Top 10 Times the Kardashians Were NOT Just Like Us



Top 10 Times the Kardashians Were NOT Just Like Us

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Yeah, the Kardashians are NOT just like us. For this list, we'll be looking at the Kardashian family's most privileged, extravagant, and otherwise unrelatable moments. Our countdown includes when Kim lost her earring in the ocean, when Kris cheered on Kim's playboy shoot, when Kendall tried to cut a cucumber, and more!

Top 10 Times the Kardashians Were NOT Just Like Us

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times the Kardashians Were NOT Just Like Us.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the Kardashian family’s most privileged, extravagant, and otherwise unrelatable moments.

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#10: When Kylie Became a “Self-Made Billionaire”

Some people have to work their way up to the top, while others are simply born there. When Forbes announced that Kylie Jenner was “the planet’s youngest self-made billionaire” at 21, people immediately called B.S. Her beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics, is certainly successful, but she definitely had a leg up on the competition. When most people hear “self-made,” they think of someone like Oprah Winfrey who came from nothing and didn’t have much help… Not someone born into reality royalty. Kylie defended her title by saying parents Kris and Caitlyn cut her off financially at 15 and she started the business on her own. Of course, it can’t be ignored that she was still blessed with valuable connections to achieve her goal.

#9: When They Briefly Had a Pet Chimpanzee

The rich and famous have always had exotic pets — look no further than Michael Jackson. But when the Kardashians got their very own chimpanzee, they gave it up after only one week. Kris acquired Suzy in an early season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” feeling some empty nest syndrome after most of her children had moved out. It wasn’t the family’s first or last experience with primates: in 2007, Kim cozied up with a chimpanzee in Fall Out Boy’s music video for “Thnks fr th Mmrs.” Then, in 2018, Kim and Kourtney got into hot water with PETA after filming their kids playing with some marmoset monkeys. Thankfully, they’ve stuck with Pomeranians ever since.

#8: When Kendall Hosted a Maskless Party in 2020

While you were stuck at home with canceled plans, Kendall Jenner and company were busy living it up. For the model’s 25th Halloween birthday celebration in 2020, famous friends like The Weeknd, Doja Cat, and Justin Bieber attended in full costume. Kendall told guests not to take pictures, fully aware of the backlash she’d receive on social media for proceeding with the party amid rising COVID cases. However, it was her own sister, Kylie, who exposed her by posting about it on Instagram. After the rest of the guests inevitably broke the rule too, Kris Jenner took to “Radio Andy” to defend her daughter. Guess we should be thankful Kendall combined her birthday and Halloween, only throwing one potential superspreader instead of two…

#7: When Kendall Tried to Cut a Cucumber

In May 2022, Kendall Jenner became the punchline of the Internet after attempting to chop some produce. While cutting cucumbers for a snack on an episode of “The Kardashians,” she struggled at length over the simple task, prompting mother Kris to offer her some professional assistance. At least Kendall was able to poke fun at herself, later calling the viral moment “tragic” on Twitter. It’s fully possible that the cameras just caught an awkward moment, as Kendall claimed in a house tour that she cooks in her kitchen daily. It’s hard to say whether this is true for sure, though, as one of the only other pieces of evidence is a video of her stirring boxed mac and cheese.

#6: When Kris Cheered on Kim’s Playboy Shoot

Kris Jenner has an interesting relationship with her children, to say the least. In fact, the only other place we’ve seen anything like it is in “Mean Girls.” In season one of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kim posed for Playboy, while Kris encouraged her from the sidelines of the shoot like a proud mom at graduation. Given her momager role, Kris’ enthusiasm about the shoot didn’t come as a surprise. Step-parent and former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner also helped Kim get in shape for it, and that same episode Kim turned the tables by taking some racy pictures of Kris. There’s clearly lots of love between Kris and her children, despite their unconventional way of showing it.

#5: When Kylie Asked Fans to Pay for Medical Bills

Why spend your millions when your fans can spend their…pennies? After Kylie Jenner’s former makeup artist was injured in a car accident, she donated $5,000 for his surgery and shared the link to his GoFundMe page. People thought she should have covered the whole cost instead of asking her followers to contribute, since she could easily afford to reach the campaign’s $60,000 goal all by herself. (And, you know, her followers have their own bills to pay.) In Kylie’s defense, she claims the goal was set at $10,000 and had already raised 6K when she donated, so she thought she did cover the whole amount. Either way, the signal boost might have been better suited to a group chat of wealthy friends and family.

#4: When Kim said “nobody wants to work these days”

If there’s one thing the Kardashians are good at, it’s knowing exactly how to rile people up. As prices on nearly everything increased in 2022, Kim told Variety that not enough women today have a strong work ethic. People understandably took the rage bait hook, line, and sinker, since the bulk of Kim’s career consists of being a reality star and influencer, while millions are struggling to stay afloat at far less luxurious jobs. They also found Kourtney hypocritical for agreeing with Kim, since they previously had a blowout fight about Kourtney being the least productive in the family. Kim later clarified her comments, saying they were taken out of context and arguing that her job is harder than it looks.

#3: When Kendall Ended Police Brutality with Pepsi

For all the questionable uses of her family’s platform, we’ll always have Kendall Jenner to thank for her fearless activism… Just kidding! In 2017, Kendall’s infamous Pepsi commercial saw her giving a can of the soda to a cop during a protest, presumably against police brutality. The protestors all cheered for Kendall as the police smiled, with her gesture instantly easing tensions between the two groups. Needless to say, the backlash was swift and merciless, being parodied on “SNL” and forcing Kendall to apologize on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” It’s still a head-scratcher how the commercial ever saw the light of day, with so many people from both Pepsi and Kendall’s team failing to anticipate the fallout.

#2: When Kim Lost Her Earring in the Ocean

Once upon a time, a woman dropped a legendary piece of jewelry into the abyss… No, not that one. When the Kardashians went to Bora Bora in 2011, Kim’s $75,000 diamond earring came off in the ocean after then-fiance Kris Humphries threw her in. Kim was completely distraught over the tragedy, giving us an appearance from her famous crying face, as well as an iconic line from Kourtney that put things in perspective. Thankfully Kylie was able to recover the earring from the ocean floor, but we’ll always have this moment to look back on. Although anyone would be upset about losing such a valuable item, it must be nice for that to be the worst of your problems.

#1: When Kim Threw a Party on a Private Island

Who hasn’t wanted to escape on an island getaway? When Kim Kardashian did exactly that for her 40th birthday party at the height of the pandemic, people were angrier than ever at the family’s tone-deaf display of privilege. From renting the island to chartering a luxury jet, experts estimated that the overall cost exceeded $2 million. Although all the guests reportedly quarantined beforehand and tested negative, Kim’s tweet about the party was nearly ratioed as people shared stories of their health struggles and financial hardships. While the idea of such a party is cool in theory, it’s the last thing anyone wanted to see in such a tough time, and it easily takes the cake for the Kardashians’ most unrelatable feat.