Top 10 Best Grace and Frankie Moments



Top 10 Best Grace and Frankie Moments

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Isabelle Brown
Let's look back at seven seasons of "Grace and Frankie." For this list, we'll be looking at the scenes that best embody this heartfelt Netflix comedy series. Our countdown includes Nick's acceptance, “9 to 5” reunion, Jerry Garcia's shoes, and more!

Top 10 Grace and Frankie Moments

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Grace and Frankie Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the scenes that best embody this heartfelt Netflix comedy series. Some of these picks reference major plot developments, so here is your spoiler warning.

What were your favorite jokes and hijinks from the show? Let us know in the comments below.

#10: Peyote Tea
“The End”

Although not yet friends, Grace and Frankie have their first heart to heart post-breakup with the assistance of peyote and muscle relaxers. Seeking solitude, Frankie retreats to the beach for a spiritual experience but calls on Grace when she needs her prescription pills. Grace, not totally informed about the contents of the “tea,” decides to indulge as well and the two are sent on a wild trip. In addition to the contents of their stomachs, the women let out their bottled-up emotions regarding their divorces. They have a deep conversation and while it’s not necessarily kind, it is honest. They spend the entire night on the beach and solidify the future of their friendship.

#9: Jerry Garcia's Shoes
“The Trophy Wife”

The dating scene for divorced seniors is not typically represented on screen, but “Grace and Frankie” is all over it. The women each have their share of love interests over the course of the show, but the artist’s meet cute with Jack is the probably the cutest. The two meet at a silent auction where both are bidding on the same item, a pair of purple Converse previously worn by Jerry Garcia. Frankie challenges Jack’s authenticity as a fan of the Grateful Dead founder until he ultimately proves himself to be a true deadhead. In the end, Jack places the winning bid but shares half of his prize with Frankie.

#8: Pedestrian Crossing Protest
“The Crosswalk”

Activist Frankie and troublemaker Joan Margaret team up to bring about change when they encounter a crosswalk with a frustratingly short crossing time. The two call on their oldest and slowest pals to promenade across the street during an audit in an effort to extend the time. They cross the street together in the pursuit of fighting ageism and attending an all you can eat snow crab buffet. Even with all the recruits though, it falls on Grace to take her time. The eighty year old woman leisurely strolls across the street before proudly admitting her age, demonstrating she’s come to embrace it. While the chicken is crossing to get to the other side, Grace is in no hurry.

#7: Say Yes Night
“The Bachelor Party”

Towards the end of the first season, Grace and Frankie begin to settle into their new roles as each other's best friend. So when Frankie finds herself in a funk, Grace eagerly seeks to comfort her roommate and the two agree on a “Say Yes” night. After two makeovers and a trip to the bar where she got into her first knife fight, Frankie still can’t escape the feeling that everything is changing around her. That is, until Grace has them both on the bar dancing to “Get Low” by Lil Jon. In addition to being a top five “Say Yes” night for Frankie, this is the first time both women seem happy to embrace the other’s presence in her life.

#6: Man Of La Mancha
“The Wedding”

Besides the friendship between the titular characters, the television show also tells the story of the romance between their exes. One a community theater lover and the other a gay rights activist, Robert and Sol’s relationship is an example of opposites attracting. In an effort to stand up for Robert after someone else is cast in his dream role, Sol unintentionally gets his husband kicked out of a community show. He makes it up to the Tappy award winner by arranging for Robert to have a spotlight performance in front of their friends and family. In addition to female friendship and senior living, the television series honors gay love.

#5: Grace & Frankie’s Escape
“The Home”

When their kids hoodwink them into moving to a retirement home, Grace and Frankie find their liberties restricted. Banned from painting or running a business in their spaces, both women endure the sacrifices for the sake of the other. Each has been convinced by the other’s children that their best friend needs assisted living. While they individually believe they have no place in a retirement home, neither Grace nor Frankie will leave the other to face it alone. The mothers eventually realize their kids' deception and break out of the home by stealing the emergency medical cart. Making their great escape, the women take off with their confiscated items and head back to the beach house.

#4: Nick’s Acceptance
“The Expiration Date”

Business and romance collide for Grace when she meets with the owner of a company making a rival product. Billionaire Nick Skolka (skull-kuh) is Grace’s most serious romantic relationship in the show, but their twenty-four year age difference initially causes her some insecurities. Determined to hide the evidence of her age, Grace never allows herself to fully relax in Nick’s presence. She eventually realizes how unsustainable her routine is and reveals her true self to Nick, expecting him to leave. Instead, he accepts her as she is. Grace demonstrates her bravery by showing her insecurities while Nick demonstrates his unconditional adoration for Grace. No matter the rest of their relationship, this scene is evidence that their love was real.

#3: “9 to 5” Reunion
“The Beginning”

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s professional relationship first began with the 1980 comedy film “9 to 5.” The story of three women who get revenge on their misogynistic boss, the movie’s leading trio is completed by none other than Dolly Parton. Although it takes seven seasons, “Grace and Frankie” delivers a reunion with the country singer in its series finale. The scene itself is emotionally charged with the two main characters in limbo between life and death. There Grace and Frankie meet an angel with big blonde hair and a bedazzled jacket. Touched by their friendship, the angel looks the other way while the women return to Earth together.

#2: The Cigarette Run
“The Dinner”

With half of its main cast being seventy plus years old, “Grace and Frankie” portrays the lives of an age group that is often ignored in the media. The series demonstrates the experiences of the elderly, from serious matters like sex and death to more trivial things like buying cigarettes. The women experience ageism in action when a cashier refuses to assist let alone acknowledge them. Usually calm and collected, Grace’s explosive response is cathartic for anyone who has been in a similar situation. Frankie, on the other hand, keeps a cool head and uses her invisibility to her advantage. Her reaction demonstrates a healthy disregard for an ageist authority - not that we’re condoning theft, of course!

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

The Ryan Gosling Chair, “The End”
Grace Walks Off With Robert’s New Chair, And We’reTotally On Her Side

Tech Support, “The Spelling Bee”
Frankie Gets the Computer Help We All Deserve

Vodka Watermelon, “The Bender”
This Is One of Our Favorite Recipes From the Show

Grace On A Scooter Cart, “The Hinge”
A Reminder to Never Drink & Drive

Frankie Saves Grace, “The Rescue”
What Else Are Best Friends For?

#1: Creating Vybrant
“The Coup”

When left a very personal present from their late friend Babe, Grace encounters a new type of injury to her wrist. Frankie, who is no stranger to these things, guesses the cause and the women discuss how their experience could be improved. It’s not until a heated moment with both of their families, however, that Grace is inspired to put her savvy and Frankie’s creativity to use by starting Vybrant. Their invention sets up the premise for future seasons and opens the door to other business pursuits for the characters. The girls’ first entrepreneurial effort together perfectly embodies what makes this show so good: female friendship and an honest look at the senior experience.