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Top 10 Moments Godzilla x Kong The New Empire

Top 10 Moments Godzilla x Kong The New Empire
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
The newest entry in the Monsterverse franchise is overflowing with insane moments. Let's dive in! Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the most exciting, emotional, and epic moments in “Godzilla x Kong The New Empire”. Our countdown of the top moments from "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" includes Godzilla's Roman Holiday, Suko Saves Kong, Kong Duels the Skar King, and more!

#10: Godzilla’s Roman Holiday

When Scylla first appeared in the Monsterverse, it wisely chose to bow down to the king of the Monsters. But after the arachnid-like kaiju reemerged to wreak havoc in Rome, Godzilla decided to squash the overgrown spider. The king of the monsters was easily able to toss Scylla like it weighed nothing at all. And instead of drawing the battle out, Godzilla unleashed its atomic breath to execute an explosive finisher. Although the bout was brief, it was still awesome to see how dominant the king truly was. Seeing Godzilla take a nap in the famous Colosseum afterwards was just icing on the cake of a great fight.

#9: Kong Teaches Suko How to Play Baseball

Shortly after arriving in a new area of the Hollow Earth, the Skull Island Primate came across a relatively smaller ape. Unfortunately, the little Suko wasn’t as innocent as he seemed. He and apes immediately attempted to kill Kong. But the Skull Island graduate used everything he could get his hands on to overcome the odds. In Kong’s finest and funniest moment, he used Suko as a baseball bat and swung him at the evil apes. This savage move paved the way for the heroic ape to get serious payback against the kaijus who tried to jump him. Suko also learned that if you take a shot at Kong and miss, he will not hesitate to humble you.

#8: Mothra Returns

In 2019, the majestic Queen of the Monsters flew into battle to help Godzilla defeat Ghidorah. When the fight went sideways, Mothra sacrificed herself to give the king the boost he needed. Fans who had been eager to see the queen return got their wish in “New Empire”. After Jia journeyed down into the Hollow Earth, she was able to fulfill a prophecy and reawaken Mothra. The queen stunned everyone by brokering a treaty between Godzilla and Kong. To make matters more impressive, Mothra volunteered to fight evil monsters and saved all of the human heroes. While it took a while for the queen to return to our screens, her comeback couldn’t have come at a better time.

#7: Suko Saves Kong

It initially looked like the mischievous little ape would never get along with the heroic primate. After all, Suko tried to indirectly kill Kong several times. Despite that fact, the little monster kept getting second chances. Suko finally returned the favor after he saw his king ruthlessly kill a kind ape. When that twisted ruler sent multiple monsters to take out Kong, the little ape activated an old trap and killed most of the assassins. Suko’s act of courage showed that he was willing to put his days of deception behind him. From this moment on, he would prove to be one of Kong’s most valuable allies.

#6: Godzilla Fights Tiamat Underwater

Monarch scientists were baffled when they saw the king of the monsters intentionally attack a nuclear facility to absorb its radiation. It turned out that Godzilla was just pumping itself up so it would be ready to take on the titan known as Tiamat. When the two finally met underwater, their clash didn’t disappoint. After using an atomic blast to knock on Tiamat's door, the two grappled like Olympic wrestlers. This particular fight took full advantage of the aquatic setting with great visuals and fluid movement. Godzilla’s decisive victory here also allowed him to gain a massive power boost before the final fight began. Although it would’ve been cool to see more of Tiamat, the creature’s spirit lived on in the king’s new form.

#5: Kong Duels the Skar King

Even the Hollow Earth wasn’t big enough to hold two alpha primates. So, when Kong stepped into Skar King’s territory, the crooked royal attacked the hero on site. Their duel was fast-paced and incredibly tense. And although we knew Skar King was a living nightmare, we had to admit that seeing him use a dead Titan’s spine as a whip-like weapon was pretty awesome. Despite the home field advantage, Kong did pretty well against his foe. Unfortunately, Skar King cheated and ended the battle early by having Shimo give the hero an awful case of frostbite. The underhanded way their duel ended got us excited to see Kong get revenge during an inevitable rematch.

#4: Jia Chooses Her Family

While the human plotlines aren’t always the most interesting parts of the Monsterverse movies, “New Empire” gave us an emotional story arc to follow. After a disaster devastated Skull Island, Jia became the last living member of the Iwi Tribe on Earth’s surface. She finally found people who shared her traditions and culture in the Hollow Earth. Jia’s adoptive mother Ilene was fully prepared to let her daughter stay there. Additionally, there were multiple hints that the young heroine would be taken in by the Iwi Queen. But just when it seemed like the two would part, Jia declared that she would stay by Ilene’s side. This emotional mother-daughter moment gave us one of the franchise’s most heartwarming scenes.

#3: The Monsters Defy Gravity

Skar King wanted to bring an army of monsters to the surface. In order to slow the villains down, the Iwi people used an ancient technique to mess with gravity. Their actions led to the franchise’s most unique battle yet. The bulky Godzilla got to gracefully float through the air while taking on enemies. At the same time, Mothra was able to web up foes like she was a variant of Spider-Man. Kong also took advantage of the weightless chaos by fending off Skar King and regaining his signature weapon. We’re thrilled that the creative team defied gravity to give us a battle with highs, lows, and everything in between.

#2: A Titanic Clash of Heroes

Kong and Godzilla agreed not to fight as long as they each stayed in their receptive territories. But when the great ape needed extra muscle to confront the Skar King’s army, he risked death and traveled to Cairo to ask his rival for help. Initially, Godzilla wasn't willing to hear Kong out. The king was ready to tear the ape apart. After Kong threw a little pocket sand, the two got into an all out brawl. Their exciting clash included Godzilla showing off his wrestling moves, mechanically enhanced punches, and the ape literally dragging his foe. Watching them fight was tons of fun. However, we were willing to forgive and forget so they could give us one of cinema’s most epic team ups.

#1: The Final Brawl In Brazil

Thanks to a special crystal, Skar King was able to force Shimo to travel to Brazil and try to kickstart an ice age. The threat inspired Godzilla and Kong to combine forces and fight the duo. During this mighty monster melee, the great ape was able to keep Skar King busy with his superb fighting skills. Not to be outdone, Godzilla demonstrated his own strength and broke Skar King’s legendary whip. Even Suko got a moment to shine by destroying the crystal that controlled Shimo. Overall, the final battle was packed with satisfying moments and was topped off by an epic team finishing move. The marvelous brawl also deserved props for unseating the big bad so that Kong could become a King once more.

What was your favorite moment from this Monsterverse mashup? Let us know in the comments below!