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VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
You've seen Shazam and now maybe you have questions floating in your head. Maybe you MISSED some of these crucial points we've noticed. Did you notice Black Adam? Did you know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is gonna be in the Shazam sequel? Join us as we count down Top 10 Things You Missed in Shazam! (Oh also, spoilers) So did you like Shazam? Is it better than the other Captain Marvel?

Billy Batson, we choose you as champion. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things You Missed in Shazam!

For this list, we’re taking a look at Easter eggs, hidden details, and other connections you might’ve overlooked in the latest DCEU movie. If you haven’t see the film yet, consider this your spoiler alert.

#10: Superman Body Double

If “Man of Steel” was too dark and brooding for your taste, you’ll be happy to know that “Shazam!” has more in common with the Richard Donner’s original “Superman,” putting an emphasis on optimism, humor, and color. In the end, Billy makes good on his promise to Freddy by not only sitting with him in the cafeteria as Shazam but also getting Superman to make an appearance. Holding a lunch tray, Supes sports his iconic red and blue outfit, but isn’t visible from the neck up. This reportedly was not actor Henry Cavill, but rather a body double. There have been varying reports as to whether or not Cavill is done playing Superman, but his absence here might confirm that he’s hung up the cape.

#9: Talking to Fish

Throughout the film, Billy and Freddy try to figure out exactly what Shazam is capable of, discovering that he possesses the powers of flight, lightning, and bullet immunity. In a post-credits scene, they find that fish communication is not in Shazam’s repertoire. Holding a fishbowl up to his face, Shazam is left feeling rather silly as he tries to get a response out of the goldfish. The guys aren’t especially bummed, though, as they don’t really see how talking to sea creatures would be useful. Clearly, they haven’t met Arthur Curry. Since Aquaman has the power of Poseidon and Shazam has the power of Zeus, we’d love to see these two superhuman titans clash in the future.

#8: 80s Movie Vibes

If “Captain Marvel” was a throwback to the 90s then “Shazam!” is an 80s homage. Although the plot takes place in the 21st century, this film was clearly inspired by a few classic 80s movies, specifically the ones associated with Steven Spielberg. Billy and his foster siblings are a colorful group of young misfits, not unlike the Goonies. Billy needs to keep his superpowers a secret from his foster parents, which isn’t much different from hiding an alien like E.T. in the closet. While the film sets itself around Christmastime, the story and characters arguably have more in common with Halloween, ala “Gremlins.” On top of all that, Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Freddy, was also in 2017’s “It,” another love letter to the 80s.

#7: Black Adam Is Coming

Similar to Shazam, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson previously played a kid who gets trapped in an action hero’s body in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” Coincidentally, Johnson was initially set to appear in this film as Black Adam, but it was decided to give Shazam’s arch nemesis a solo film first. While Black Adam isn’t directly mentioned here, his presence is definitely eluded to. With exception to the Wizard who passes his powers and name on to Billy, the Council of Eternity has been wiped out. In the comics, Black Adam is chosen by the Council as champion, but turns traitorous and destroys them. If future films stick close to the comics, we can expect to see The Rock go after the Rock of Eternity.

#6: Djimon Hounsou’s Second DCEU Role

The name Captain Marvel isn’t the only thing Billy Batson and Carol Danvers have in common. Less than a month before “Shazam!” hit theaters, Djimon Hounsou reprised his role as Korath in “Captain Marvel.” Hounsou plays an even more significant role in “Shazam!” as the Wizard who makes Billy his successor. This isn’t the first time Hounsou has appeared in the DCEU. Hounsou might not be easy to recognize under the Wizard’s long, grey hair, but the actor was even harder to pinpoint in “Aquaman” where he portrayed King Ricou. While Andrew Crawford plays Ricou in his physical form, the Fisherman King’s commanding voice belongs to Hounsou.

#5: Justice League Merchandise

A true DC fanboy, Freddy Freeman decorates his room with Justice League apparel, including a Superman toy, a Batman action figure, a Batarang, an issue of Time magazine about Zod’s attack on Metropolis, and a Daily Planet newspaper eluding to Superman’s return. Freddy keeps several more newspaper articles in a drawer, as well as a bullet that had an encounter with the Man of Steel. He even modeled his wardrobe after superheroes with a Superman hat and an Aquaman t-shirt. Later, during a fight in a mall, Shazam tumbles through an aisle of Justice League merchandise, complete with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg toys. If Billy manufactures some Shazam swag, maybe he’ll finally be able to pay for that superhero lair.

#4: Lex Luthor Connection

Mark Strong dominates the screen as the villainous Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. This version of the mad scientist also has a fair deal in common with Lex Luthor, and not merely because they’re both bald. In addition to playing Sivana’s father in “Shazam!,” John Glover also starred as Lex Luthor’s father, Lionel Luthor, on “Smallville.” Depicted as a condescending businessman, Lionel always viewed Lex as a disappointment, undermining his son at every turn. The power-hungry Lex throws his chance for redemption out the window when he murders Lionel. This mirrors Sivana’s relationship with his father, which also results in a son spilling his own family’s blood. Maybe Sivana will become the new Big Bad in the DCEU, phasing out Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor.

#3: “Big” References

We already mentioned several 80s movies that likely inspired “Shazam!,” but there’s one in particular that stands out. Watching young Billy Batson transform into a full-grown man, it’s hard not to be reminded of Josh Baskin’s sudden growth spurt in the Tom Hanks comedy, “Big.” Josh even has a best friend named Billy who helps him adjust to his adult body. Unlike Josh, though, Shazam can shoot lightning bolts out of his fingers! Given the numerous similarities, the filmmakers couldn’t revisit paying homage to the 1988 film. During a fight at a toy store, Shazam steps on a foot-operated electronic piano, mimicking the iconic walking keyboard scene at FAO Schwarz. Of course, there’s no time for Shazam and Sivana to perform a duet of “Chopsticks.”

#2: Adam Brody Finally Plays a DC Hero

When Billy’s foster siblings take on their adult superhero forms, Freddy is played by Adam Brody. This casting choice is fitting in more ways than one. For starters, Brody broke out into popularity playing comic book fan Seth Cohen on “The O.C.” Like Freddy, Seth was bullied at school and virtually invisible to others. Things started to turn around, however, after his family took in a rebellious foster kid. The parallels don’t end there. Brody was originally eyed to play the Flash in a 2008 “Justice League” film by George Miller that never got made. Almost a decade later, Ezra Miller landed the role of the DCEU’s Barry Allen. Even if he didn’t get to play the Flash, at least Brody’s finally a DC superhero.

#1: Mister Mind

In a post-credits scene, an incarcerated Sivana is paid a visit from an unlikely ally: a talking alien worm! This diabolical insect appears to be Mister Mind, one of Shazam’s most formidable adversaries in the comics. He’s only two inches, but what Mister Mind lacks in size he more than makes up for in supreme intellect. With telepathic abilities, Mister Mind can literally worm his way into people’s heads. Sivana’s link to the Seven Deadly Sins may be broken, but it looks like Mister Mind is ready to recruit him for the Monster Society of Evil. Black Adam is also a notable member of this supervillain team, meaning we’re bound to see all three join forces somewhere down the line.