Top 20 South Park Villains



Top 20 South Park Villains

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Matt Klem
"South Park" has had some pretty despicable villains over the years. For this list, we'll be looking at the best of the worst villains to ever come through the town of “South Park.” We'll be including both recurring characters, and one-offs. This entails a few spoilers. Our countdown includes PC Principal, the Super Adventure Club, ManBearPig, Mickey Mouse, and more!
"South Park" has had some pretty despicable villains over the years. For this list, we’ll be looking at the best of the worst villains to ever come through the town of “South Park.” We’ll be including both recurring characters, and one-offs. This entails a few spoilers. Our countdown includes PC Principal, the Super Adventure Club, ManBearPig, Mickey Mouse, and more! Who’s your favorite “South Park” baddie? Let us know in the comments.

#20: Cthulhu

It all started when the oil company BP accidentally opened up a rift to another dimension and released the mythical creature known as Cthulhu. Able to cause enough destruction on his own, Cartman takes advantage of the situation to exact revenge on the other boys who went off and formed their own superhero club. Having now been charmed, Cthulhu does Eric’s bidding and goes on a violent rampage, destroying San Francisco and the Burning Man festival, among other things. Similar to a certain mecha we may see later, Cthulhu is one of the larger adversaries on this list and one of the most powerful the town has ever dealt with.

#19: The Super Adventure Club

No matter how you choose to interpret Isaac Hayes’ departure from “South Park,” there’s no mistaking who the show is mocking in this Season 10 opener. With Chef returning to the town, his personality seems completely off, and the boys point their aim at Chef’s new friends at the “Super Adventure Club.” This group engages in highly illicit and questionable activities to which Chef has seemingly been entranced by. As the boys try to fight them off, Chef ends up in the crossfire and dies. On the surface, it seems like a silly club, but when you look at what went on behind the scenes, it’s clearly mocking Scientology, for which many believe was what caused Hayes to quit the show.

#18: The 6th-Graders

This group of older kids has been around since the early seasons of “South Park,” but have only had a few notable encounters. Forever seeing our four favorite boys as a target for teenage antics, their most memorable episode came out of Season 6’s "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers." It’s here we see the group relentlessly pursuing the boys in an attempt to acquire an explicit videotape. Far tamer than others on this list, they’re a classic rendition of the schoolyard meanies who love picking on the younger kids. Always led by the same angry boy, they even made several appearances in the “South Park” video games.

#17: Linda & Stephen Stotch

For a kid as naive and sweet as Butters, it’s hard to fathom how he could come from parents like Linda and Stephen. Although they claim to love their son dearly, you’d bet otherwise given how badly they have treated him over the years. Most notably, Stephen takes to grounding his son for countless activities that are either not Butters’ fault, or are so mundane they could easily be forgotten. Linda may be the more passive of the two, but her insistence on submitting to Stephen’s whims makes her just as guilty. Whether they’re trying to sell Butters to Paris Hilton, or simply picking on him, these are likely the worst parents in “South Park.” At least Stephen gets it from his mom. What’s Linda’s excuse?

#16: Trent Boyett

How would you feel if someone you had wronged years ago finally resurfaced in your life? For Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny, that came to fruition when Trent Boyett was released from juvie. Having caused a fire and injuring a teacher during their pre-school days, Trent is blamed for the entire incident and is now back for revenge. Upon his return, Butters is Boyett’s first victim, sending a chilling message to the boys. Ironically, they are all so scared of him they enlist help from the aforementioned 6th-Graders. But even they succumb to Boyett’s wrath when they get in the way of his revenge.

#15: Barbra Streisand

Given the show’s creators distaste for the famed singer, it’s no surprise she’s been portrayed as one of the most evil people to ever appear in “South Park.” Introduced in the very first season, Streisand’s appearances have been limited, but all have shown her as a giant Godzilla-like monster known as Mecha-Streisand. In her mech form, she terrorized the town, destroying much of it during both her original visit, and her return with Tom Cruise in Season 14. Her attacks even took out recurring character Pip Pirrip. Thankfully, various versions of Neil Diamond have been able to pacify her.

#14: Crab People

At the height of it’s popularity, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” found it’s way into the lives of “South Park” citizens. However, as it turns out, the stars of the reality show were actually the now famed crab people. Forever chanting their mantra, “Crab people. Crab people. Taste like crab. Talk like people”, their plan was simple: turn all men metrosexual so they could take over the world. Arguably one of the most obscure entries on this list, they’ve since been blamed for the flood in Beaverton, and have even appeared multiple times in the “South Park” video games. For villains that even the creators thought were ridiculous, they’ve managed to stick around longer than anyone ever guessed they would.

#13: Steve Jobs

The co-founder of Apple became one of the more disturbing villains on this list back in Season 15. All he wanted to do was to build something that would make people read. When Kyle fails to read the new iTunes terms and conditions, he inadvertently becomes a volunteer for Apple’s new “HUMANCENTiPAD” project. Jobs becomes the antagonist by suggesting that sewing three human beings and a tablet together is how best to revolutionize our world. Leave it to “South Park” to take one of the world’s greatest innovators and turn him into something far more creepy.

#12: Mickey Mouse

He may be the beloved innocent face of Disney, but in “South Park,” he couldn’t be farther from his Mouse House persona. Introduced to fans in Season 13’s “The Ring,” we meet a Mickey Mouse who is a tyrannical boss that uses fear and violence to keep his employees in line. We’ve seen him attack the Jonas Brothers and members of the Marvel and “Star Wars” franchises. He was also partially responsible for the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, within the “South Park” universe anyway. We love how the show has spun such a wholesome character in a completely unexpected way. Don’t mess with Mickey, ha ha.

