Top 10 Best The Weeknd Songs

Top 10 Best The Weeknd Songs

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Top 10 The Weeknd Songs‬

Abél Makkonen Tesfaye, better known by his stage name, The Weeknd, is a Grammy Winning singer who first rose to fame via YouTube in 2010. Six years later, he has a massive following and his style is often compared to the late Michael Jackson. This R&B artist has come out with a handful of successful songs, including his latest, Starboy, Wicked Games, Earned It, High for This, The Hills and What you Need. Stay tuned to see which song we think is #1!

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Top 10 The Weeknd Songs

Sex, drugs, and R&B make a winning combination for this Canadian superstar. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 The Weeknd Songs.

For this countdown, we’re only including songs where The Weeknd is the lead artist, not featured. We’re also excluding covers and duets, so “D.D.”, the cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana,” and “Love Me Harder” with Ariana Grande aren’t eligible for this list.

#10: “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls”
House of Balloons (2011)

In this two-parter, The Weeknd describes throwing the ultimate rager complete with drugs, hot girls, and his boys. Over an upbeat rhythm sampled from the Siouxsie and The Banshees song, “Happy House,” he chants about his own “happy house,” promising the listener a night of fun and debauchery. But with any Weeknd song, there’s always something darker lurking underneath. The second part of the song, “Glass Table Girls” brings the tempo down and his tone shifts as he describes his excessive drug use, which turns a good time into a drug-induced downward spiral. His honesty in depicting both the highs and the lows of drug use makes him stand out from other artists who only glorify drug culture.

#9: “Rolling Stone”
Thursday (2011)

This one’s for the fans. Since the beginning of his career, the Weeknd’s had an uneasy relationship with fame and this tune is a direct address to his fans promising that everything he does is for them with lines like “baby I got you,” driving home his message. But it’s not without its turmoil. In the subdued, guitar-heavy track Abel expresses how he wants to grow as an artist, and hopefully, the fans will ride through the changes with him. He released the song along with a letter on his website, which further explained that he wouldn’t let signing a deal with a major record label ruin his sound.

#8: “The Morning”
House of Balloons (2011)

No other Weeknd song paints a better picture of the nightlife Abel compulsively chases. Set inside strip clubs and late nights with prostitutes in the House of Balloons, the lyrics offer a space for reflection about the complicated relationship between money, sex, and power. The beat is languorous and sexy, as he croons the memorable line “the money is the motive” throughout. As one of the standout tracks on his debut EP, it works almost like a mission statement to who he is not only as an artist but also as a man conflicted about what he’s chasing.

#7: “Often”
The Beauty Behind the Madness (2015)

The first single from his second studio album, this one drips of sex and intrigue. Throughout the verses and chorus, the Weeknd brags about how good he is at pleasing a woman since he’s had a lot of experience with groupies on the road. He likens himself to a god, and makes it clear that he can get a girl anytime he wants. He uses a sample of “Ben Gene Sana Vurgunum,” a song by Nükhet Duru, a popular Turkish singer that gives the song another layer of seductiveness. While it wasn’t a chart-topper like later singles from the album, it did win two awards at the 2015 Much Music Video Awards.

#6: “What You Need”
House of Balloons (2011)

Dropped on the Internet back in 2010, the song began forming a cult following around The Weeknd when he was still an anonymous musician. Lyrically, the song describes a situation where Abel is the other man but he knows he’s the only one who can really satisfy his woman. He compares her love for him to craving a drug, which makes this provocative ballad that much more addictive. The song manages to be both quiet and commanding, bold yet understated as he repeats, “I’m what you need” over the slow, R&B rhythm. The original version of the song sampled Aaliyah’s “Rock the Boat” but his record label wasn’t able to clear the sample for the record label release of Trilogy.

#5: “The Hills”
The Beauty Behind the Madness (2015)

Twisted, dark, and dangerous aren’t the only three words to describe this song but they do capture just how unexpected it is as a pop hit. The Weeknd holds nothing back as he describes going to a party on the nice side of town, and the tawdry hookup about to go down. He alludes to both the popular MTV reality show, “The Hills” with the title, while name-dropping Wes Craven’s horror classic, “The Hills Have Eyes” to send a message about the underbelly of glamor. A massive hit, it reached number one on the Billboard charts replacing his other song, “Can’t Feel My Face,” making him the eleventh artist to do the same.

#4: “High for This”
House of Balloons (2011)

As the opening track of the mixtape, this eerie number sets the tone for the trip Abel has in store. He addresses the song to a girl, telling her that she’ll want to be high for what she’s about to experience but it also serves as a stand-in for the listener to get ready for a trip to his underground world, unlike any they’ve ever seen before. The song works because it’s atmospheric and tantalizing; it feels like nothing we’ve ever heard before and something we’re unlikely to forget.

#3: “Earned It”
Fifty Shades of Grey: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2014)

Written for the “Fifty Shade of Grey” movie, this is one of the Weeknd’s more upbeat songs and one of his best selling that took his career to another level. Unlike his other songs about one night stands, he changes it up by promising to care for and be devoted to his lover since she’s worth it. The song became one of the movie’s love themes, and appeared in the film twice. His voice is seductive, which pairs well with the slinky beat as well as the sexy scenes from the movie. It was nominated for but did not win Best Original Song at the Oscars, however, it did win a Grammy for Best R&B Performance.

#2: “Can’t Feel My Face”
Beauty Behind the Madness (2015)

Known for his darkness, Abel shows audiences his softer, more fun-loving side with this megahit. Produced by super pop producer, Max Martin, Abel channels his inner Michael Jackson, and the tune sounds like it’s a throwback to one of MJ’s feel-good dancefloor hits. It shows his range and growth as an artist, and that he’s not only the king of debauchery and despair but his songs can also appeal to a mass audience. Critics and fans alike fell in love with this track: it reached number one on the charts, was nominated for two Grammys, and Rolling Stone named it the best song of 2015.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Starboy” feat. Daft Punk
Starboy (2016)

“The Zone” feat. Drake
Thursday (2011)

“Twenty Eight”
House of Balloons (2011)

#1: “Wicked Games”
House of Balloons (2011)

It may almost have the same name as the Chris Isaak 90s hit but this song is definitely an original only The Weeknd could sing. Sultry and slinky, it’s a ballad for the internet generation as he bemoans his love for a stripper who doesn’t feel the same way about him. Feelings of lust, greed, loneliness, and desperation entwine to give the song it’s powerful and emotional resonance of a love gone wrong. Even though the song is one of his earliest, it’s still one of his most memorable that make him stand out as a key figure in modern music.

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