The 10 BEST Easter Eggs In Multiversus

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Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we're taking a look at 10 Easter Eggs in “MultiVersus”! The newest platform fighter has been exploding lately, and with all of these characters from film, television, and comics duking it out, there was bound to be an assortment of references to be made. Our list includes Batman v. Superman, Scooby's Haunted House, A Mysterious Power Scan, Praising Harley, A Giant Moveset and more!
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10 Best Easter Eggs in MultiVersus

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we’re taking a look at 10 Easter Eggs in “MultiVersus”!

The newest platform fighter has been exploding lately, and with all of these characters from film, television, and comics duking it out, there was bound to be an assortment of references to be made. Which of these Easter Eggs was your favorite? Were there any cool ones we might have missed? Share with us in the comments below.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of a Better Story

Just from noticing how many DC characters there are on the initial roster, comic book fans are probably gushing about the possible references that could be made in future updates. For now, though, let’s focus on a basic rivalry between friends - Batman and Superman. Both characters have entrance lines and respawn lines that reference the past times they’ve fought. Most of them will joke about Batman using Kryptonite to win, but the best of them is Batman’s entrance when he says “You versus me again, Clark? Haven’t we done this enough before?”

A Mysterious Power Scan

The last thing we expected to come from “MultiVersus” is internet memes, more specifically, “Dragon Ball” memes. A mistake on our part, considering Shaggy can kick butt with his “ultra instinct” powers. When fighting against Shaggy, Batman will say the line, “The level of my power scanner…it’s impossible!” This is a reference to the famous “over nine thousand” scene from “Dragon Ball Z” when Vegeta uses a scouter on Goku. The only thing it’s missing is a season’s worth of broken scouters.

They Go WAAAYYY Back

Batman isn’t the only one to spout a reference when facing Shaggy. When fighting the Dark Knight, Shaggy will freak out and say, “Dude! Batman! We’re friends, remember??” And he’s right! Batman has teamed up with Shaggy, Velma, and the rest of Mystery Inc. in a handful of shows, and just about every time, they involve some of the Caped Crusader’s most notorious foes. That said, if you haven’t seen “The New Scooby-Doo Movies”, “Scooby-Doo! Team-Up!”, “Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?”, or the crossover episode from “Batman: The Brave & the Bold”, well, you got some catching up to do.

Whazzat in the Background?

Okay, last time we talked about Batman (sort of), but this is a big one. A couple of stages feature some homages to the IPs they’re based on, and the Batcomputer is one of the big two. Look to the sides of the Batcomputer itself and you’ll see a T. Rex statue and a giant penny. These two have long served as pieces of forgotten, yet completely ridiculous moments in Bat-history: the villain known as the Penny Plunderer, and the time Batman journeyed to a place called Dinosaur Island. With only a few minor exceptions, neither have been more than set pieces across various iterations of the Batcave. But what’s that? Does the computer tease a super obvious villain coming to “MultiVersus” in the future? Only time will tell.

Scooby’s Haunted House of Infamy

For as much as some of us loathe Scooby’s Haunted Mansion (seriously, this stage is awful), we’d still like to take a quick look at it for the Scooby fans. Some of the most notable pieces of this stage are the various crooked pictures on the wall above the fireplace, each one depicting some of Scooby’s spookiest criminals including Redbeard, Captain Cutler, and Mr. Hyde. Even the knights on the sides are modeled after the very first villain, the Black Knight! Speaking of villains, when charged, Velma’s down special will have her call the cops and tell them one of her opponents is Old Man Jenkins, whose picture you’ll see as the move happens.

Remember What Jake Said!

This one is a bit more subtle than the rest, but hardcore “Adventure Time” fans probably got the joke quick. In the episode “Burning Low”, Jake gives Finn a brief lecture about the many tiers in dating. While Jake briefly touches upon a few of the tiers, things take an unexpected turn when Finn asks about Tier Fifteen. It just so happens that Tier 15 of the battle pass in “MultiVersus” is a free reward for Pajama Finn and a premium reward for Jake, giving us the ability to play as Cake. You know this was done on purpose, though.

Where Have I Felt That Sweep Before?

“MultiVersus” features a wealth of clever touches to the various Warner Bros characters, and developer Player First Games are clearly fans of the many properties as we’ve seen so far. DC characters are no exception either, and Wonder Woman has one of the best references incorporated into her moveset. If her regular side combo looks familiar, you might recall an eerily similar combo in the 2017 “Wonder Woman” movie. It’s not a hundred percent accurate, but it’s enough to say it’s an Easter Egg.

Praising Harley

Harley received the same amount of loving treatment in her moveset, and as creative as her animations can get, that’s not why she’s here. No, Harley has clearly been playing a ton of video games, and one specific community of gamers knows what we’re talking about. Harley’s default taunt shows her praising the sun much like many players have in the “Dark Souls” games. Really, it’s the perfect way to celebrate after smacking someone into the ceiling.

The Best Line Spoken By Tom

Tom and Jerry have not been toons of many words, but there is one noise Tom makes that turns everything into a joke. Every once in a while, when Tom is KO’d, you’ll hear him make his familiar, ear-piercing scream. This is the same exact scream that’s been used across the cartoons, movies, and even video games. Oh, and if you launch Jerry off the stage, you will hear a faint falling noise.

A Giant Moveset of References

Honestly, the Iron Giant is the best character in the game in terms of how much passion was put into his animations and moveset. Just about every Special move in the Iron Giant’s arsenal is a reference to the movie. His down Special has him doing a cannonball onto the stage like in the scene where Hogarth swims in the lake. His up Special sees him spinning a junk car around much like when he’s letting Hogarth pretend to be a spaceman. And the obvious one, his “Protect Friends” mode, allows you to unleash his war machine powers and decimate opponents with a volley of projectiles. Your ally can even pilot a turret inside, too! And just to wrap it all up in a pretty, metallic bow, his up air Regular attack lets him uppercut opponents while striking a pose like Superman. Remember, folks - you are who you choose to be, and in this case, he isn’t a broken character for trolls and lols. He is… “Supermaaaaannnnn…”

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