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Script written by William Regot

The craziest celebrity gossip spills out of the tabloids, and is often either made up or exaggerated. But, in some cases like these, the gossip and rumour columns actually had some truth to them! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's rumoured affair during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith turned out to be true, as did the rumour that Ellen DeGeneres was gay and the fact that Bill Cosby was a sexual predator. Rumour is that this list is great. Find out if there's any truth to that!

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#10: Brangelina Affair Broke Up Jennifer Aniston’s Marriage to Brad Pitt

Shortly after the filming of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” Jennifer Aniston separated from Brad Pitt in January 2005 and filed for divorce in March. One month later, the media reported Pitt was dating “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-star Angelina Jolie, leading the public to believe an affair between the two actors broke up Aniston’s marriage. For years, Brad denied having an affair with Angelina on the set, though Pitt admitted in a 2008 interview that he fell in love with her while they were making the film. However, one of their bodyguards told US Weekly in 2016 the two of them fooled around while on set.

#9: Prince Charles Cheated on Princess Diana

In 1981, Prince Charles married Lady Diana when she was 20 years old, despite a 13-year age gap. On the outside, things looked pleasant, but secretly, Charles was having an affair with ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles. The alleged affair was written about in the 1992 book “Diana: Her True Story,” but in 1994, Charles admitted his misdeed in a documentary. The marriage was also rocked with another affair, this one between Princess Diana and Major James Hewitt. Unable to put aside their differences, the two divorced in 1996, and one year later, Diana tragically died in a car crash.

#8: James Frey’s Memoir Being Full of Lies

A supposed memoir of Frey’s harrowing struggle with drug addiction, “A Million Little Pieces,” was seen as an inspiration that Oprah recommended as part of her Book Club. When the investigative website The Smoking Gun looked into Frey’s past records, it didn’t add up. They found that Frey had fabricated several events in the book, including a train accident that took the lives of two high school students. In the aftermath of the Smoking Gun’s report in 2006, Frey was exposed as a fraud, and after the book’s publisher,Random House offered refunds, it later appeared on bookstore shelves marketed as “semi-fictional.”

#7: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Illegitimate Child with His Maid

Around the time Schwarzenegger left office as Governor of California in 2011, there were rumors that he had an affair with his longtime housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena, and even fathered an illegitimate child, Joseph, who bore a striking resemblance to the action star. These rumors were later confirmed by Schwarzenegger himself, and it was also later discovered that he secretly gave money to his maid to support his son. Prior to these revelations coming out in May 2011, Schwarzenegger separated from his wife, Maria Shriver, and Shriver later filed for divorce in July.

#6: Ellen DeGeneres Is Gay

For the fourth season of her successful ‘90s sitcom “Ellen,” Ellen DeGeneres had something special planned. During a special two-part episode called “The Puppy Episode,” Ellen’s character was going to come out as a lesbian. Leading up to the episode, the media began to ask questions as to whether Ellen herself was gay. At first, Ellen played it coy when pressed on the subject, but a couple of weeks before “The Puppy Episode” aired in April 1997, Ellen gave a definitive answer when she told Time Magazine that, yep, she was gay.

#5: Bill Cosby Being a Sexual Predator

Given Bill Cosby’s wholesome image from movies and TV shows, chances are the last thing you’d picture him doing is drugging innocent women and having his way with them. But that all changed in 2014 when standup comic Hannibal Buress brought up Bill Cosby’s alleged past behavior during a show in Philadelphia. When this stand-up segment went viral, it became a story in the public conscience. Soon after, more and more women started coming forward claiming Cosby drugged them and had his way with them. In 2015, Cosby’s 2005 deposition was made public where the comedian admitted to committing these vile acts.

#4: Charlie Sheen Solicits Prostitutes

Believe it or not, there was a time when Charlie Sheen wasn’t known for overindulging himself with hookers and drugs. But when Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss was investigated by the feds on charges of tax evasion and money laundering, she was thought to have had a black book full of clients whom she had given prostitutes, including Charlie Sheen. At first, Sheen had denied seeing prostitutes, but then his name was found on checks made out to Fleiss. Sheen was later called on to testify at Fleiss’s trial, where he admitted to spending 50,000 dollars on Fleiss’s prostitutes over a two-year period.

#3: Liberace Being Gay

When you look at Liberace’s outlandish attire and the candelabra that graced his performances, it’s not hard to see why some people suspected the musician was gay. Liberace fought this rumor the best he could by being seen in public dating various women, and in 1959, when the Daily Mirror ran an article that suggested he was gay, the singer sued the tabloid for libel and won 8,000 pounds. However, even after ex-lover Scott Thorson sued Liberace for palimony, he still refused to admit he was gay. Though Liberace never came out as homosexual during his lifetime, celebrities who knew him, such as Betty White and Debbie Reynolds, have confirmed what people have long suspected.

#2: Bill Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky

In January 1998, scandal broke when President Bill Clinton was accused of having an affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky from 1995 to 1997. This information was brought to light after secret recordings of Lewinsky talking to a close friend/coworker about the affair were given to Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr. At first, Clinton denied any such relationship, but after a tough summer of investigation, he eventually came clean. In his attempt to cover up the matter, Clinton committed perjury, for which he was impeached by the U. S. House of Representatives.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here is an honorable mention.

Beyoncé Being Pregnant

#1: Bruce Jenner Being Trans

After undergoing a procedure to reduce his Adam’s apple in 2014, rumors started to circulate that Bruce wanted to transition into becoming a woman. These rumors were dismissed by close family members who assured the media it was all nonsense, but in April 2015, Bruce came out as transgender, through a highly publicized interview with Diane Sawyer. In the interview, Jenner told Sawyer about all of the struggles with gender identity she had to go through all of her life. After transitioning into a woman, Jenner later changed her name to Caitlyn.

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