Top 10 Things to Remember Before Seeing Thor Love and Thunder



Top 10 Things to Remember Before Seeing Thor Love and Thunder

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It's time to brush up on your Thor-related MCU history. For this list, we'll be looking at the most crucial story beats and behind-the-scenes facts that fans should keep in mind when watching this Asgardian adventure. Our countdown includes James Gunn Helped Direct the Guardians, Hercules Could Go the Distance in the MCU, Test Audiences Love Bale's Gorr, and more!

Top 10 Things to Remember Before Seeing “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 things to remember before seeing ”Thor Love and Thunder”.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most crucial story beats and behind-the-scenes facts that fans should keep in mind when watching this Asgardian adventure. Since we’ll be talking about events of other Marvel films, beware of spoilers ahead.

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#10: All is Not Well in New Asgard

It seemed like it would be smooth sailing for the residents of New Asgard after Valkyrie was named as their new ruler. However, there are hints that she may have hit a bump or two in the road. During “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, a blink and you’ll miss it news ticker hints that there is “political turmoil” in Asgard. Is another person trying to wrench power away from Valkyrie? Or is the extremely skilled warrior just having trouble getting used to the nuances of politics? Either way, the residents of New Asgard might see yet another political upheaval in their new home before “Love and Thunder” ends.

#9: James Gunn Helped Direct the Guardians

Fans are looking forward to seeing the Galaxy’s misfit superhero team reunite with the god of thunder during the electrifying film. Although they might not all hang out together in the movie for a long time, a fair amount of thought has been put into where the characters are going next. According to behind-the-scenes reports, “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn talked to “Love and Thunder” director Taika Waititi about the team’s future while the script was being written. This means that their lines and actions may contain hints at the team’s goals and what their dynamic is now that they lost their Gamora. Any fans of the Guardians will definitely want to pay close attention to what they do in “Love and Thunder”.

#8: A “Black Panther” Deity Will Appear

The goddess Bast (bahsst / bawsst) is held in extremely high regard in Wakanda. After leading a warrior to become the first Black Panther, she became known as a deity who guides Wakandans in the afterlife. Audiences will finally get to meet this influential goddess in “Love and Thunder”. Bast will be played by Akosia Sabet (uh-KOH-SEE-uh ) in the upcoming film. Since the main villain Gorr is hunting gods, she’ll likely be in danger at some point. Hopefully, Bast is able to escape his clutches and team up with Thor. Her continued appearance in the MCU could help tie shows like “Moon Knight” further into the universe by further establishing the importance of Egyptian gods on Earth.

#7: A Hilarious Play Is Getting a Sequel

Back when the god of mischief was masquerading as Odin, he sponsored a memorable and gut-busting play called the Tragedy of Loki of Asgard. It featured Sam Neill as the all father, Chris Hemsworth’s real brother Luke as Thor and Matt Damon as the very dramatic frost giant. This play poked fun at the most serious aspects of the Asgardian franchise and featured some truly Tony-worthy acting. Fortunately for fans of this play, early reports confirmed that all three actors will return to presumably put on another show in “Love And Thunder”. Additionally, the hilarious Melissa McCarthy will join the MCU to play a funnier version of Hela. This Asgardian play is shaping up to be even better than “Rogers: The Musical.”

#6: There’s Still A Loki Out There

Shortly after Loki turned over a new leaf in the MCU, he was tragically slain by the mad titan right in front of his brother Thor’s eyes. Although the gruesome end seemed to be the end of the god of mischief’s time in the universe, his 2012 self found a way to escape his untimely fate. This time displaced Loki went on to embrace his heroic instincts to help the Time Variance Authority catch another version of himself. We somehow doubt that the TVA would be cool with Loki dropping into the timeline and saying hi to Thor. However, since the god of mischief doesn’t care about rules, there’s always a chance he’ll pop in to say a proper goodbye to his brother.

#5: Hercules Could Go the Distance in the MCU

Seeing Zeus in the “Love and Thunder” trailers implies that other mythological Greek characters could be around too. If so, this may be the MCU’s chance to bring in Hercules. This famously strong demigod actually has a long and rich history with Thor in Marvel comics. When the two first met, they naturally fought each other until Zeus broke up the fight. Although the pair of heroes would clash a few more times, they were always there to back each other up when it counted. It would be fantastic to see them face off in live-action when Thor travels to Olympus in “Love and Thunder”. And once their first battle is done, Hercules could officially join the roster of heroes in the MCU.

#4: Jane’s Journey

A chance encounter between Jane Foster and Thor kickstarted a truly cosmic romance and partnership. However, their relationship seemed to come to an end sometime between 2015 and the events of “Thor Ragnarok”. They weren’t able to reconcile after Asgard’s destruction because Jane was a victim of the Thanos snap. Now that she’s returned, she’s set to become the Mighty Thor. According to behind the scenes reports, Jane will wield Mjolnir while battling a serious illness. And speaking of the hammer, it seems like she’ll be using a reformed version of the weapon that Hela broke in Ragnarok. We’ll be looking forward to hearing what Jane’s been up to since 2015 and learning how long the worthy doctor has been wielding Mjolnir.

#3: Test Audiences Love Bale’s Gorr

Not only does Christian Bale’s Gorr look terrifying in the trailers, but the few lines we heard from him proved that he’s going to nail the character’s menacing personality. Reports from lucky audiences that saw the film early have already named him as one of the MCU’s best villains. Additionally, Taika Waititi mentioned in an interview that Gorr will also be one of the most sympathetic antagonists. We already know that Bale is very good at playing bad from his roles in movies like “American Psycho”. And the Gorr character traditionally suffers lots of tragedy because there were no gods to help him. Thanks to a rich backstory and fantastic casting, we’re confident everyone will embrace the villain as one of the best.

#2: Sif’s Return Might Get Dark

Despite being one of Thor’s closest friends on Asgard, Lady Sif was suspiciously absent from the events of “Ragnarok” and beyond. And although Jaimie Alexander played a fictional version of the character on “Loki”, the real warrior was still MIA. After years out of the spotlight, Sif is set to make a full MCU return in “Love and Thunder”. Although she avoided the destruction of Asgard and a surprise attack from Thanos, Gorr may have gotten to her. A dark comic panel showed Gorr tormenting an Asgardian that was thought to be lost. What if the reason she’s been away in the MCU is because Gorr captured her years ago? If that’s the case, we hope she teams up with Thor and gets revenge.

#1: This Probably Won’t Be Thor’s Last Adventure

Throughout phase 3 and 4, we’ve seen most of the original Avengers either die or pass on the torch to other heroes So, fans had a sneaking suspicion that Thor would either retire or expire in his fourth film. However, interviews and reports suggest that this won’t be the lord of thunder’s final outing. Hemsworth has also gone on record to state that he’s willing to keep throwing on the cape and battle villains after the film if the company and fans are interested. Since the actor’s already done a great job at reinventing Thor, he can probably bring new things to the character in “Love and Thunder”. He may light a spark that lights the way to more appearances as the Mighty Thor.