Top 10 Best Makeovers on RuPaul's Drag Race

Top 10 Best Makeovers on RuPaul's Drag Race

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These "Drag Race" makeovers cotinue to astound us. For this list, we'll be looking at the most impressive transformations that occurred as part of the show's recurring makeover challenge. Our countdown includes Opal Methyd, Ariel Versace, Winter Green, and more!

Top 10 Best Makeovers on RuPaul's Drag Race

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Makeovers on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most impressive transformations that occurred as part of the show’s recurring makeover challenge. We’re basing ourselves on makeup, fashion, and personality. However, we’re excluding makeovers from "RuPaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race''. We’re also issuing a SPOILER ALERT.

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#10: Symone & Utica Queen
“Freaky Friday Queens”

Season 13’s makeover challenge required the remaining queens to form duos and make one another over in their own image. Some of the transformations weren’t exactly impressive, but that wasn’t the case for Symone and Utica. Despite their totally opposite aesthetics, they both managed to embody each other’s style and persona on the runway. They were practically unrecognizable! While Symone styled Utica in an outfit and hair piece inspired by the 1997 film “B.A.P.S.,” she herself donned a look that was just as eye-catching. With two-toned yarn-like hair, she sported a stretchy shawl over a skinless muscle-print bodysuit. The two ensembles were worlds apart, but their origins were immediately recognizable. The pair’s brilliance deservedly won them the challenge.

#9: Opal Methyd
“Superfan Makeover”

While makeovers on “Drag Race” tend to be glamorous, Crystal Methyd took a thoroughly unique approach in Season 12 - and we were all the better for it. She and Opal appeared as a couple with distinct yet highly complementary outfits, hair, and clown-like makeup. With Crystal wearing a T-shirt and trousers and her companion in a rainbow striped dress, the duo pulled off a strong family resemblance. What’s more, they did so without simply wearing versions of the same costume. And as if the bright orange engagement ring wasn’t amazing enough, Opal also killed it in the lip sync. It was heartwarming to see her overcome feelings of anxiety to deliver a performance that was colorful - in every sense of the word!

#8: Fifi Del Rio
“Drag My Wedding”

“Drag Race” loves a twist, and the Season 6 makeover challenge offered just that. The queens turned straight men into blushing brides, and gave them away to their real partners. As Fifi’s mother, Bianca Del Rio unsurprisingly brought a character to life on the runway, with tears in her eyes and a handkerchief under her wig. The pair were clearly related, and their homemade outfits were subtly matched. Bianca’s no slouch as a seamstress, and her skills were definitely on display. But most importantly, Fifi was absolutely radiant, with a smile on her face and a great rapport with her mother. It’s easy to see why Bianca won this challenge.

#7: Litter Boxx
“Golden Gals”

Sometimes, the subject of a “Drag Race” makeover outshines the contestant. In season 2, the queens had to turn mature gay men into glamorous mother figures, and we think Pandora Boxx excelled. She and Litter Boxx had a hilarious runway presentation, with the latter showing tons of attitude and jokingly trying to steal the spotlight. The pair then delivered a funny and energetic lip sync to RuPaul’s “Main Event.” Yet Pandora was criticized by the judges for fading into the background. But if you ask us, this challenge should be all about those who get made over! In any case, she deserves some credit for bringing out the absolute best in her mother.

#6: Ariel Versace
“Bring Back My Queens!”

In Season 11, eliminated contestants were brought back to the Werk Room to be made over. Although Brooke Lynn Hytes won the challenge, Vanessa Vanjie Mateo could have easily emerged victorious. She and Ariel Versace truly looked like twins, and boasted gorgeous hair and makeup. Their matching outfits took different directions as a jumpsuit and gown, but the looks were cohesive and absolutely stunning. To top it all off, they recreated Miss Vanjie’s iconic exit from her Season 10 elimination at the end of their presentation. Simply put, the pair managed to make what could have been a standard runway truly captivating.

#5: Jazz Essence Hall
“Superfan Makeover”

In Season 12, the queens took “Drag Race” superfans under their wings. In addition to transforming their supporters into their drag sisters, the contestants had to prepare them for a lip sync to RuPaul’s “U Wear It Well.” While everybody showed up for the musical performance, there was no question that Jazz’s makeover stole the show. She underwent a true metamorphosis, with absolutely stunning makeup and a sultry on-stage personality to match. Jaida Essence Hall impressively made both outfits, which hugged her and her sister’s bodies perfectly. But the best part was the pair’s clear bond that had Jaida - and all of us - tearing up.

#4: Jazzy Jems
“Wizards of Drag”

There’s no question that Naomi Smalls’s Sonny and Cher-esque makeover on “All Stars” 4 was great. But even more impressive was the way she transformed Jazzy Jems in Season 6’s “Wizard of Oz”-themed challenge. To say their original outfits perfectly complemented each other would be an understatement. With a burlap-like fabric patched with plaid and straw detailing, Jazzy’s look was high fashion, and wonderfully channeled the Scarecrow character. A Vidal Sassoon-inspired bob and gorgeous makeup - complete with exaggerated bottom lashes - completed the ensemble. Here, Naomi showed everyone how a queen can rise to the occasion while also highlighting her partner.

#3: Svetlana Borisnova
“Family That Drags Together”

The makeover episode on “All Stars” 2 was one of the show’s most heartwarming. There’s no shortage of potential makeover subjects for the show to choose from. But in this case, the queens’ family members were brought in. Katya made her mother over, and landed in the top two alongside Detox. Svetlana as an overly cautious Eastern European matriarch holding a glittered sickle was downright hilarious, and the judges loved it. For her part, Katya flawlessly played the ostensibly glamorous daughter. There’s no doubt that of all the duos on the runway, this team boasted the clearest - and funniest - storyline. In other words, it was classic Katya.

#2: Winter Green
“Makeovers: Crew Better Work”

In Season 9, the queens used their fashion and makeup skills on “Drag Race” crew members. The judges were downright obsessed with camera operator Sarge's attitude as Winter Green — and we were too. That’s a huge personality shift if we’ve ever seen one! In addition, Winter had a great sense of humor on the main stage. When Kesha delivered a poorly worded compliment, the first-time drag performer reacted in the funniest way. Granted, her excellence arguably had little to do with Peppermint, as the makeup and outfit the latter provided left something to be desired. But for exuding true superstar energy, Winter Green simply can’t be forgotten.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Golda Lamé, “Golden Gals”
Raven Won Points for Carrying Her Drag Mother off the Runway

Sweepee, “Drag School of Charm”
Shannel Transformed a Professional Fighter Into a Glamazon

Fortuna Monsoon, “Super Troopers”
Jinkx & Fortuna Brought the Camp

Avals Mateo, “Jocks in Frocks”
Alexis Mateo Had This Athlete Feeling His Fantasy

#1: Miz Cookie
“Social Media Kings Into Queens”

When the Season 10 queens were tasked with making over social media stars, we were treated to some stellar presentations. Most notably, Miz Cracker’s transformation of Chester See was downright jaw-dropping. There was a clear family resemblance, and while Cracker herself looked great, we all knew who the star was onstage. Cookie played a badly-behaved daughter, and clearly felt flirty and fabulous on the runway. When Lizzo compared her to Marilyn Monroe, she even busted out a hilarious musical impression. This makeover captured the freedom and fun that make this challenge a perennial “Drag Race” favorite. And most importantly, it birthed an icon.