Top 10 Most Badass Cartoon Couples
Top 10 Most Badass Cartoon Couples

Top 10 Most Badass Cartoon Couples

VOICE OVER: Sophia Franklin WRITTEN BY: Adriana Travisano
These cartoon couples are relationship goals and badass goals. For this list, we'll be looking at the coolest and most powerful couples animation has to offer! Our countdown includes “Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” “Kim Possible,” “The Owl House," and more!

Top 10 Most Badass Cartoon Couples

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Badass Cartoon Couples.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the coolest and most powerful couples animation has to offer! We’ll only be including TV shows and TV shows that are part of movie franchises, so as much as we would have loved to include Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, they don’t meet the criteria.

Did we miss one of your favorite badass couples? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Rapunzel & Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert
“Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure” (2017-20)

After the events of the “Tangled” movie, Rapunzel and Eugene continued to go on all sorts of adventures in the very fitting title of their TV series: “Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventure”. Strong female characters are so rarely of the happy-go-lucky kind, and that’s if they’re well-written at all. Rapunzel defies this standard. Of course, her magical powers are helpful in battle, but her true strength comes from her unfaltering positivity and indestructible perseverance. Eugene is certainly more of the swashbuckling type. He’s agile and physically strong, but he also brings wonderful humor and charisma to their duo. This is a couple whose strength is only amplified when they’re together. They’re definitely quite the hairy-tale couple!

#9: April O'Neil & Casey Jones
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle” franchise (1987-)

Cowabunga! Is there anything more badass than fighting alongside the Ninja Turtles? The turtles are highly skilled and highly trained in martial arts, which means they’re light on their feet, strong in their fights, and blend into the shadows seamlessly. April O'Neil and Casey Jones, on the other hand, not so much… Which is what makes their ability to keep up with them so impressive! Whether Casey is wielding a hockey stick, a baseball bat, or a golf club, he does some serious damage no matter the fight. April is always headstrong and brave, and she manages to hold her own remarkably, despite being merely human (although, the 2012 iteration of TMNT does see her with psychic powers). Admittedly, ‘human power!’ doesn’t sound as cool as ‘turtle power!’

#8: Marceline & Bonnibel/Princess Bubblegum
“Adventure Time” franchise (2010-)

The Vampire Queen and Princess of the Candy Kingdom--need we say more? This is a power couple if we’ve ever seen one! When we were first introduced to Marceline and PB, their relationship was rocky, to say the least. We would later find out about their history as the cause for tension and, for a while, we got to learn about each of them individually. It’s obvious both are unequivocally powerful on their own, but when they work together… Well, let’s just say there’s two kinds of magic floating around. It doesn’t take Flame Princess to appreciate the way these two managed to rekindle.

#7: Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz
“Star vs. the Forces of Evil” (2015-19)

We get that Star’s doing all the heavy lifting, but Marco helps fight the forces of evil too! In fact, these two are pretty much a packaged deal. If Star’s in battle, you can bet Marco’s right alongside her. And if Marco has some school problems or dojo problems (...or general life problems), Star’s always there to help him out. Where Star is strong in both her personality and her ability to wield magic, Marco shines through his karate skills and type-A nature. They are often wonderfully opposite each other, which is what makes them so compatible in the first place! These two have withstood apocalyptic scenarios together. What’s more badass than that? Well, maybe Marco’s abs.

#6: Jim Lake Jr. & Claire Nuñez
“Tales of Arcadia” franchise (2016-21)

For the glory of WatchMojo, YouTube is ours to command! Well, it was worth a try. Honestly, we’re not sure if it’s fair to leave Toby out of this entry, so we’re going to give him and his warhammer a quick little shout out here! It’s easy to see how Jim, with his Troll Hunter status, and Claire, with her shadow magic, made the list. These two are constantly fighting to protect something. Whether it’s the troll village, the town of Arcadia Oaks, or the whole freakin’ world, you can be sure it’s in good hands with Jim, Claire, and their whole gang doing their best to defend it. Awesome sauce!

#5: Hiccup Haddock III & Astrid Hofferson
“Dreamworks Dragons” franchise (2012-18)

We’ve practically watched these two grow up! From their first dragon ride to their first kiss to their wedding, Hiccup and Astrid have quite the love story. Even as kids, Astrid was out there throwing axes and dodging dragon blasts. Hiccup… maybe not so much, but his bravery--true bravery--can’t be ignored. There aren’t a lot of people who would stick their hand out in front of the snout of a literal dragon! They were both definitely valiant as kids, but “Dreamworks Dragons” is where we really see Hiccup and Astrid grow into themselves--into total badasses, that is! Here’s a couple who’s always ‘soaring to new heights’!

#4: Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable
“Kim Possible” (2002-07)

There are a lot of characters with magical powers on this list and this entry is actually not an exception. Ron’s monkey powers, anyone? This couple of teen heroes have saved the world more times than we can count! Although it’s no secret Kim is typically the one carrying the team, she constantly says that she could never do what she does without her best friend by her side. Ron, although often the comedic relief, definitely has his moments--even if they’re sometimes accidental. The most impressive thing about these two is their ability to balance school, work, and saving the world. There’s nothing more badass than time management! Boo-yah!

#3: Luz Noceda & Amity Blight
“The Owl House” (2020-)

Hooty alone could have qualified for this entry, but we’ll keep it to the couples for now. Even early on in the show, we saw how well Luz and Amity worked together, and now they’re finally official! Practicing magic is a pretty easy qualifier for being cool, and the fact that Luz does it without witch abilities is super impressive. The magic is awesome and everything, but that’s not where these two characters get their true strength. Luz is kind and caring and always there to lend a hand, while Amity’s perseverance and honor is incredibly admirable. This is one p-owl-ful couple!

#2: Robin & Starfire
“Teen Titans” franchise (2003-)

Being a superhero is a surefire way to qualify for the description of ‘badass’. And Starfire and Robin are definitely two who deserve their spot on this list. Batman’s brilliant sidekick paired with a Tamaranean princess who can fly (among other things). They’re pretty unbeatable--but we also have to give credit to the rest of the team! This team of heroes spend their time protecting Jump City, while also having to deal with the joys of being teenagers. Not all badassery is glorious! ​​Of course, this entry wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t also mention Beast Boy and Raven. We’ll never forgive them for making Cyborg fifth wheel, though...

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Danny Fenton & Sam Manson, “Danny Phantom” (2004-07)
Badass Ghost Adventures!

Kid Flash & Artemis, “Young Justice“ (2010-)
Badass (Retired) Superheroes!

Catra & Adora, “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” (2018-20)
Badass Orphans Raised to Be Soldiers!

Fred Jones & Daphne Blake, “Scooby Doo franchise” (1969-)
What’s New, Badass-Doo?

#1: Aang & Katara
“Avatar: The Last Airbender” (2005-08)

We hope you won’t get ‘bent out of shape’ with our choice for first place! (Get it? ‘Cause they bend the elements?) The Last Airbender himself had to come in at number one. Who else would? And that’s not to take away from Katara, the waterbending master, alongside him. Like many heroes, both Aang and Katara have considerably traumatic backstories, but they manage to rise above them and put their focus where it matters. As far as powers go, bending the earth’s elements to your will is pretty freakin’ awesome! Dare we say it… even pretty badass! Plus… you guys have seen Aang in the Avatar State, right?