EVERY Upcoming Assassin's Creed Release To Get Excited About
Trivia EVERY Upcoming Assassin's Creed Release To Get Excited About



EVERY Upcoming Assassin's Creed Release To Get Excited About

VOICE OVER: Aaron Brown WRITTEN BY: Caitlin Johnson
Assassin's Creed fans have a lot to look forward to! For this video, we're lookin at every upcoming AC release across all media. Our list includes “Codename Invictus” (TBA), “Codename Jade” (TBA), “Codename Hexe” (TBA), “Codename Red” (TBA), “Assassin's Creed Mirage” (2023) and more!

Every Upcoming Assassin’s Creed Game to Get Excited About

Welcome to MojoPlays! Today, we’re looking at every upcoming “Assassin’s Creed” game and property to get excited about. “AC” fans have a lot to look forward to.

15th Anniversary

Though this video will primarily focus on games, we’re going to start by looking at some of the non-gaming entries set to reach the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise in the future. Ubisoft is deep in the celebrations of the franchise’s 15th anniversary, launching a new line of tie-in merchandise so that people can rep their favorite game and Assassin. Among the various new items of clothing, there are some items for the more discerning collectors, including an all-new statue of Amunet modeled on her in-game statue in the Auditore Villa’s sanctuary; a new artbook detailing the making of every game in the series; and even a set of golden LPs with some of the best parts of the soundtrack. There’s also a live-action Netflix show on the horizon, only the second time they’ve tried to make a live-action “AC” narrative after the disastrous movie.

“The Last Chapter” (2022)

Though “Valhalla” has perhaps been a more divisive entry in the series, thanks in no small part to its monumental length, it’s finally set to conclude in one last piece of DLC. Should you have needed to buy and play multiple, gigantic DLCs to actually get to the end of Eivor’s story? Perhaps not, but we’re sure the game’s many fans won’t dismiss the opportunity for even more Viking action. Aptly named “The Last Chapter” and set to land before the end of 2022, we’re going to see Eivor tie up loose ends and set sail once again. Presumably, this is going to show us how Eivor eventually ended up in Vinland, which is where their body is found by the present-day Assassins. If the game DOES add a brand-new map to tackle the Viking landings in North America, it’ll be the earliest the series has gone to the continent yet.

“Codename Invictus” (TBA)

“Assassin’s Creed” has an interesting relationship with multiplayer. It first properly debuted in “Brotherhood” and for all its jank and strangeness, it’s remained beloved by the series’ oldest fans. It’s toyed with multiplayer since with the co-op missions in “Unity” and various live service elements that have wormed their way into “Odyssey” and “Valhalla”, but “Codename Invictus” is set to be a full, standalone multiplayer release. Like many of the future games, it’s going to be a part of “AC Infinity”, and will see various past Assassins return. We’re not sure if you’ll HAVE to play as a past Assassin or if you can make your own, and perhaps past Assassins will be NPCs or mission-givers, but we’re interested to see what happens nonetheless. If it’s anywhere near as fun and chaotic as “Brotherhood’s” online mode, the fans will be sure to love it in spite of any flaws it may have.

“Codename Jade” (TBA)

It looks like the fans aren’t sure what to make of “Codename Jade” so far. This mobile-only game is set to go to Ancient China, only the second game set in China in the series’ history following “Assassin’s Creed Chronicles”. While it seems a little odd, it’s not Ubisoft’s first attempt at scaling down the series, though “Jade” IS going to be fully open-world. Again, we already had “Chronicles”, though those games were designed for consoles. There was also “Altaïr’s Chronicles” on the DS and, most notably, “Liberation” on PS Vita. It also makes sense considering that in China, mobile gaming is massive, so it is a great option if Ubisoft wants to court Chinese gamers. Cell Phones have come a long way and we hope “Jade” will be able to make the series work on a smaller platform. Plus, you’ll get to make your own Assassin.

“Codename Hexe” (TBA)

Even weirder than “Jade”, “Hexe” is shaping up to be the most mysterious “Assassin’s Creed” game we’ve seen so far. Ubisoft devs have said it’s going to be like nothing else in the franchise, which has led to popular speculation that it’s going to be a horror game. Whether we’ll still be free-running around and exploring just in a horror setting remains to be seen, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see Ubisoft revamp the gameplay. Current theories about the setting focus on the word, “Hexe”, German for “witch”, and theorize that it’s going to be set in 17th century Germany during any of the many, huge witch trials, where hundreds of people were burned at the stake. We do hope that Ubisoft won’t put us in the shoes of somebody whose job is to hunt down accused witches, though.

“Codename Red” (TBA)

Finally, Ubisoft is going to give the fans something they’ve been asking for for years – and no, it’s not a 4K remaster of “Black Flag”, unfortunately. “Codename Red” is the yet-untitled mainline game set in feudal Japan, which we so far only have one promotional image for. It’s looking like “Red” will be the launch title for “AC Infinity”, the “platform” Ubisoft is pivoting towards. We still don’t know the detail of how “Infinity” will work – whether we’ll pay for each new release like a big expansion, whether it’ll be a rolling subscription, or whether it’ll still command a high, upfront cost – but this is a sure-fire way to get people interested enough to try it. But people are skeptical, too, of whether “Red” will be able to out-do its closest competitor, “Ghost of Tsushima”, as it takes on the same setting. We’re still glad to see Japan finally get its “Assassin’s Creed” due, however.

“Assassin’s Creed Mirage” (2023)

The final part of Ubisoft’s mammoth 15th anniversary event is the impending release of “Assassin’s Creed Mirage”, a heartfelt tribute to the game that started it all. Ubisoft is using everything it has learnt over the last fifteen years since the first game launched to reimagine the franchise’s roots. It’s a single-player prequel focused on Basim, a main character in “Valhalla”, as he joins the Hidden Ones and undergoes his training in 9th century Baghdad. This is a little earlier than the 12th century setting of the first game, not to mention that Baghdad technically isn’t the Holy Land because it’s too far east, but it’s a worthy homage to the atmosphere the original game had. We’re going to see the Islamic Golden Age with ninth-gen technology at its disposal, in what might be the densest, liveliest city ever seen in the series. There’s no release date yet, however, other than the 2023 window.

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