Top 10 Anime Characters That Took Revenge Too Far
Top 10 Anime Characters That Took Revenge Too Far

Top 10 Anime Characters That Took Revenge Too Far

VOICE OVER: Ashley Bowman
Vengeance isn't always the way. Join Ashley as we look over the anime characters who took their vendetta too far, as seen in series such as "Attack on Titan", "Naruto", "Demon Slayer", and more!

Script written by Alex Crilly-Mckean

Top 10 Anime Characters That Took Revenge Too Far

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Anime Characters That Took Revenge Too Far.

For this list, we’re going to be looking at the heroes and villains of anime who threw their all into the pursuit of vengeance, only to lose themselves along the way. Think we missed out on a crucial piece of animated payback? Let us know in the comments!

#10: Sekai

“School Days” (2007)

Look, we aren’t going to try and defend Makoto in any way whatsoever. The man is a deviant who used and abused most of the girls in his school for selfish desires, with the fallout getting so bad that many were left as traumatized husks. Sekai was certainly among these victims, and had every right to despise her ex for his lewd acts and reprehensible behavior. Stabbing and beheading him however…might have been a bridge too far?

#9: Kogami

“Psycho-Pass” (2012-13)

In a world that limits, censors, and inadvertently creates monsters out of humanity, something as obsessive as revenge can be a powder keg. For Kogami, the ensuing explosion proves worth it, as he is finally given the chance to put down the sociopathic anarchist Makishima for his plethora of crimes, including the death of his old partner. Of course, the trade off, by decree of the Sibyl System, is that he’s now a criminal himself, and as such will spend the rest of his life on the run, hunted by his former comrades. A steep price, in every respect.

#8: Kurapika

“Hunter x Hunter” (2011-14)

Revenge is pretty much this Hunter’s very reason for being, seeking to bring down the Phantom Troupe for their hand in the slaughter of his clan. While erasing the Spider may do the world a favor, the demand Kurapika puts on himself might just spell his doom somewhere down the line. Thanks to his Nen being able to take on Specialist traits, Kurapika devises a sure-fire to drag the Troupe’s members into oblivion. His Judgement Chain certainly holds the potential to make his dream a reality…but will also kill him should he ever use this ability on anyone else. Forever binding him to his revenge.

#7: Angelo

“91 Days” (2016)

Following the massacre of his own family, Angelo decided that he would return the favor, and do whatever necessary to end those responsible. With his targets being a powerful Sicilian crime family, Angelo chooses the art of deception, infiltrating the Vanetti from within, befriending, and double crossing everyone along the way. It’s sad that not only does he foster true friendships during his time among the Vanetti’s, but his single-view desire to avenge his family stumps him from ever moving beyond a life of killing and duplicity.

#6: Kazutora

“Tokyo Revengers” (2021)

Guilt can drive a person mad, and Kazutora was unable to cope with the pressure. Following the killing of Mikey’s brother, Kazutora is unable to process the fact he’s hurt the beloved brother of his dearest friend, and somewhat snapped. Choosing instead to believe that he’s the hero of his own story and that Mikey is somehow responsible for all his pain, Kazutora signs up with the Valhalla gang with every intention of crushing everyone affiliated with Toman. Was it worth it? Since he either gets pummeled to death or imprisoned depending on the timeline, we’re going to say no.

#5: Nina

“Code Geass” (2006-08)

Unrequited love can be a bit of a bitch, but still able to be overcome with time and perspective. Having said love getting gunned down for the world to see? Okay…that’s a little tougher to swallow. But even then, going so mad with misplaced desire and rage that you plan to nuke a school in response? That’s crazy town territory! For all her genius, Nina goes off the deep end when her precious Princess Euphe gets taken out by Zero, going as far as to arm an explosive near the academy grounds. Because of course the peace-loving Euphe would have supported such a batshit plan.

#4: Thorfinn

“Vinland Saga” (2019)

He abandoned everything in order to become strong enough to kill the man who robbed him of his father, but in doing so, forgot everything he was taught. While thoughts of revenge gave Thorfinn the drive to become a skilled killer on the battlefield, his obsession with defeating Askeladd in a duel soon became a cage. This misplaced need for vengeance whilst trying to emulate some semblance of honor not only betrayed Thor’s teachings on what it means to be a true warrior, but destroyed any chance of Thorfinn living a normal childhood.

#3: Obito

“Naruto Shippuden” (2007-17)

To say life had been pretty hard for Obito would be a gross understatement. Getting half his body crushed by a boulder, watching the girl he loved killed by his best friend, this pain was enough to completely dissuade him into thinking there was any worth left in the world, and Madara’s plan for the Infinite Tsukiyomi was the way to go. While we can’t help but sympathize with what he went through, assisting in the creation of the Akatsuki, having a helping hand in the death of his former teacher, as well as nearly ending the world is a bit excessive, don’t you think?

#2: Gyutaro and Daki

“Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” (2019-)

No one is denying that these siblings were dealt a cruel hand. Poor, abandoned, and abused by those around them, it was a miracle that both survived as long as they did…until circumstance and some bad choices robbed them of their lives and any semblance of hope. It’s little wonder they accepted the chance to come back as demons and reap revenge on a world that scorned them. It’s just a shame that their payback involved the butchering of innocents. Between Gyataro’s sadism and Daki’s bitter jealousy, the duo inflicted more harm and misery than could ever be considered justifiable.

#1: Eren

“Attack on Titan” (2013-)

One would think that when it comes to genocide, things would be pretty black and white, but leave it to Eren Yeager to blur that line. Coming to the conclusion that the world’s hatred towards Eldia will constantly put those he cares for in danger, the vessel of the Founding Titan sets out to unleash the Rumbling, wherein millions of Colossal Titans will march upon the world and trample all life underfoot save for the island of Paradis. We’ve seen Eren lose so much, and fight tooth and nail for those he deems precious, but to extinguish countless innocents due to the actions of a few still feels wholeheartedly wrong.
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