Top 10 Most BRUTAL Deaths in the Saw Movies
Trivia Top 10 Most BRUTAL Deaths in the Saw Movies



Top 10 Most BRUTAL Deaths in the Saw Movies

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Johnny Reynolds
Oh, Jigsaw...For this list, we'll be looking at the gnarliest, most violent demises in this gore-ific horror franchise. Obviously, major spoilers ahead. Our countdown includes scenes from "Saw 3D", "Spiral", "Saw II" and more!
Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Brutal Deaths in the Saw Movies. For this list, we’ll be looking at the gnarliest, most violent demises in this gore-ific horror franchise. Obviously, major spoilers ahead. Which “Saw” death forced you to look away and made your stomach queasy? Share with us in the comments below!

#10: Michael Marks

“Saw II” (2005)
The “Saw” franchise knows how to start strong, giving audiences a nasty taste of gore before the plot reveals itself. “Saw II” has one of the best openers in the series. Poor Michael awakens like many others in a dark room. Jigsaw’s video tells him he must retrieve a key from behind his own eye. If he doesn’t do it quickly enough, the Venus flytrap-like device around his neck will activate. Having to cut into your own eye has to be one of the most difficult, painful instructions to follow. Unfortunately for Michael, he doesn’t make it. As he screams for help, the two halves of the spiked mask close, silencing him for good.

#9: Nina

“Saw 3D” (2010)
This one makes our throats ache just thinking about it. Bobby Dagen is a fraud getting rich from a book he wrote about surviving one of Jigsaw’s traps. Part of “Saw 3D” follows him in a house full of actual traps as he attempts to save those who helped him get famous. One such person is his publicist, Nina. Nina is strapped to a chair, and the key that can free her is tied to a string leading down her throat… along with a fish hook. Bobby has 60 seconds to yank the key out, but the more Nina screams, the closer four metal spikes move towards her throat. Needless to say, the hook makes Nina scream quite a bit, and she doesn’t make it.

#8: Brad Halloran

“Jigsaw” (2017)
With a seven-year break after “Saw 3D,” the series came back strong, at least in the gory kills department, with “Jigsaw.” One of its most brutal took place at the very end. Detective Brad Halloran, having frequently released criminals for his own gain, found himself chasing the ghost of John Kramer 10 years after his death. By the end, he was at the mercy of Jigsaw’s secret apprentice, Logan Nelson. Coupled with Logan’s plot twist was a trap more technologically advanced than most others in the series: a collar with several lasers pointing upwards. With a push of the button, the lasers lowered and sliced through his head, turning it into one seriously disturbing flower of gore and viscera.

#7: Angie Garza

“Spiral” (2021)
This “Saw” spinoff follows a Jigsaw copycat killer and the police force attempting to stop them. Leading the force is Captain Angie Garza. Although, being on this list, her position clearly doesn’t keep her safe. Garza is kidnapped at one point and made to play the copycat’s game. Accusing her of covering up police corruption, the copycat straps her to a table with a blade directly below her neck. Angie must cut through her spinal cord to stop hot wax from covering her face. Despite her best, painful efforts, Angie is unsuccessful. It’s a savage demise to be sure, made worse by the fact that Detective Zeke Banks was mere moments too late to rescue her.

#6: Mitch

“Jigsaw” (2017)
Most victims of Jigsaw have wronged other people. But Mitch was a special case in that his actions led to the death of someone Jigsaw cared for. Upon waking in a trap-filled barn, Mitch confesses to having sold a motorcycle to a guy who then got into a fatal accident. What you don’t find out until later is that this was Jigsaw’s nephew and that Mitch knew it had faulty brakes. For his punishment, Mitch is lowered upside down into a funnel surrounded by burning hot coils, which are spun via the same motorcycle. Despite Anna’s best efforts to rescue him, and Mitch being close to the break handle that would save him, Mitch is mutilated and turned into a mushy mess.

#5: Eric Matthews

“Saw IV” (2007)
It seemed by the end of “Saw II,” corrupt Detective Eric Matthews was left for dead by Jigsaw. But that wasn’t the case. In actuality, he nearly escaped by breaking his own foot and was kept alive to be used as a piece in another twisted game. In “Saw IV,” Officer Daniel Rigg followed tests in order to rescue Matthews. While Rigg did find him, it was the very act of opening a door to him that sealed his fate. It caused two massive blocks of ice to come slamming down. At least this gnarly display isn’t drawn out. His confinement and the fact that he very nearly survived Jigsaw twice make it especially hurtful.

#4: Peter Strahm

“Saw V” (2008)
For FBI Agent Peter Strahm, it’s both the nature of his death and how easily it could’ve been avoided that make it brutal. On the trail of Detective Mark Hoffman, another of Jigsaw’s apprentices, Strahm follows him to a derelict house and finds a tape player. It instructs him to climb inside a glass box. Thinking he’s making the smart decision, Strahm attacks Hoffman before finishing the tape and places him inside instead. If he had finished listening first, he would’ve found out that entering the box was the only way to avoid the trap. The walls then began closing in with no way to stop them, crushing Strahm while Hoffman watched from safety. The bone-crunching sound effects are absolutely disgusting.

#3: Jill Tuck

“Saw 3D” (2010)
Ever since being teased in the original “Saw,” fans were dying to see what the Reverse Bear Trap could do. And they finally got to see the results in all their gory glory in “Saw 3D.” Part of this seventh entry chronicles Jigsaw’s ex-wife, Jill Tuck, working to get Detective Hoffman arrested for his crimes. Unfortunately for Jill, Hoffman gets to her before this can happen. As was the case with many victims before her, Jill awoke strapped to a chair with her life about to end. The trap opened her jaw in gruesome fashion, making nauseating use of this entry’s 3D. Hoffman would finally get what was coming to him shortly after, but he went out with a bang.

#2: Timothy Young

“Saw III” (2006)
The main focus of “Saw III” is Jeff Denlon, a man whose son was killed by a drunk driver. He makes his way through trap rooms, either choosing to save or condemn those who played a part in his son’s death. Naturally, the most grisly death is saved for the driver. Jeff comes across Timothy Young in a rack of sorts, with all four appendages and his neck trapped in twisting mechanisms. As the clock winds down, each mechanism twists and breaks whatever it’s attached too. Despite Jeff deciding to forgive Timothy, he can’t save him. The slow, one-by-one nature of the trap is agonizing, with the actor’s screams really selling it and the sound design being more gag-inducing than even Strahm’s death.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Ashley, “Saw V” (2008)

You Lose More Heads That Way

Dina, “Saw 3D” (2010)

A Ghastly Public Execution

Obi Tate, “Saw II” (2005)

Being Burned Alive Is Never a Good Way to Go

Allison Kerry, “Saw III” (2006)

The Angel Trap Exposes Her Organs

Seth Baxter, “Saw V” (2008)

Victim of the Unsolvable Pendulum Trap

#1: William Easton

“Saw VI” (2009)
The sixth installment didn’t do as well at the box office as most other entries, but that doesn’t mean it was without nasty deaths. Most of the movie follows William Easton, an executive of a health insurance company known for denying those in need, including John Kramer. Working his way through a trap-laden building, William tries to save his fellow victims and underlings. He makes it through the entire ordeal only to have his life placed in the hands of family members of someone he denied medical coverage. A vengeful son flips a switch, bringing a bed of hydrofluoric acid-filled needles down on William and melting him from the inside out. It’s revolting and savagely violent, all the good things “Saw” is made of.