Top 10 Best Zoey 101 Moments

Top 10 Best Zoey 101 Moments

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
These Zoey 101 moments make us want to go back to our school days. We'll be looking back at some of the most iconic and heartwarming scenes from Nickelodeon's comedy-drama featuring our favorite Pacific Coast Academy students. This show was seriously drippin'! MsMojo ranks the most memorable Zoey 101 moments. What's your favorite Zoey 101 moment? Let us know in the comments!

This show was seriously drippin’! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Zoey 101 Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking back at some of the most iconic and heartwarming scenes from Nickelodeon’s comedy-drama featuring our favorite Pacific Coast Academy students. If you’ve never seen these moments in action, there WILL be spoilers.

#10: Zoey Arrives at PCA

Kicking off this list is the moment that started it all. Zoey Brooks has just arrived at Pacific Coast Academy –a former all-boys boarding school that recently started admitting girls. The minute she arrives, she meets her very first friend – an awkward, clumsy boy named Chase Matthews. After a messy introduction –which includes Chase crashing his bike, he gives Zoey a personal tour of the campus and even shows her to her dorm room. From then on, these two have been the best of friends – though it’s pretty clear to see that Chase likes Zoey in a different way… but who knows if he’ll ever get to act on those feelings?

#9: The Blix Van Contest

PCA is holding a “Hand on a Blix Van” contest where whomever can keep their hand on the van the longest wins a trip to anywhere in the world. Naturally, Zoey’s determined to win, but the only thing standing in her way is a certain cheating pretty boy, Logan Reese. These two have had an on-again, off-again rivalry since the very first season, so having them end up in the final two of the contest makes sense. While Logan managed to cheat his way to the finale, he forgot one important thing… Zoey’s way smarter than him. Thus, she’s able to trick him into forfeiting so that she wins the contest – proving that she’s got the killer instinct to win.

#8: Drake Bell at Spring Fling

Zoey wants to make this year’s Spring Fling – which is usually notoriously lame - extra fun for all of PCA by booking Drake Bell to perform. Unfortunately, the girls end up too short on cash to formally book him. But Drake – being the cool guy that he is- agrees to perform… if Zoey shares her awesome t-shirt designs with him. Sadly, this was the closest we ever got to an actual “Drake & Josh” and “Zoey 101” crossover. But it was still awesome of Drake to take the time to perform at a boarding school and make this year’s Spring Fling fun for once – all thanks to Zoey’s skills as an artist.

#7: A Million Raindrops

Chase’s birthday is coming up, but he has no time to age; he’s too preoccupied with a research paper. Zoey tries to invite his grandma, who shares the same birthday, to PCA as a fun surprise, but she falls ill and can’t make it. Later, we find out that her sickness was a lot worse than anyone imagined… Chase’s grandmother passed away. In the final scene, Zoey finds Chase alone and grieving in the rain and stays to comfort him, while a somber song plays the episode out. This tragically hits home to anyone who’s suffered a loss in their family, but it’s always comforting to have friends like Zoey to support us when we need it most of all.

#6: Zoey & Nicole’s new roommate

With Dana leaving the series in between Seasons 1 and 2, Zoey and Nicole are less-than-thrilled to be getting a new roommate – Lola Martinez – played by now-Nick alum, Victoria Justice. When the two first meet Lola, she makes them think that she’s some kind of scary goth girl. In reality, however, she’s an actress-in-training who wanted to see if she could pull off playing an outrageous character. While not the best first impression, it definitely gives us some insight into Lola’s character – an eccentric actress dedicated to her craft. Fortunately, it doesn’t take long for her to make friends with the gang and become one of Zoey’s longest-lasting roommates throughout the series.

#5: “I’m in love with her”

Zoey gets a chance to transfer to a school in London… and accepts. But due to a dumb misunderstanding, Chase never gets to say goodbye. Heartbroken that she’s gone, Chase tries to bury how much he misses her by hanging out with a Zoey doppelganger – but Michael and Logan aren’t fooled. After a tense intervention, Chase finally admits that he misses her and that he’s still in love with her – and has been ever since they first met. But what none of them realize, however, is that Zoey overheard everything through the webcam. We’re not sure which is sadder – that Zoey finally learns Chase’s feelings after leaving PCA, or that Season 3 ended with this intense and painful cliffhanger.

#4: Logan & Quinn?!

Throughout the majority of the series, Quinn and Logan’s friendship has been… difficult, with Logan being a vain womanizer and Quinn being a bit of a nerdy spaz. However, when Quinn’s left heartbroken after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Logan comforts her and reminds her how great she is… and the two end up kissing. This was one of the most unexpected couples of the series… with arguably one of the sweetest stories – two friends at odds with each other overcoming their differences to form a serious romantic relationship. They try to hide their love afterward for fear of being teased, but then proudly confess it to the world in the series finale.

#3: Zoey’s DVD

For a school assignment, Zoey’s class has to put personal objects into a time capsule that won’t be open for 20 years. Zoey decides to make a DVD about her life and her friends, which captures Chase’s curiosity to know what she said about him. He tries to dig up the DVD so that he can secretly watch it, but his conscience stops him from doing the deed, and Zoey ends up making a deal with Chase that he can dig up the DVD in 10 years instead of 20. In 2015, on the episode’s 10th anniversary, a special reunion video finally answers what Zoey said about Chase in her video – undeniable proof that she and Chase belong together.

#2: Spring Break

During spring break, Zoey and the gang are invited to Logan’s home for a chance to compete on the new reality TV show, “Gender Defenders” –where the guys and the gals compete in teams of two to prove which sex is superior on national TV. It sounds like a week of fun… until a misunderstanding causes a rift in Zoey and Chase’s friendship. (x-ref Chase texts Zoey) They make up in the end, of course, and Chase finally plucks up the courage to text Zoey his true feelings… but she never gets the text. This is really heartbreaking considering Chase almost loses her as a friend, and it felt like the universe doesn’t want them to be together – which ultimately kills the fun of being on TV.

Before we unveil our number one scene, here are a few honorable mentions.

James & Zoey’s date

Fooling Logan

Stranded Beach Party

Lola Undercover

Chase & Michael’s cartoon

#1: Chase & Zoey Finally Kiss

It’s prom season at PCA, and Zoey finds herself without a date… or so she thinks. Chase returns to PCA after being away in London for the semester, and after a clumsy reunion… he and Zoey finally kiss! This scene parallels the first time these two met, and brings their entire relationship to a full circle – Chase being Zoey’s very first friend at PCA and having a secret crush on her, every moment throughout the show that showcases them growing closer as friends, and Zoey learning the truth and realizing that she returns Chase’s feelings. The fact that this relationship has been built-up since the show’s very beginning makes the kiss all the more cathartic.

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