Top 10 Darkest Amphibia Moments



Top 10 Darkest Amphibia Moments

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"Amphibia" had up leaping out of our seats with these dark moments. For this list, we'll be looking at the scariest, creepiest, and most generally horrifying scenes in Disney's “Amphibia.” Our countdown includes the nightmare simulation, the cannibals, Sasha's sacrifice, and more!

Top 10 Darkest Amphibia Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Darkest Amphibia Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the scariest, creepiest, and most generally horrifying scenes in Disney’s “Amphibia.” Attention all frogs, toads, and newts: this list is NOT spoiler-free!

Before we get started, let us know who your favorite “Amphibia” character is in the comments below!

#10: The Mushroom Zombies
"Children of the Spore" & “The Root of Evil"

If you thought the zombies in “Gravity Falls” were terrifying, at least the main cast wasn’t turned. Well, at least most of them weren’t. “Amphibia’s” zombies can be credited to one Apothecary Gary, a mind-controlling mushroom. When Hop Pop is desperate to get the kids to listen to him, he douses them with Gary’s potion. It works alright; the problem is it works a little too well! The kids and most of Wartwood are turned into mindless mushroom zombies, which you know, is pretty dark. Luckily, Bessie has quite the appetite.

#9: The Nightmare Simulation
“Olivia & Yunan"

Yes, this is just a projection, but it’s sole purpose is to show you the stuff of nightmares–your personal nightmares. This segment begins with the ominous appearance of Olivia’s late mother. Creepy imagery and parental disappointment couple up into a vision that leaves us all triggered. Too real, Matt Braly, too real. Yunan’s afraid of Grubhogs, as it turns out, which wouldn’t be so bad if not for the way they materialize: triple their size and with huge, sharp teeth. The embodiment of Marcy’s fears isn’t much better and we get an atrocious giant, conjoined Anne and Sasha monster.

#8: Anne’s Powers Running Out
"All In”

This one’s so dark because it feels so real. The invasion on Earth is in full swing, and Anne is up against Andrias (mostly) alone. It’s been shown before that her powers take a lot out of her and, before this fight, she’d never used them for an extended period of time. This is why, when Anne’s powers run out, not once but twice, it’s everyone’s worst fear come true. It was expected but it still made our hearts sink! Anne isn’t someone who gives up easily, so seeing her with no fight left is heartbreaking, especially when Andrias wasn’t showing any signs of restraint. Thank the cosmic guardian for Sprig, huh?

#7: The Cannibals
“A Night at the Inn”

This is one of those episodes we can’t believe made it past the Disney censors. Cannibalism is something even adults don’t want to think about, never mind the target audience for “Amphibia”! This episode sees the Plantars and Anne stopped at a cozy bed and breakfast for the night. Little do they know, their gracious bullfrog hosts aren’t as kind as they seem. Polly awakes in the middle of the night only to discover Anne, Sprig, and Hop Pop tied to a stake and nearly roasted in their sleep. If that wasn’t bad enough, after Polly manages to save her family, the bullfrogs meet a rather gruesome end.

#6: The Heron Attack
"After the Rain" & “All In”

Though we find out what happened to Sprig and Polly’s parents around the middle of the second season, the true gravity of the incident isn’t shown until the series' second-to-last episode “All In”. Painted in red, Hop Pop’s flashback is downright chilling. The Plantar house and farm are lit up in flames and Hop Pop arrives too late to save the parents of his grandkids. Although his first explanation in the episode “After the Rain" is only shown in stills, the art style is eerily dark and Hop Pop’s narration makes for a terrible sense of dread around his survivor's guilt.

#5: Grime Losing an Arm
“All In”

Dismemberment is definitely up there on the list of “worst possible things that can happen to a person” and “Amphibia” was foreshadowing it left and right. Most of us theorizing throughout the show’s airing assumed it was Anne who’d lose her arm, given just how many allusions were made. In the end, it was a misdirection for Grime. In the middle of saving Sasha during their fight with Darcy his arm is completely removed. The whole fight is insanely intense but this moment has to be, without a doubt, the worst of it.

#4: Sasha’s Sacrifice

In hindsight, this moment should have been a pretty good indicator of just how dark this show was about to get. Back in season one, things between Anne and Sasha were about as rocky as they could be. After a fierce duel between the two girls, Toad Tower begins to collapse–per Wally’s assistance, of course. When Sasha is knocked off the building, Anne and the Plantars keep her from falling, but it’s obvious they can’t hold on for much longer. Accompanied by “Lean on Me,” this is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the entire series.

#3: Marcy Getting Stabbed
"True Colors"

After the season one finale, many of us wondered what was in store for the second season’s finale… Welp. Probably shouldn’t have asked. “True Colors” is one of the best episodes of the entire series, despite also being one of the saddest. Sasha attempts to destroy the Calamity Box, Marcy’s secret comes to light, and King Andrias’ betrayal is revealed. We thought we’d seen it all but the very end of this episode had the worst in store. Marcy’s on the path to redemption until… the opportunity is taken from her. The fact that this is a kid’s show was the only reassurance we had that she’d be okay.

#2: The Creation of Darcy
"Olivia & Yunan"

What is a fate worse than death, you might ask? How about possession? Haley Tju, the actress who voices Marcy, was amazing up until this point, but her screams of agony in this moment? Harrowing. This entire scene really is the stuff of nightmares–from Marcy getting grabbed by her face, to the slow lowering of the helmet, to The Core’s neck cracking and sinister smile. Of course, this would only be the beginning of the horror. Once Marcy becomes Dark Marcy–or Darcy–things get infinitely worse for all parties involved.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Dr. Yohan's Corpse
“Mother of Olms"

Darcy’s Versions of Anne & Sasha
“All In”

The Frog Skin Monster
“The Shut-In!"

Andrias Letting Sprig Fall
“True Colors”

#1: Anne's Literal Death
"The Hardest Thing"

Deaths in kids’ cartoons are usually always euphemized in some way. Whether it’s a fakeout, a one-off character, or a fate that’s a brand-safety equivalent to death, the expectation is that we’re not seeing the protagonist pass away, much less are we seeing them in the afterlife–though heavier cartoons like “Adventure Time” have managed to showcase it. Either way, Anne’s sacrifice and her visit to the afterlife is pretty crazy. The copy of her made right before she passes is what returns to Earth, but nothing changes the fact that the original Anne Boonchuy isn’t around anymore. Incidentally, her family and friends’ reactions to her death leaves us with enough trauma for the rest of our cartoon-watching lives. Thanks, Matt Braly!
you left out Andrias' backstory and Leif's vision.