The Best Devil May Cry Moments

The Best Devil May Cry Moments

VOICE OVER: Adrian Sousa WRITTEN BY: Mark Sammut
Devil May Cry is a fantastic franchise full of crazy twists and turns. Dante, Lucia, Nero, Vergil and everyone in-between, here are the best moments from across the entire series.

Top 10 Devil May Cry Moments

Dante can make anything seem cool. Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Devil May Cry Moments.

For this list, we’re ranking "Devil May Cry's" defining moments. Capcom's franchise is loved for its thrilling gameplay, but the focus will be on story and character moments.

#10: “Fill Your Dark Soul with Light!”
“Devil May Cry” (2001)

Dual-wielding pistols and swinging around massive swords like baguettes, Dante is the living embodiment of cool. Carefree to a fault, the demon-hunting private investigator has a one-liner for every situation! Even when things really go to hell, Dante's laidback attitude tends to remain intact. This infamous scene from 2001's "Devil May Cry" is a rare exception! With Mundus down and out, Dante finally has a moment to grieve – in the corniest way imaginable – over Trish's death. Only Dante could say such a cheesy line and still came across as a badass!

#9: Dante Crashes Mass & Meets Nero
“Devil May Cry 4” (2008)

Capcom took a risk with "Devil May Cry 4," as Nero replaced Dante as the main protagonist. The decision to promote Vergil's cynical son split the fan-base down the middle, but most seem to agree that 2008's sequel starts with a bang! Following an opening sequence establishing Nero and the Order of the Sword, Dante crashes an insomnia-curing religious ceremony to slaughter a couple of clergymen. Talk about leaving a lasting first impression! Without uttering a single word, Dante completely steals the show, leading to a brief confrontation with Nero. In hindsight, reminding players of Dante's awesomeness did little to help Nero's case.

#8: Dante Acquires The Sparda
“Devil May Cry” (2001)

With the exception of Dante, Vergil is arguably "Devil May Cry's" most beloved character, although the half-demon had to wait until the third game to gain prominence. 2001's original masterpiece presents Vergil as Nelo Angelo, a dark knight who challenges Dante three separate times throughout the campaign. Following the final battle, Nelo Angelo rewards Dante with the second half of an amulet, which perfectly matches a trinket handed to the private investigator by his mother. Once united, the amulet transforms Dante's "Force-Edge" sword into the Sparda, a legendary weapon with multiple forms. Along with the exhausting preceding battle and the brilliant soundtrack, this scene is almost cathartic.

#7: Dante’s Epic Motorcycle Ride
“Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005)

"Devil May Cry 2" substitutes the happy-go-lucky Dante with a stoic version who never cracks a smile. Seeking to bring back the hero's mystique, 2005's sequel overcompensated for its poorly-received predecessor. The "Devil May Cry" series is an exercise in excess, and no other scene better embraces this concept. Rather than take the scenic route, Dante rides a motorcycle up the side of the Temen-ni-gru tower. While that is already pretty neat, he’s only just getting started! A couple of Hell Pride ambush the airborne hero, prompting Dante to use the bike as a makeshift weapon. Obviously, such an absurdly awesome moment would not be complete without the hero nonchalantly walking away after a massive explosion.

#6: Dante Meets Mundus
“Devil May Cry” (2001)

Every "Devil May Cry" boss fight and snappy retort is simply setting the stage for Dante's showdown with Mundus. Hailed as the King of Hell, Mundus was usurped from the throne by Dante's father, prompting the demon to dedicate the next two millennia to plotting revenge. Set in a creepy Gothic chapel, Mundus and Dante spend most of the cut-scene throwing shade at one another, which is always entertaining! Along with the countless one-liners, this moment also includes Trish's sacrifice and Mundus evolving into a kaiju-sized monster who flies off into space.

#5: Nelo Angelo’s Debut
“Devil May Cry” (2001)

Nelo Angelo may not be as suave and cool as his past-self Virgil in "Devil May Cry 3," but Mundus' corrupted soldier knows how to make a spectacular entrance! In a seemingly nondescript room, Dante's reflection in a mirror suddenly takes a life of its own! Revealed to be Nelo Angelo, the boss stares down Dante before leading the way to an arena worthy of serving as the stage for their upcoming battle. As the first truly challenging boss encounter of the series, Nelo Angelo's debut succeeds in being intimidating, unforgettable, and unique!

#4: Dante Sprints Down the Temen-ni-gru
“Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005)

With the help of a motorcycle, any competent half-demon P.I. should be able to climb a skyscraper, but how does the cocky hero fare without the extra help? While most people might waste time feeling sorry for themselves after suffering a crushing defeat, Dante responds by powering up to full strength and immediately leaping back into action. In this case, leaping is meant to be taken literally! Sprinting down the side of the Temen-ni-gru, Dante easily dispatches multiple demons while showing off for the audience watching at home! As the icing on the cake, this moment climaxes with Dante inadvertently starring in a twisted adaptation of "Pinocchio."

#3: Vergil & Dante Double Team Arkham
“Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005)

Vergil and Dante are two sides of the same coin. Identical twins who inherited Sparda's demonic powers, they are polar opposites in many ways. While Dante suppressed Sparda's devilish influence, Vergil embraced its potential. As a result, most reunions featuring the brothers typically end with someone being stabbed through the chest! Temporarily putting aside any grievances, Dante and Vergil join forces to bring down Arkham, with the pair demonstrating an insane level of coordination. The team-up is painfully short, but "Devil May Cry" knows how to keep fans craving for more.

#2: Opening Cutscene
“Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005)

"Devil May Cry 3's" intro needed to wash away the memories of the second game and, perhaps, outdo the first's opening scene. Definitely not a simple task, but Capcom accomplished that and so much more! Younger and – somehow – even more arrogant, Dante coolly brushes off a pack of Vergil's Hell Pride minions while protecting a delicious looking pizza and uttering corny but charming one-liners. Be it the over-the-top voice acting or the rocking soundtrack, everything about this intro comes together to create one of gaming's most flawless cut-scenes.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Every Jester Moment
“Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005)

Dante Rides Lady’s Missile
“Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005)

#1: Vergil Falls to the Demon World
“Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005)

An awesome game merits an awesome ending, and few surpass "Devil May Cry 3's" conclusion. With the portal linking the demon and human world rapidly closing, Vergil and Dante settle things with a final stand-off, culminating in the hero slashing the villain through the chest. Realizing the end is near, Vergil rejects Dante's help and plummets to the demon world. Aided by Tetsuya Shibata's melancholic score, Vergil's downfall carries one hell of an emotional gut-punch, while also allowing for a cool moment or two. Knowing that Vergil's destiny is to be corrupted and controlled by Mundus just makes this scene all that more devastating.