Top 10 Times Rick and Morty Roasted Celebs
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Top 10 Times Rick and Morty Roasted Celebs

VOICE OVER: Callum Janes WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
No one is safe from a good roast! For this list, we'll be going over the occasions when the adult animated series “Rick and Morty” mocked or parodied famous people. Since some of these jokes and references involve plot elements, there will be spoilers. Our countdown includes Elvis Presley, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and more!
Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 times “Rick and Morty” roasted celebs. For this list, we’ll be going over the occasions when the adult animated series “Rick and Morty” mocked or parodied famous people. Since some of these jokes and references involve plot elements, there will be spoilers. If there’s a celebrity Rick slammed that we forgot, please try not to roast us too hard in the comments.

#10: Elvis Presley

“Pickle Rick”

Rick’s infamous stint as a living, pickled cucumber may feature a surprising amount of action, but it begins quite inauspiciously. After turning himself into a pickle to get out of going to therapy, Rick quickly finds himself in quite a bit of trouble. First, a cat mistakes him for a snake and knocks him into the driveway. There, Rick begins to roast under the hot sun. Rick laments his situation and calls it the mega-genius version of a death on the toilet. This alludes to the death of Elvis Presley. The king of Rock ‘n Roll was found in his Graceland mansion bathroom, apparently after falling off the commode. We’d argue that death as a pickle would be more embarrassing though.

#9: Mitch McConnell

“The Vat of Acid Episode”

When Morty uses reverse psychology to get Rick to build him a do-over device like from a video game, he uses it to do things without consequences. Unfortunately for him, they all catch up with him. Morty has merely been moving through different realities. Rick merges the realities and Morty finds an angry mob demanding his blood. Among the protesters outside, one man is holding a sign that says “Moscow Morty.” This is in reference to United States Senator Mitch McConnell. McConnell’s nickname “Moscow Mitch,” was earned through his apparent favorability towards Russian oligarchs. Makes you wonder what Morty did to earn the nickname…

#8: David Lynch

“One Crew Over the Crewcoo's Morty”

This entire episode is about Rick’s distaste for the heist genre, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take shots at others in the process. Once Rick’s heisting robot decides to achieve ever larger and more elaborate heists, Rick decides that the only way to counter its inevitable reveal that everything was a part of its plan is through randomness. To that end, he creates another robot whose projections are based on David Lynch movies. Lynch’s films are noted for their surreal, bizarre imagery and plots. Rick also claims he pretended to like them to shut up his friends. Still, “Rick and Morty” could give even Lynch a run for his money with how strange its plots get. Maybe.

#7: Joe Biden

“Rick & Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular”

Rick Sanchez and President Obam-…uh…Curtis…have a love/hate relationship. After Rick and Morty’s latest adventure sends the Statue of Liberty on a rampage, the two of them engage in a tense standoff. Rick decides to turn himself into a turkey to get the traditional Thanksgiving turkey pardon, but Curtis is ahead of him for once and they both have plans within plans. When Curtis’ Vice-President makes a sassy remark, Curtis tells him to be careful, as he only needs him for 10% of the white vote. This is an oblique reference to Barack Obama’s choice of Joe Biden as his vice president reportedly drawing a similar number of Caucasian American voters to Obama’s side.

#6: Ron Howard

“The Old Man and the Seat”

Even something as simple as sitting around the table quickly turns weird in “Rick and Morty.” Rick’s intern being obsessed with app development proves dangerous for Earth, but Rick tells the family he’ll be going on a “Solo” adventure, not directed by Ron Howard. This is a reference to “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” whose notoriously troubled production saw director Ron Howard brought in to complete the movie after its previous directors were fired. Rick’s own “adventure” is largely about poop, and a certain section of “Star Wars” fans would probably make the comparison between it and“Solo”/Ron Howard’s contributions to it.

#5: Franklin Delano Roosevelt

“Rick & Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular”

President Curtis provides plenty of opportunities for the show to lampoon American politicians, but this is one of the weirdest examples. After going forward with the aforementioned turkey plan, Rick, Morty, and Curtis all end up as poultry. Along with the unpardoned turkeys, they’re dropped into an underground lair beneath the White House where a humanoid spider hybrid lives – former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Spider FDR terrorizes the trio until Rick and Morty change back and give him one last ”fireside chat.” His time onscreen is brief but it’s packed with jokes and references to his presidency, as well as criticism of how mythologized he’s become in American politics.

#4: Donald Trump

“The Ricklantis Mixup”

One of the more subtle parodies on “Rick and Morty” occurs in one of its craziest episodes. Interspersed among various vignettes on the Citadel of Ricks, we follow elections for its first democratically elected leader. The Morty candidate, later revealed as Evil Morty, is considered incredibly unlikely to win by pundits. However, his populist message and anti-establishment position makes him surprisingly popular. He also fires his campaign manager. And if you think the comparison is inaccurate, “Rick and Morty” also made another Trump joke that may be a fitting response for you: “Fake news.”

#3: O.J. Simpson

“Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind”

When Rick and Morty first encounter the Council of Ricks in the show, they’re nearly arrested after they’re framed for the killing of several other Ricks and Mortys in other realities. While the real culprits capture them, the Council’s soldiers occupy their house and wait for a phone call (while pranking Jerry). But when Rick and Morty end up escaping with help from some Mortys, Rick gives the other Ricks a call. His rhetorical question about the difference between himself and OJ plays on the ex-football player’s widely suspected guilt in the murder of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, despite being acquitted. Granted, Rick’s not guilty of those murders, but his hands are far from clean!

#2: Mark Zuckerberg

“Something Ricked This Way Comes”

When Summer starts working for Mr. Needful, a.k.a. the Devil, Rick doesn’t take it well. After ruining the Prince of Darkness’s business plan, Summer helps him turn his store around to become a dot com, which is soon bought out. As tempted as we were to discuss how much like Steve Jobs he dresses, it’s what he does to Summer that makes our list. Just when the company becomes successful, Mr. Needful cuts Summer out, despite all the help she gave him. Summer calls him out for “Zuckerberging” her, calling the Facebook founder out for infamously cutting several of his early partners out of the company after it found success. They turned him into a verb! Ouch! It’s almost as bad as that beatdown!

#1: John F. Kennedy

“The Rickchurian Mortydate”

As we’ve seen, President Curtis is often a vehicle for roasting American presidents. When he asks Rick and Morty for a favor in the season 3 finale, the show takes these insults to another level. An alien creature has found its way into tunnels under the White House, which Curtis refers to as the “Kennedy Sex Tunnels.” John F. Kennedy was famous for his promiscuity (he definitely got with Marilyn Monroe, right?). Curtis goes on to list several other former presidents’ shameful secrets beneath the White House, some of which we see later in the episode. These include Harry S. Truman’s cocaine lounge , William McKinley’s hooker dump, and Abraham Lincoln’s slave colosseum. “He didn’t free them all.” Oof – glad we don’t see that last one.