Top 10 Times Squidward Was Actually Nice to SpongeBob



Top 10 Times Squidward Was Actually Nice to SpongeBob

VOICE OVER: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Joey Turner
Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Squidward Was Actually Nice to SpongeBob. For this list, we'll be looking at the most striking moments where everyone's favorite squid showed that he cares about his yellow neighbor. If you've never seen these bonding moments, expect spoilers ahead. Our countdown includes Squidward teaching Spongebob to strike, how to deal with entitled customers, how he stuck up from Spongebob with Poseidon, and more!

#10: A New Squidward

“Breath of Fresh Squidward”

We all know the drill – SpongeBob SquarePants is the overly chipper neighbor, and Squidward Tentacles is the miserable grump. But what if the roles were reversed? After getting electrocuted by his security system, Squidward undergoes a complete personality swap. He becomes friendly, helpful, and basically everything else that SpongeBob is. Unfortunately, Spongebob ultimately can’t handle the taste of his own medicine. He becomes annoyed and jealous, especially when the “New Squidward” dethrones him as Employee of the Month. The change is short-lived, but seeing the town’s resident pessimist this cheery and eager was kind of adorable. Alas, Bikini Bottom just isn’t big enough for two SpongeBobs…. but can it handle three Squidwards?

#9: Captain Magma

“Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V”

When Mermaid Man needs help saving the world from "E.V.I.L.", he asks for help from SpongeBob and his friends. Squidward doesn’t want any part of it, but is forced to partake by Mr. Krabs. So he joins the new International Justice League of Super Acquaintances as Captain Magma. Surprisingly, he embraces the role, and doesn’t mind working alongside SpongeBob and the others. But he then accidentally sets off a chain of events that lead to the Super Acquaintances’ downfall. At least they all had a good laugh about it! And it was cool watching Squidward actually make an effort despite his initial reluctance.

#8: Admitting He Misses SpongeBob


Squidward will do anything for some alone time. While trying to get away from SpongeBob and Patrick, he accidentally locks himself in a freezer and wakes up far in the future. He then goes on a time-traveling adventure that takes him from prehistoric times to an empty, nihilistic void. It all proves too much for Squidward, who just wants to go home. He even loudly admits to missing SpongeBob! And he’s genuinely happy to see his annoying neighbors at the reunion. Granted, Spongebob can be a bit of a nuisance at times. But putting up with him is a lot less traumatic than circling through time for all of eternity alone.

#7: Killer Patty to the Rescue

"SpongeBob You're Fired"

After being let go from the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob gets stuck in the middle of four costumed restaurateurs who all want him in their kitchen. They even get into a literal tug-of-war over it. But then, the “Killer Krabby Patty” swoops in, neutralizes them, and carries SpongeBob to safety. The mysterious mascot turns out to be Squidward, who gets down on one knee and asks the fry cook to return to the Krusty Krab. While the cranky cashier was initially thrilled about the staffing change, he can’t deny that the restaurant NEEDS SpongeBob to survive. It’s touching to see Squidward step in to save the little guy, and we’re definitely impressed by his fighting skills!

#6: Going on Strike

“Squid on Strike”

Fed up with Mr. Krabs’ cheapskate ways, Squidward gets SpongeBob to go on strike with him. It’s already empowering enough to see the grumpy cephalopod stand up for himself. But he also takes the time to teach his co-worker how to fight for his rights. It probably would’ve been easier to just protest alone. Yet he recognizes that the fry cook is being taken advantage of too, and wants him to get the respect he deserves. Sadly, it takes a while for Squidward’s teachings to really sink in. And when they do, SpongeBob goes way too far. Well, the camaraderie was nice while it lasted.

#5: “I Love Him… & I Hate Him”

“The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run” (2020)

Our favorite yellow fry cook is put on trial by Poseidon and faces execution - unless his friends can clear his name. During his testimony, Squidward recalls a time at Kamp Koral when SpongeBob and Patrick gave up their award to make him feel better. And in a funny-yet-heartwarming speech, he admits that while SquarePants annoys the heck out of him, he loves him and wants him to live. Granted, the story’s timeline doesn’t quite match up with the new “Kamp Koral” prequel series. But we’re more than happy to look past all that, because seeing SpongeBob’s pessimistic neighbor acknowledge their friendship simply never gets old.

#4: Chewing Out Mr. Krabs

“Born Again Krabs”

When the Flying Dutchman comes for Mr. Krabs’ soul, SpongeBob’s the only one who stands up for the miser. Yet instead of thanking his most loyal employee, the crustacean trades him for pocket change! You’d expect Squidward to be happy that his irritating co-worker is gone, right? Instead, he rightfully shames Krabs for selling out the person who stuck by him when nobody else would. You know you’ve blown it when Squidward Tentacles is the one calling you out – especially in defense of the “bane of his existence.” Thankfully, his speech is effective, and Krabs learns his lesson!

#3: SpongeBob’s ‘Final’ Hours

“Dying for Pie”

Squidward really messes up when he accidentally gives SpongeBob a pie-shaped explosive and seemingly fails to retrieve it. When it looks like the fry cook’s time is almost up, the usually detached cephalopod sets out to make his final hours meaningful. He endures every ridiculous, silly, and embarrassing activity the little sponge can think of in a bid to make him happy on his last day. And it touchingly ends with them watching the sunset together. Of course, it turns out that SpongeBob’s life wasn’t in danger. So Squidward basically wasted a whole day humiliating himself for no reason. But even though his actions were motivated by guilt, it was still incredibly sweet of him to go all out for his yellow pal.

#2: How to Deal With Entitled Customers

“Pizza Delivery”

This episode sees our Krusty Krab duo braving a perilous journey to deliver a Krabby Patty Pizza. Naturally, SpongeBob can only think of satisfying the customer, while Squidward just wants to go home. But when they finally reach the address, the client turns out to be an entitled jerk. He screams at SpongeBob for forgetting his drink, driving the little guy to tears. So Squidward gives the spoiled punk his just deserts. Anyone in food service can sympathize with this scene, especially since SpongeBob works harder than any other employee. Despite their differences, Squidward respects his colleague too much to let a customer mistreat him when he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty.

#1: Santa Squiddy

“Christmas Who?”

SpongeBob’s very first Christmas isn’t going so well, and Squidward’s got no qualms about rubbing it in his face. But he has a change of heart when the forlorn creature gives him an incredibly thoughtful present. He subsequently pretends to be Santa Claus to cheer him up, and ends up giving all the town’s residents gifts from his house. Squidward didn’t have to do that. He could’ve easily just let the fry cook stew in his own sadness. But SpongeBob’s kindness touched him, and he felt compelled to show his gratitude. If this isn’t proof that Squidward cares for the yellow fellow, then we’re not sure what is!