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Top 10 Fictional Television Serial Killers

Top 10 Fictional Television Serial Killers
VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton
Television detectives and crime scene investigators need a challenge to keep the audience in suspense. Nothing gets the job done better than a deranged serial killing psycho who seemingly targets random people and has an odd and almost incomprehensible method to their madness. With so many crazy bad guys on the small screen, we've decided to list our favorites, while keeping things real by avoiding those who are in any way supernatural. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Fictional Serial Killers in Television.
Top 10 Fictional TV Serial Killers

These are the twisted folks you hope never to meet. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Fictional Serial Killers in Television.

Just to keep things real, we’ll be avoiding killers who are in any way supernatural.

Number 10: Earl Bulford – “Criminal Minds”

Kicking off our list is the taxidermist-turned-murderer with a serious eyeball fetish. Earl uses his hunting skills to set traps for his prey, then slashes his victims’ throats before disposing of them. As a pseudo calling card, this killer cuts out his targets’ eyes after each kill, and places these mementos in a stuffed animal.

Number 9: Danny Jennings – “House M.D.”

A homeless man is hospitalized with burns, and his condition rapidly deteriorates. We realize something is seriously wrong when he says his seared flesh smells like licorice. By the time House’s team discovers it’s the high-vegetable hospital diet making him sick, Danny is gone and the FBI is on his trail. Turns out, this bum has been surviving on a steady diet of soylent green.

Number 8: The Miniature Killer – “CSI”

This meticulous murderer makes tiny and ultra-realistic models of her crimes. Natalie Davis first killed when she pushed her younger sister out of a tree, and this left her with an obsession with miniatures and bleach. The Miniature Killer is the main villain of CSI’s seventh season, and she caps things off by kidnapping Grissom’s girlfriend to get back at him.

Number 7: The Fergusson Family – “Hawaii Five-O”

The family that slays together stays together! When this family of psychotic white trash hobos moves to town, they take a bunch of menial jobs, but quit after a few days. The Fergussons then kill all of their co-workers and take whatever pocket money they have on hand. Geez, two weeks’ notice would have been enough.

Number 6: The Carver – “Nip/Tuck”

This masked, Prada-wearing serial rapist follows the mantra that “beauty is a curse on the world.” He is always sure to disfigure his victims by carving a smile on their faces, and he comes to pursue the surgeons that try to fix his work. The Carver turns out to be a brother and sister team that shares a serious hate-on for unnecessary plastic surgery.

Number 5: Red John – “The Mentalist”

As the series’ main bad guy, this murderer thinks of himself as an artist and a performer. Red John killed Patrick Jane’s wife and daughter, and set the Mentalist on a course for revenge. He likes to see his victims begging for mercy, and always paints his signature smiley face on the wall in his victims’ blood. And, like all good serial killers, Red John seems to have nine lives.

Number 4: The Trinity Killer – “Dexter”

For decades, this innocent-looking family man has traveled the country building houses for charity. However, Arthur Mitchell satisfies his own dark passenger by murdering people in the same ways his sister, mother and father died. Despite being called the Trinity Killer, there is always a fourth victim: a little boy who is buried alive. Trinity earned his spot by murdering the person our protagonist holds most dear.

Number 3: The Gormogon – “Bones”

As is being a cannibal isn’t unsettling enough, this killer wears a set of false teeth made from the canines of his victims. Unlike the others on this list, the Gorgomon is a series of apprentices who take on the work of their master, while also gathering souvenirs. Their collection of bones is over 100 years old, begging the terrifying question: how many Gorgomons were there?

Number 2: Floyd Feylinn Ferell – “Criminal Minds”

This cannibal takes things one step further by force-feeding the fingers of his previous victims to his newest prey. Floyd thinks he is possessed by a flesh-eating demon, but what really gives him the number two spot on our list is the tenacity he shows when he feeds the good guys some chili, laced with the body parts of a corpse. Yum.

Number 1: Dexter Morgan – “Dexter”

Taking the top spot on our list is this forensic blood spatter analyst slash vigilante…hero? While not solving crimes, Dexter dispatches those who have eluded the justice system, in an effort to keep his dark passenger at bay. Known to the public as “the Bay Harbor Butcher,” Dexter takes top honors because of his strict code of ethics: he only takes action once he has irrefutable evidence. Most of the time.

Do you agree with our picks? Be sure to comment and tune into for other great top 10 countdowns!