and biased. We’re Canadian, btw. In any case, we’re still getting hate mail and death threats about this one… But it’s not even close to our most disliked video.

#4: Top 10 That Got the Most Dislikes
Top 10 Overrated Video Game Franchises
(Published on Feb 5, 2013)

You guys love movies, but you go coco-bananas for video games. So whenever we publish a best or worst video game list, we expect carnage and bloodshed in the comments. No video better illustrates that than Top 10 Overrated Video Game Franchises, which as of now has over 11.5-thousand dislikes. But unlike Top 10 Armies, the Likes outweigh the Dislikes, so we weren’t THAT far off, we just touched some nerves. Oh duck, shitstorm!

#3: Top 10 That Missed the Mark
Top 10 Misheard Lyrics
(Published on Feb 20, 2013)

What were we thinking here? Well, we picked five song lyrics that were legitimately misheard. For the rest, we said “hey wouldn’t it be hilarious if these were actual lyrics?” – clearly, we weren’t suggesting they were actual misheard lyrics, but the video missed the mark and you guys let us know it. In hindsight, if we ever wanted to publish a clip as an April Fool’s prank, this would’ve killed.

#2: Top 10 That Involuntarily Crushed the Childhood Memories of Our Audience
Top 10 Purposely Annoying Beloved Cartoon Characters
(Published on Sep 29, 2013)

This clip was not meant to showcase characters we necessarily find annoying, but cartoons that are annoying as part of their charm. However, not all of you were on board, with our apparent crime being two-fold: 1) Ash is way more annoying than Pikachu in terms of Pokémon characters, and 2) the WatchMojo faithful dig SpongeBob SquarePants. Now, if you’re new to WatchMojo, before you Dislike, Unsub and send us vials of cyanide, note that the SpongeBob’s creators actually said that they wanted to create a character with “an annoying laugh in the tradition of Popeye and Woody Woodpecker.” Anyway, lesson learned: don’t mess with what lurks beneath the sea!

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Top 10 That Proves We’ve Spoiled You for Visuals: Top 10 Infamous Trades in North American Sports History (Published on Aug 8, 2013)
[We referenced the Avs’ *first* win but showed their second]
- Top 10 That Proves We Need to Make Sure the Criteria Description is Clear: Top 10 Heroic Movie Sacrifices (Published on Sep 10, 2013)
[We meant pre-planned suicides…?]
- Top 10(s) You Least Expected to See On Our Channel: Top 10 Fruits (Published on Jul 27, 2013), Top 10 Vegetables (Published on Aug 3, 2013)
[We’ll do any Top 10!]
- Top 10 That Kicked Off Our Honorable Mentions: Top 10 Iconic Movie Villains (Published on Oct. 29 2013)
[We’re almost certain that was the first one!]

#1: Top 10 That Got the Most Views (And Likes)
Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths
(Published on Mar 14, 2013)

This one’s a no-brainer: the topic’s gold, the thumbnail is irresistible, and the video climbed our all-time rank rapidly – today it has over 17.6-million views. If you add Another Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths, and Yet Another Top 10 Hilarious Movie Deaths, the series has over 22-million views! Oh, and in case you’re wondering: the original is our most liked video with over 52-thousand Likes!

So what does this all prove? Just cause you’re good doesn’t mean you're perfect. But if there’s one guarantee, it’s that each video we produce will be better than the last.

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is WatchMojo’s most memorable top 10? And… What other WatchMojo-related Top 10 would you like to see? For more top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to