Top 10 Current CW Shows
Top 10 Current CW Shows

Top 10 Current CW Shows

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Script written by Sadie Perkins

CW has distributed some great shows over years. What's are the best CW shows currently running? Here's our Top 10! Super Girl, Crazy, Ex-Girlfriend, The Originals, The Flash, The 100, Riverdale, iZombie, Jane the Virgin, Supernatural, Arrow are some of the shows you should be watching right now if you're looking to binge watch some new shows.

Top 10 Currently Running CW Shows

They have us binging entire seasons in one sitting, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 currently running CW shows.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the shows that we thought had stellar acting, enthralling storylines, witty writing, and are still on air, so only currently running shows have been included.

#10: Supergirl (2015-)

Although most superhero shows seem like more of the same these days, this program is anything but. Standing out with a female lead, “Supergirl” follows Superman’s cousin, Kara-Zor El, as she embraces her powers and takes up her role as defender of National City. Tackling themes like sexuality, family drama, and challenging the archetypal male superhero role, this series has continued to veer off course for what’s expected in a superhero storyline, blazing its own trail instead.

#9: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015-)

Following the adventures of Rebecca Bunch, an ex-lawyer who tosses away her ritzy New Work lifestyle for another shot at the one who got away, this show is a wild ride with every episode. With the characters being eccentric at best and delusional at worst, we love how this show depicts the complications of human relationships and interactions. Equally funny as it is thought provoking, this series has a permanent spot on our watch list.

#8: The Originals (2013-)

Just when we thought we couldn't take one more vampire, werewolf, or witch television series this Vampire Diaries spinoff convinces us otherwise. Exploring the backstories of well known characters Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah Mikaelson, “The Originals” has all of the family drama and fangs we’ve come to love. With the vampire clan working to take back the city they created as they fend off new and old enemies alike, the show strikes a perfect balance between brutal violence and emotional drama.

#7: Arrow (2012-)

Who says you need to be zapped by lightning or be an alien to save a city? In Oliver Queen’s case, all it took was being shipwrecked on an abandoned island for him to return home as a crime-fighting vigilante. Following Queen’s attempt at rebuilding the relationships he left behind while keeping his city safe, the show lends a touch of humanity to the often “invincible” superhero genre. With killer acting and a plot that’s made stronger by its cast, Arrow is a bullseye for the CW and for its audience.

#6: The 100 (2014-)

Drop a bunch of teenagers anywhere without supervision, and you’ve got a show. Drop them into the nuclear wasteland that was once Earth, and you’ve got yourself a great show. Sent to Earth to see if the planet is inhabitable after a nuclear apocalypse, these young prisoners are forced to survive their environment, the creatures left behind, and each other. A twist on classic science fiction, “The 100” provides some much needed hope for the future of dystopian TV.

#5: Riverdale (2017-)

We all grew up with the “Archie” comics, but “Riverdale” manages to make this comic-book classic into a coming-of-age series that’s as funny as it is dark. Following the gang we all know and love, the show is narrated by Archie’s ex-best friend Jughead Jones, who tells the story of events which have transpired over the summer. Moving away from the innocent jokes on the pages of the book, the series shocked and snared viewers with its “all grown up” storyline. Murder, secret love affairs, and gangs appear on the show, and it’s no question that we’re all dying to see what happens next.

#4: The Flash (2014-)

The CW sure likes its superheroes. After an accelerator accident grants him the ability to move at inhuman speeds, crime scene investigator Barry Allen uses his powers to defend Central City and hunt down his mother’s killer. “The Flash” is full of superhero action and a lighthearted humour, making it something everyone can enjoy. Praised for staying true to its comic book origins and keeping a fun-loving tone, the speedy series zoomed into the hearts of viewers everywhere.

#3: iZombie (2015-)

There’s no shuffling around or mindless groaning in this series. When she’s turned into a zombie during a boat party, medical resident Olivia Moore soon discovers that as long as she keeps her appetite sated, she avoids losing her humanity and can help police track down murderers. Ingesting brains of murder victims, Moore gains the memories and some personality traits of the deceased, helping her point law enforcement on the killer’s path. A black comedy and a twist on the living dead, this series keeps things fresh. No pun intended.

#2: Jane The Virgin (2014-)

With some of the best character and storylines on TV, “Jane the Virgin” swept us off our feet from day one. Following young virgin Jane Villanueva after she’s accidentally impregnated via artificial insemination, audiences love both the nonstop humour and the relatable struggles she faces as she attempts to explain her situation to her family, her boyfriend, and the father of her child. The series follows Jane’s journey through her pregnancy and into motherhood, with complex characters guiding the story. No wonder it’s been cleaning up at awards shows.

#1: Supernatural (2005-)

The longest running American fantasy series on TV, “Supernatural” has been wowing viewers for over a decade. Following the Winchester brothers on their quest of saving people and huntin’ things, like ghosts, demons, and everything in between, each episode is a new adventure for the duo. Though the show started out rather innocently and a bit slowly paced, but it’s quickly escalated in storylines and character development. Now one of the most popular TV shows on air, this series promises to keep the thrills, chills, and tears coming.