#11: Steven Spielberg & George Lucas

When George Lucas went back and updated his original “Star Wars” films, Steven Spielberg did a similar thing to “E.T.” in an attempt to make it more politically correct. “South Park” spun the “updated” versions as an atrocity to great art by depicting both filmmakers as hostile towards their fan base. It was made even worse in Season 12 where both are pursued for lewd acts against characters from several franchises including “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars.” Not only are they disturbed, they’re also portrayed as being completely oblivious to what their real fans want.

#10: Saddam Hussein

What is there to say about this famous Iraqi dictator that you probably don’t already know. He impersonated the Prime Minister of Canada, and tried to take over their country as well. Yet, even all of that pales in comparison to his antics with Satan as seen in the movie, “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.” It’s here we saw the most evil version of Saddam. Clearly using Satan for his power, Saddam is fixated on both his perverse desires, and his need for world domination. Thankfully, both Cartman and Satan himself finally have the last laugh. Only time will tell if we see Saddam again.

#9: ManBearPig

Al Gore warned everyone about him, but no one would take him cereal. Described as half-man, half-bear, and half-pig, this deadly beast was the show’s allegory for climate change. First appearing in Season 10, the creature was thought to have been long gone, but resurfaced several years later. Tearing through the town, destroying countless buildings, including a Red Lobster and a Baskin-Robbins, the threat from this tri-formed mutant is very real. Now if only the citizens of South Park would take the threat seriously, they might stand a chance in surviving against him.

#8: Mark Zuckerberg

It’s awfully hard to get your superhero franchise off the ground when there’s so much fake news about you out there. Blame it all on Mark Zuckerberg, or at least, that’s what the town of South Park did. When the Facebook founder shows up in town, he’s far less than helpful to the citizens. Instead, he spouts off gibberish nonsense, all while blasting pretend bolts of energy from his hands. As a villain, he’s more annoying than anything. He may not actually hurt anyone, but we’d get pretty irritated too if some random person was in our house eating our food.

#7: Tom Cruise

Perhaps one of the most infamous episodes of “South Park” came from the Season 9 outing, “Trapped in the Closet.” Poking fun at Scientology, the clever double entendre around Cruise locking himself in an actual closet pits him against the Marsh family and other Scientology patrons. What makes him a great villain is how both the fictional and real-world Cruise intersect here. In-show, he hates the town for how they have made him look foolish. Whereas in the real world, he supposedly threatened action against the show due to their depiction of his religion.

#6: Scott Tenorman

As evil as Cartman can be, it wasn’t until we saw his first encounter with Scott Tenorman that we realized the depth of Cartman’s neurosis. Scott is a high school kid who decided to pick a fight with Eric. Relentlessly mocking and deriding Cartman, Scott is the epitome of being a jerk. But even mean people don’t deserve what Cartman did to him. It’s no wonder Scott resurfaced later to exact his revenge in the most epic way possible. Given the sadistic nature of both Scott Tenorman, and his half-brother Eric Cartman, maybe there is a genetic component to their sinister ideals.

#5: President Garrison

This resident of South Park has said and done some questionable things over the years. But arguably the worst was as President of the United States. During both the campaign run and presidency, Garrison killed the Canadian President, suggested individuals of several ethnic backgrounds be eliminated, stopped the COVID-19 vaccine from being created, and even launched nuclear weapons on Toronto. Forever obsessed with approval numbers and public opinion, President Garrison is the kind of enemy that terrifies everyone for all the wrong reasons. However, what makes President Garrison even more scary is how much of the character during this time was based on a real-world politician.

#4: Mel Gibson

This famous “Lethal Weapon” star found his way onto this list through the very memorable episode, "The Passion of the Jew." Stan and Kenny are adamant about getting a refund after seeing Gibson’s depiction of Jesus Christ on screen. When they find him in Los Angeles, Gibson is an absolute nutcase. Obsessed with being physically harmed, audiences are treated to a live-action head pasted onto an animated body that attacks the boys citing quotes from various Gibson movies. He even goes as far as to wear the William Wallace makeup from “Braveheart” while chasing the boys. It’s one of the most bizarre depictions of an actor ever seen on this show, and that says a lot.

#3: PC Principal

When a character has a rap sheet that includes the likes of assault, hazing, and mistreatment of others, it’s hard to fathom how he got the job as principal. Yet, Peter Charles, aka PC Principal, finds himself wandering the halls of South Park Elementary School. It’s here we consistently see him verbally harassing students for their non-politically correct behavior. He’s even gone as far as to beat up Cartman in the bathroom when Eric tries to blackmail him. Although he’s mellowed a bit, PC Principal stands as a perfect example of wokeism having been taken to the extreme. We all should try to be more sensitive, but Charles here should learn to dial it down a little.

#2: Woodland Critters

The inception of these horrific creatures came purely out of desperation. From what the creators thought was a terrible idea conceived at the last minute, became a huge hit with fans. Poking fun at various family-oriented Christmas specials, Stan spots these cute and cuddly creatures in the woods and mistakenly takes them for being harmless. Instead, he discovers they’re murderous, Satan-worshipping minions who want to revive their savior as the “Anti-Christ.” Don’t let their appearance fool you. Given the right moment, they’d be willing to take anyone down for their own bidding. Others on this list may have been mean, but these little folks are some of the nastiest enemies to ever be seen in “South Park.”

#1: Eric Cartman

Just because he’s one of the main characters on this show, doesn’t mean he’s not the worst one of them all. Over the 20+ years he’s been on screen, Eric has committed more terrible acts of violence and racism than perhaps any character ever portrayed on television. We’ve had several lists discussing Cartman’s terrible acts of hatred towards his friends, family, and even complete strangers. He holds nothing back for anyone, and arguably never has a sincere moment of regret. It’s this complete and total lack of empathy for the world around him that makes him the perfect villain for our #1.